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Roman Polanski might be open to extradition, attorney says


Roman Polanski might be willing to return to the United States to resolve his sexual assault case if it could be done quickly, one of his attorneys said.

Georges Kiejman told Europe 1 radio that Polanski, 76, in not in the best health and wants to bring the case to a swift conclusion.

"Time for emotion has passed, and everyone will understand that it’s necessary to bring this affair to conclusion with just and balanced proportions," he said.

Polanski was arrested in Zurich, Switzerland, and faces extradition to Los Angeles to face sentencing for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl three decades ago.

Polanski has been fighting extradition, but Swiss justice officials have twice rejected his requests for bail.

Kiejman told Europe that Polanski does not want the case to drag on.

"An extradition procedure could take months," he said. "It could lead towards extradition if the Swiss judiciary doesn't hold with the arguments put before it. If that procedure drags on forever, it's possible Roman Polanski will finally choose to go to explain himself in the United States ... where arguments in his favor exist." 

It remains unclear whether Kiejman's comments suggest a change in strategy for the famed director. Another one of his attorneys said Polanski remains committed to fight extradition.

--Shelby Grad

Photo: Director Roman Polanski. Credit: Los Angeles Times archives.

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Do you think Mr. Polanski wanted a swift conclusion when he drugging and raping a thirteen year old girl?

After 3 decades being a fugitive on the lamb and a fugitive - now Polanski insists on swift justice.

Yes, the sooner you start to rot in prison you dirty pervert, the better.

He's willing to come if it can be disposed of quickly? Good for him. I'm willing to pay for his ticket if we can have a proper trial. How can you guys report these press releases from his lawyer every day without providing some sensible comment from someone, like maybe the DA?

Evidently he thinks he'll spend less time here if he comes back than in Switzerland fighting extradition. Is he wrong? Is he going to be prosecuted for fleeing the country? Is there any chance he'll get a proper sentence for what he did? Could we get a little news here?

Polanski at least is recognizing his duty to complete his business with the criminal courts. How many Americans have the courage to be accountable to an international court for the American slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese in the name of "freedom"? One-sided world, isn't it?

I sure hope he is uncomfortable in his holding cell it may be as close to getting any real justice we can expect.

What Roman Polanski did was inexcusable. But a couple of questions pop up. Where was the 13 year old's Mom at the time of the assault? Secondly, Polanski pled guilty because a plea agreement had been negotiated with the DA. The judge decided to not honor the deal right before sentencing. Would Polanski have pled guilty if he knew there was to be no deal? I doubt it.

This guy is such a "flip off".
He will flip off anyone and any legal action that doesn't benefit him.
He is more "selfish" than the "devil".
I hope big bubba has some fun with him!

Wow. Amazing that he is now realizing that he is going to spend many months or more in jail while he fights extradition. When did this dawn on him?
His best bet is to come back here but I still wasn't aware that sex criminals are able to dictate how quickly things go. As if he is in charge of things.
So sad that his prevailing attitude is still one of great condensation towards the whole process. I was almost feeling sorry for the guy.

Does he have a choice?
What he's trying to do is cut a deal with prosecutors.
This guy is a sexual predator.

How ironic that the Swiss Nazi collaborators will have the last word on poor Roman's fate...

What's up with the Vietnamese war stuff? How bout the War of 1812? Oh, how bout the war against Al Qaeda or the Taliban? So fighting Communists and Terrorists means that a pedophile who fled from justice should be free? What are you smoking? Can I have some please?

His best bet is to return to the US as soon as possible...then the corrupt judicial system can place him on some phony house arrest and he can live out his life doing as he pleases...that's how it works in America...

I agree with Polanski, he should come back here and his sexual assualt case be resolved "quickly." Then throw away the keys and forget the cell number.

I thought he was already convicted of raping and sodomizing the 13 year old. Done deal except for the punishment phase.

Please don't keep asking where the mother was during the time of this crime. Clearly she's an idiot, but what she did or didn't do isn't a crime. What difference doesn't make? He still clearly admitted to this horrific crime and a child was still victimized.

I can't believe we still continually ask questions about the victim's circumstances as if that somehow changes things. So if we answer the question that the mother was totally incompetent, then what? Should we change the nature of this case and its outcome?

Victims and victim's parents may very well be making very poor and risky choices. We have to continue to educate children and young women - that never stops. But once a crime is committed what the hell is the point of bringing up their naivete or stupidity? And still doing so 30 years later?

If he could be promised he could get an apology and still have time to be a guest at the White House , he will grant the US this great favor .

Free Roman Polanski!

Everyone should have at least one free pass for rape. Perhaps an extra one if you've suffered a tragedy?

That's right, Rich. For somebody who thinks that what Polanski did was unforgivable (or was that just a lip service), you're following the path used by the apologists -- blame somebody else for the rape. Blame the mother. Call the victim a little Lolita. Poor Polanski, entrapped by a 13-year-old temptress.

BTW, a plea agreement is between the accused and the prosecutor. The judge doesn't have to abide by it -- at least that's what I understand about the US criminal justice system. If I'm wrong, blame the writers of Law & Order.

It's amazing how zealous Americans can be when there's an easy target, all pitchforks and torches, reacting to the latest media distraction. At the same time these righteous townsfolk remain lazy and apathetic when their constitution is trampled on by scum like Bush and Cheney who lied to them for 8 years then are allowed to walk away and spend the rest of their lives in an easy retirement. Burn Polanski at the stake! Get That Balloon boy and take him from his father! And yet this week the "the Patriot Act" is being renewed with even greater power to spy on you illegally. A far greater crime went unnoticed again. Take your pitchforks and torches to capital hill people!

If the mother was trying to get her daughter "discovered" by these people and put her daughter in harms way and potential risk, she sure is culpable of a crime. I'd like that question answered. It doesn't excuse Polanski in the slightest. Polanski pled guilty based upon a plea agreement and spent 42 days in jail before sentencing. Then the judge rejected the deal. If Polanski wasn't given the opportunity to change his plea in my opinion he was denied due process.

WILLING to return? Aww, how sweet of him.

Oh sure, we'll make it quick for Mr. Star producer. We don't want to inconvenience the great Mr. Polanski with due process. What were we thinking!?

Just as the United States does not negotiate with terrorists, as far as I know, we also do not negotiate with child molester-rapists. Polanski is on the run for 30 years and he thinks this puts him in a position to negotiate? His lawyer better re-think his strategy. I think Polanski's lawyer will also have to fork over his client to an attorney who knows California law. Wonder who that will be???

"Polanski at least is recognizing his duty to complete his business with the criminal courts." Really? He is? I don't see any sign of that. What makes you think so?

Polanski ran away and evaded justice for 30 years. He's fighting extradition, and is now thinking he may get off with less time by coming here sooner, instead of waiting out the extradition that's obviously coming anyway. I see nothing in his words or actions, or those of his attorney, to indicate that Polanski has ever recognized or admitted he did anything wrong. To the contrary, he has always argued that other people were in the wrong and he was being persecuted for doing what he thinks everyone wants to do. Check it out. This unrepentent pedophile may have less blood on his hands than Kissinger, but he also ran from a conviction for raping a child. The irony is lost on me.

He sees the US and the civilized world destroy the Third Reich and hunt down Nazis and free Europe. He watches Manson and his followers get caught, convicted, and imprisoned. But when he, then a 43 year old man, drugs and rapes a 13 year old minor he runs from justice and hides with the French, and once caught, fights being brought to justice. From all this one can only conclude that he 1) hasn't learned much from history, 2) appreciates very little the moral issues of life, and 3) has been a coward 3 times -- raping , running, and resisting extradition. The penalty he finally receives, plus interest for running, is richly deserved.

Gotta love these folks who crawl out of the woodwork to outdo each other with righteous indignation. And just so you know he did the crime AND he ALREADY did the time. Or didn't you know that. Guess people see what they want to see.
Finally I just want to say how unfair the justice system is. I mean Cheney is still free and how many deaths is he responsible for?

"He might be willing to return to the U.S." ?? Wow. So noble of him since he is in jail and really has no choice at this point.
It's pretty much a foregone conclusion that he will be coming back at some point and Polanski is the one dragging the process out by fighting extradition.
He would still be thumbing his nose at us and continuing to make his crappy movies if he hadn't been caught.
Funny the way people spin things to make it seem like they are the one's in charge.


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