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Roman Polanski was to pay Samantha Geimer a $500,000 settlement


Roman Polanski agreed to pay Samantha Geimer at least $500,000 as part of a settlement after he fled from the U.S. to avoid sentencing for sexually assaulting her, according to court documents reviewed by The Times today.

But the documents indicate that Geimer's attorneys  battled with Polanski to get him to pay the settlement, and it remains unclear exactly how much money the director gave her.

Media outlets requested access to the court file for Geimer's civil suit this week after Polanski was arrested in Zurich, Switzerland, in connection with the more than 30-year-old case.

The terms of the settlement were confidential. But many of the details are contained in court filings arising out of Geimer's efforts to get Polanski to pay. The documents were retrieved from archives and made available today in a Los Angeles courthouse.

Geimer filed the civil lawsuit in 1988, accusing the director of, among other things, sexual assault, false imprisonment, intentional infliction of emotional distress and seduction. Polanski was deposed in Paris in 1993.

In October 1993, Polanski agreed to pay Geimer $500,000 with interest, according to the settlement documents. He was given two years to pay. But her attorneys said in a filing that the director missed the 1995 deadline. At one point, her attorneys attempted to garnish wages to Polanski from movie studios, his agent and the Screen Actors Guild, the records show. 

The case file does not make clear if Polanski paid Geimer. The last document in the file is an August 1996 statement saying the director still owed her $604,416.

Geimer was 13 when Polanski plied the aspiring model with Champagne and Quaaludes and told her he was photographing her for French Vogue. The 1977 incident occurred in a bedroom in Jack Nicholson's house. Actress Anjelica Huston, who was also in the home, was a potential witness.

Polanski was arrested in L.A. and pleaded guilty to one count of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. He then fled to France.

Geimer, now a mother of four, has said repeatedly and publicly that she thinks Polanski was treated unfairly and expressed a desire for the case to be resolved without prison time.

When Polanski sought to have the rape charge dismissed in 2008, she told The Times she welcomed an opportunity to finally end the case. "It's been a long time," she said. "I don't wish for him to be held to further punishment or consequences."

In 2003 she wrote an opinion piece for The Times saying the case should not be a barrier to Polanski's winning an Academy Award.

Polanski ended up winning best director for "The Pianist."

-- Harriet Ryan

Photo: Samantha Geimer in 2008. Credit: Peter Kramer / Associated Press

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This is not news...the L. A. Times has turned into a tabloid. YUCK!

It's obvious that Polanski was set-up by her and her mother and this was back when men weren't prosecuted like they are today.

Looks like she is very happy in this photo. Goes to show there are devious, evil gold digging girls who lead men on to 'trick them,' pun intended.

I wonder if Ms. Geimer was compelled or impelled in any way to write the opinion piece that what was done to her should not get in the way of him getting the Oscar.

So - not only is he a child molester and a rapist, he is also a deadbeat. I have to wonder aloud why the Hollywood elite feel the need to stick up for each other the way they do.

I am curious to know in what way Geimer thinks that Polanski has been treated unfairly. He raped and sodomized her as a child, never apologized, fled the country and continued to live as he pleased and we now find that he never even paid her the money he owed her. I can understand wanting to avoid the pain of dredging it all up again for her and her family but I don't understand why she would say that he has been treated unfairly...what about her?

$500,000??? That is one expensive hooker. Didn't know there's such a high premium for underage prostitutes.

And the relevance of this is?

Well, who couldn't have figured out that he gave her something to change her tune? So the director, who wins a movie with the old holocaust theme of we must never forget the horror, wants his despicable acts forgotten. He's a prince who anally raped a 13 year old after drugging her. Is that okay in LA, or not?

When does the media stop raping this victim and let her get on with living?
Enough of Mr. Polanski, the victim's settlement, etc. Enough.

strange...she had negotiated a payoff,didnt get payment or just partial,wants the whole thing to be dropped???Sounds like buyers remorse perhaps.She feels bad for the guy that allegedly raped,drugged her etc???How does her mother feel about this?Wasnt mom the one who brought her daughter to the rapist to take pictures?Wasnt mom present at the time of 'rape'?Makes you wonder who really gave the daughter drugs and alcohol?Seems like some people all agreed to some financial arrangement and maybe some people wanted more money after the fact and when they didnt get more money,blackmail entered .There's a lot more to this story.

What a wonderful guy. Rapes a you child, offers to pay a large sum of money, probably to keep her quiet, and then reneges on the agreement. Certainly someone I would put on my pedestal.

There is no reason to again publish Ms. Geimer's name and picture. She was the victim of a horrific crime, and has done nothing to warrant this ongoing invasion of privacy.

well it is 30 yr old the guy is 75. what the hell are they going to do to him? i mean really lets waste our money on something else. Government needs to garnish his checks or tell him he cant show anymore movies here until then. and make him register as a sex offender

what a sleazebag.

Why do so many in the Hollywood crowd want charges against Polanski dropped? I'm sure some of them have 13 year old daughters.
Or is it because so many Hollywood types have absolutely no morals?

First he raped her, and now he stiffed her after agree to pay for the said crime. What a guy.

Regardless of how she feels today, he raped a child, fled to avoid his sentence and has been on the lame for 32 years.

He needs to be held accountable.

If he was the average Joe, he would have been brought to justice years ago.

I'm sure Samantha may very well wish it to all be left in the past now and move on but, the man is a child molester, rapist and a twisted criminal! He's no better than any other of this sort and shouldn't be treated any better! I'm soooo sorry to hear from him that he had a rough "year" after the fact, poor dear...not! He needs to be punished! Those who have stated he didn't 'rape' her rape her or think he's been punished enough, are idiots! How about if it was their child, does time erase something like that? The answer is "NO"!

He should be punished for what he did. She should be punished for not wanting him to be punished. And you should be punished for reading this.

The smile on this woman's face makes me want to throw up. Cashing in on being a victim at the expense of the millions that didn't get over their abuse.

A Proposed Rule:

If someone sexually victimizes a child, is caught, pleads guilty, and flees the country before sentencing, then reaches a civil settlement with his victim, he should be excused from enforcement of the criminal judgment so long as he is a talented artist.

I think that Roman Polanski should be held responsibile. Just because he's rich doesn't mean he should get away with this. He should pay double.

"Polanski plied the aspiring model with Champagne and Quaaludes and told her he was photographing her for French Vogue" - that's not what he said after the quaalude and alcohol - he told her "Would you want me to go in through your back" - thats what he really told her - what exactly is the purpose of this piece? - because if we know anything about the Times it's that all the stories run have an agenda to move along

Ridiculous! He may be gifted but he is foremost a sexual predator who manipulated a 13 yr old girl into a position to rape and sodomize her. It's doubtful this is a one time incident. Safe to say he has done the same many times but hasn't been caught again and he is not man enough to face the consequences of his actions. I guess all of his supporters don't have daughters they would want protected.
Apparently now, he hasn't paid the settlement as promised. He is despicable and so are the people who think he was badly treated and who support him because he is an 'artist'.

This woman Geimer is really a saint. Polanski is unbelievable. I thought this undisclosed settlement was at least for several million dollars in 1970's or 1980's value, which explained her forgiveness and speaking out on his behalf. A mere $500,000 for RAPE for someone of his means is ridiculous. His half-his-age child wife probably spends that in a couple of months w/ her stepford lifestyle. And he nickles-and-dimes even the settlement amount w/ his RAPE victim? He needs to fry in prison the rest of his pathetic life.

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