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Schwarzenegger to help pave the way for a stadium in City of Industry

Two days before Arnold Schwarzenegger is scheduled to sign legislation paving the way for a new football stadium in the City of Industry, the governor today downplayed concerns that developers of the Los Angeles County venue may take an NFL team from another California city.

"The team doesn’t have to necessarily come from California. It could come from someplace else," Schwarzenegger told reporters. "I don’t think anyone right now has in mind there to take a team and steal it from some California city."

Legislation that would exempt the planned 75,000-seat stadium from state environmental laws was opposed by lawmakers from San Diego, who feared that developer Ed Roski Jr. may use it to attract the San Diego Chargers. A proposed amendment to the bill would have prevented that and also barred Roski from going after the San Francisco 49ers or Oakland Raiders, but the amendment was killed.

John Semcken, vice president of Roski’s Majestic Realty, could not be reached for comment. But in the past, he has not ruled out going after the Chargers, who have the option of getting out of their lease in San Diego.

Schwarzenegger, who lives in Los Angeles County, explained his decision to sign the bill, saying it will create jobs and provide a new venue of entertainment in Southern California.

"We have been trying in Los Angeles to get a football team for a long time, for many, many years," Schwarzenegger said.

-- Patrick McGreevy in Sacramento

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Why can't Smecken see that his plan is doomed to fail? L.A. NFL team within the city? Yes, please. "L.A." football team in Industry? No, thanks. I'd rather drive to San Diego to see a team than Industry.

Roski should go after the Rams. Bring back the Los Angeles Rams.

Say hello to your Los Angeles Jaguars.

I would be happy as heck if the Chargers were to go to Industry. I don't care if SD loses them. At least we wouldn't have to hear about their lack of a new place to play anymore and the games would still be within driving distance for those who want to go.

So the legislators are ok with subjecting the environment to the effects of a 75,000 seat stadium, but they don't want to subject a private business to some competition?

When I read about politicians selling out like this, I lose all hope for society.

Mr Swarzenegger,

Why do you continually do such damage to our beloved state?

You sir, are a carpetbagger. You come from elsewhere and continue to turn this wonderful state into a STATE of RUIN.

Will you please remove yourself from the position of Governor and go back to being a movie actor. After all, that is all you do well. Maybe.

You claim to be a Republican. You act more like a capitalist pig each and every day. "Show me the money", should be your motto.

Will the new stadium in "The City of Industry" be called "The Arnold Swarzenegger gift to mankind Stadium"??

What the heck do you teach your own children every day?

Do your children learn from what you do? Do you try to teach them real lessons in life? Do they ignore you, and do what most kids do. Forget the adults and let's get high. After all, that's what you used to do isn't it mister bodybuilder. Best of luck to all the suckers who voter for this fake who doesn't have any idea what leadership is about.

Play Ball Chargers/Raiders/49ers.

Way to go Arnold. Another step foreward for California.

Build it in Brentwood.


I really don't understand the concept of waiving environmental regulations for pet projects. If the regulations are too burdensome and costly and can be safely bypassed for this project why are they in force?

California is one of the most business unfriendly places in the country as evidenced by our unforgivable unemployment rate. I don't care about a local football team but I do care about our economy and the large number of unemployed.

Yo. Governor. The City of Industry is not Los Angeles. The environment is not chopped liver. How about create some jobs in the environment. How about create jobs in Los Angeles and find a way to bring a team to LA proper, a place where there is some decent public transportation - a way to mitigate more driving time by Californians. Get back to the drawing board on moving the Dodgers from Chavez Ravine to downtown and build a sports, hotel, entertainment complex where Dodger Stadium is. This smells like cronyism for another mega developer. I for one will not follow any team that moves to Irvine. Worst idea for sports expansion of the 21st Century.

Schwarzenegger is stupid. He is able to cut funds from my college to support building a football stadium which isn't necessary. It's really sad to know how this goverment system is corrupted.

What I want to know is what is done with the revenue generated by the stadium. City of Industry doesn't have any communities for the funds to be invested into. This means that all those revenues will go to (I would assume) corporate interests. I really hope I'm wrong but the logic behind this stadium doesn't make sense. I am not opposed to a football team in LA but isn't there a city in more need of a really good revenue stream than Industry?

It will would be great for the Chargers and its owner--Alex Spanos family---another developer...Spanos and his team managment have given SD a poor product. Since the Charger started 50 years ago as the LA Chargers...it is fitting to have the Charger BACK to LA.

Ca is broke and is going further in the red and now the AH politicians are going to spend a billion plus more on a FB stadium...nobody supported the Rams or the Raiders, why does anyone think they would support another team. CA is run by a bunch of IDIOTS!

Please, let the big quake come and destroy this state...or at least the politicians. LOL! What a bunch of morons!

Jay P. you have no idea what you're talking about. This whole project is privately financed. No tax dollars are going to waste unlike your college education complaining about things you have no knowledge on through the internet.


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