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Second suspect arrested in alleged gang rape of Bay Area high school student

A second suspect was arrested tonight in connection with the alleged gang rape of a 15-year-old girl who police say was assaulted at Richmond High School for at least two hours while witnesses watched and did not call authorities.

The suspect, a 15-year-old student, was booked on one count of felony sexual assault, said Lt. Mark Gagan. Police earlier had arrested a 19-year-old former student on rape, robbery and kidnapping charges in connection with the attack, which took place Saturday night during the school's homecoming dance.

The victim, who was waiting for a ride from her father after leaving the dance, was taken to a dark alley on the other side of the school around 9:30 p.m. and raped, beaten and robbed by about seven attackers, police said.

The ordeal lasted 2 to 2 1/2 hours, Gagan said, during which time more than a dozen witnesses passed by or watched what was going on but did not call the police.

The girl's father was looking for her while the attack was taking place, police said.

Police were finally called after a female student overhead people talking about the rape. She called 911 and told dispatchers what she had heard, Gagan said.

When officers arrived on the scene, the assault was still going on. Several suspects fled as officers found the girl naked from the waist up, Gagan said.

"She was unconscious," he said.

He said investigators based their account of the incident on an interview with the girl and statements from several people who witnessed or were involved with the assault. The girl remained hospitalized tonight.

-- Robert J. Lopez

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If this story doesn't convince people that our society needs to dramatically change our approach to punishment, nothing will. People who commit these types of crimes need to be brutally punished.

If the rapist are illegals, they are OK since San Francisco is a sanctuary city.
Ilegals can rape, rob, murder or do as they please in SF!

what is wrong with you animals? why IN THE WORLD would a human do this to another human. absolute animals. this should be a life sentence.

Sick and twisted. The perpetrators belong in prison for a very long time and the witnesses and passers by also belong in prison for failing to report an obvious crime to school authorities. How tragic for the victim and her family. Nobody deserves this no matter how alluring she may have dressed or talked to her classmates. There is no justification for such senseless acts.

How does someone reach a point where he can justify raping an unconscious woman? When will American society wake up to the fact we raise young boys to bully and hurt others with impunity?

This makes me sick. I wish there were a death penalty for rape.

Felony? Sounds pretty serious...EXCEPT that in California, minors can essentially commit any number of crimes and begin their life again when they turn 18 like nothing ever happened. Just a slap on the wrist. Too bad for the girl, but if you really want to be disgusted, look up how much money taxpayers spend per year to house a juvenile offender.

Mandatory castration (NOT chemical) sounds like a plan for these fine upstanding guys.

Robert thanks for the story.

What kind of society have we allowed to be created in this corrupt country. Why was there no lights in the alley, where was the security for this dance. Why did people not help her. Who was in charge of this event.
There should be no bail for these thugs!

Lets have some pictures and names of these citizens that we have produced.


Doug Wallick

2 1/2 hours as other came and went yet did nothing? what a real fine example of todays youth, as other mothers children are fighting for their lives in war torn regions around the world who commit such acts upon women?
You make me sick Richmond! A new low in our culture.

This story is devastating. How could people stand by and not help this girl? Where were her friends?

I want to do something for her. I don't want her to go through life thinking that none of her fellow human beings possess compassion.

Where are the Polanski supporters? Or are these "alleged" rapist not famous or "Hollywood" enough?

Is anyone else amazed at how many crimes these days are witnessed by juveniles and not being reported to authorities? I mean it's one thing to watch a fight and not do anything, it's entirely something else to see someone beat with a 2x4 or gang raped and not say a word. What's going on with this countries kids?

This is why we have the death penalty.

Round up all involved. Give them a fair trial. Find them guilty. Give them 20 years. Let them fight for their behinds.

This is absolutely sickening. What type of person does this to another person? 15 witnesses with people watching and not helping? My heart goes out to this young girl, who I hope will be able to recover both physically and one day, emotionally from this atrocious act. I hope this police investigation is through and accurate, and that EVERYONE involved is brought to justice.

I've got a wood chipper. Is there any other way to deal with people like this?

Are these humans we are talking about? These are just savage animals and and does deserve to live among us.

I will never understand our society! A young girl assaulted for more than 2 hrs while more than a DOZEN people (nay, animals) walked by.

We are all sick!

I would NOT disgrace animals with a comparison to these rapists. Animals do not even conceive of the types of things humans are unfortunately capable of. Please leave the animals out of references. I pray for this young girl's recovery and full justice for the attackers.

I wouldn't disgrace animals with a comparison to these rapists. Animals do not even conceive of the types of things humans are unfortunately capable of. Please leave the animals out of references. I pray for this young girl's recovery and full justice for the attackers.

Guess once the teens are in prison they'll experience gang rape from, ahem, another perspective. And it won't be quite as fun.

Too bad all those witnesses won't get their due punishment, either.

It would be fantastic if the women of the Richmond area could come together for a Rally at Richmond High to demonstrate to ALL youth that this behavior will not be tolerated. The older women of our communities must stand up to this type of violence and brutality as a collective force. This sort of crime undermines the confidence of every young girl. We as a community must not allow the fear that a crime like this generates to permeate the subconscious of young women. If we don't empower women in their teenage years we will all be affected as a society.
I urge the women of Richmond, CA to organize a rally to speak out against this SICK crime in the name of women everywhere. Please show our girls that we are not afraid and that the offenders will be punished, hopefully by our legal system and definitely by the collective voice of our community.

You know, the thing that appalls me most about this besides the obvious is that it could have been stopped, who walks by and thinks this is ok? In my high school years: heads would have rolled and it would likely be one or several of the rapists still hospitalized instead instead of this poor girl. We're quick to blame this on the corrupt youth, but really it's all of our faults. We avoid talking about serious topics like this with our kids and candy coat every little aspect of life for them and assume school is teaching them everything while it teaches them nothing. That's ok though, we're providing for our families, so next time a group of kids is ill equipped to know what to do at such a vital moment we'll be content with pointing the finger, because "it's not our fault" and "our kids know better"! Really? Parents, it's time to wake up!

An eye for an eye..these animals should be locked away in prison and have prison men rape them!


On the other hand, give them 20 more years, let them make a couple of good films, pay off the poor girl, let them call it making love and then Hollywood will come running to their rescue.

I agree with Mel, they should all be castrated and then thrown in jail for life. Just toss out one the drug offenders in the cell who should not be there in the first place and toss one of these guys instead.

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