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Gun-toting schoolboy lied about racial threats, El Monte police say

El Monte police said a 13-year-old boy lied when he told investigators he had taken two loaded handguns to school to protect himself from gang members who were making death threats against him because he is black.

Instead, the boy “wanted to show the guns off to kids at school,” said Lt. Santos Hernandez of the El Monte Police Department’s detective bureau.

The boy told police he made up the story to avoid harsh punishment, Hernandez said.

“He was remorseful,” Hernandez said.

The boy took the handguns to Durfee Middle School on Oct. 8, and when school officials called police, he told them he was carrying the 9-millimeter and .380 semiautomatic weapons to protect himself from gang members who were harassing him and threatening him off campus.

The boy was booked on suspicion of possession of two firearms on a school campus, police said. But after interviewing him, investigators said, they became suspicious of his story.

“We haven’t had incidents ever in that immediate area of gang members threatening African Americans,” Hernandez said, adding that El Monte records four or five hate crimes a year.

When investigators interviewed him again, the boy admitted he had lied. Authorities said no new charges will be filed, and they hoped the boy had learned his lesson.

“Any time you’re doing a show-and-tell, you have the possibility of an accidental discharge," he said. “There’s a whole wide range of scenarios that could have gone wrong, but thank goodness it didn’t, and thank goodness for school officials who acted quickly by reporting it to us.”

-- Ruben Vives

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Once again, where the hell were the parents??

'Where....were the parents?' Certainly not in JAIL, as they SHOULD BE!!!

Charge the Parents --if there are any-- with a crime. Providing access to a minor to a gun. Whose guns are they? Momma's or her Baby Daddy?

Trojan Al

God, they teach them to play the race card young.

Why was this made a story? Why not talk about the REAL problem in the city and that is blacks constantly getting killed or harassed by these immigrants simply for being black. I believe every Black person In the Los Angeles area should carry a gun with them at all times due to the percentage of killings and assault by foreign gangs. The assaults and hate crimes go unreported because the amount of people who are attacked whom dont have guns fear for thier lives and fail to report it to the police. Please pay attention to these issues.

yes, he must be lying becasue we all know latinos love blacks.....

why are his parents not being prosecuted

Wait a second here! This kid is 13 years old...old enough to know right from wrong! The blame lays sole with HIM, not the parents! As a woman who was a single parent who did the best she could with her children, I'm am beyond sick of seeing people going onto opinion pages and then self-righteously blaming the parents for everything that the kid CHOOSES to do on their own!!! You think your kids are so damn perfect? Look... if that boy thought he was man enough to bring guns to school, he should be man enough to accept the punishment, too!

We are so blessed by our cultural and ethnic diversity!

I spent half of my adolescence in this area and we have NEVER encountered any type of gang harassment..not me, not my brother, and not my sister. We are mixed race (African American and Caucasian), and we had friends from all different backgrounds. We were even friends with the "gang members" down the street who associated with EMF...which is probably the gang that is alluded to in this article. The families in that neighborhood are so sweet and the community does a good job of keeping the streets safe for kids to hang out and play at all times of the day. This child is seriously misguided, and how he got access to these guns is beyond me. Perhaps his parents have them in the home for protection and he found keys to the safe...if there are any.

The story remains disturbing because law enforcement initially said the boy's story was believable and the reason it was believable is because gang threats of violence, some of them racially motivated, are common in and around Los Angeles area schools. An El Monte police lieutenant now says there have been no incidents "in that immediate area of gang members threatening African Americans." That carefully hedged statement offers little in the way of reassurance. This particular kid was lying, but the problem remains, and it must be dealt with.

Or was the kid telling the truth the first time and backed off when the police asked him to name names? If he could lie about bringing the guns to school because of gang threats, he could lie about bringing them to school to show them off. We have to go along with what the police now believe, I guess, although even the police said his initial story was believable at first.

What is up with the people here and the racist comments? ANY child of any race could've done this!

I didn't see anything regarding charges against the parents and a more harsher penalties against the boy. I guess the El Monte police doesn't know about "Columbine" and tolerates such actions to be a 'slap on the wrist'. Just "showing off" the guns is okay as long as he doesn't the gun doesn't go off--right, El Monte Police? Or is it that the boy has gotten off light is because he's black?

Being that this is El Monte and the ULTRA CORRUPT EPD the kid probably was telling the truth and was "threatened" to change his story. Now if it was the case of somebody harassing someone name "Hernandez" then it might have been taken more seriously...just look at how the cops refuse to confront MS-13 or 18 Street gangs....

Disgusting how this little turd is already playing the race card. Perhaps he learned it in church. I think charges should be filed against the father for leaving a loaded firearm(s) in an unsafe, unlocked place. Can I get an amen., brother?

Um...how did the get get access to the guns...two of them.
The guns need to be seized, the owners need to be forbiddened from owning or possessing a fire arm...for life.and then finally fined.

Another product of the modern liberal public education system.

I think the boy that is 13 ,should be put in bootcamp,or somthing. The next time he just might really shot at a person that is a gang member, just for the fax he used that as an excuse,if it was a youngster that dress like a gang member and did hang out with ''flores''age13 and had a gun in school it would be a hole different story.But the first kid in EL MONTE to every bring a gun in are school in EL MONTE was not a gang member it was a black 13 year old boy that started it ,now who knows when its going to happen again.That is a set up for a young homeboy,the cops think if we don't put him in juvenile for bringing a gun to school then any other kid ''maybe a young homeboy'' would be stupid enough to bring a gun to school.Not putting the boy in juvenile says that the police give him the right to protect him self ''go a head and shot someone from FLORES''.I think the EL MONTE POLICE DP HAVE ALOT TO DO WHAT GOES ON BETWEEN THE BROWN/BLACK AND THE KILLINGS IN EL MONTE..............


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