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Burned body found in a Santa Fe Springs trash bin is not that of Mitrice Richardson, police say [Updated]

Mitrice Los Angeles police detectives investigating the disappearance of Mitrice Richardson, who vanished from Malibu Canyon three weeks ago, said they are certain the badly burned body found in a Santa Fe Springs trash bin is not the missing woman.

“Bottom line is it’s not Mitrice Richardson,” said Det. Chuck Knolls of the Los Angeles Police Department.

The detectives got a flurry of calls this morning about sightings of Richardson, 24, that they are following up. One was from a doctor who said he saw a seemingly disoriented woman on the beach in Santa Monica one afternoon three or four weeks ago.

“If it’s four weeks ago, it’s not Mitrice. If it’s three weeks ago, it could be her,” Knolls said.

The doctor said he spoke to her.

“She said she had dropped her keys in the sand and was looking for them,” Knolls said.

Richardson did not have any keys on her when she was released from sheriff's custody the night she disappeared.

The burned body of a woman found in the parking lot of a Santa Fe Springs manufacturer was about a mile from the freight office where Richardson worked. [Updated at 2:50 p.m.:  A previous version of this post incorrectly stated that police thought the body might be Richardson's because she worked in Santa Fe Springs.]

The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department’s decision to release Richardson at 1:25 a.m. Sept. 17 with no car, purse or cellphone continues to provoke criticism and scrutiny. L.A. County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas called this week for the Sheriff’s Department to review its procedures.

“I think we need to revisit the policy of the Sheriff’s Department as it relates to releasing someone from custody under these circumstances,” he said.

The staff at Geoffrey’s restaurant in Malibu, who called the Sheriff’s Department when Richardson could not pay her dinner bill, said she seemed mentally disturbed. A sheriff’s spokesman said deputies at the Lost Hills station, where she was detained, thought she was behaving normally.

They also told her she could stay overnight at the station if she wanted.

Ridley-Thomas said the department should examine “what alternatives could be put in place” to prevent a person who might have mental problems from being allowed to walk out of the station.

Ridley-Thomas, whose district includes the South LA area where Richardson was living, also got the Board of Supervisors to offer a $10,000 reward for information on the whereabouts of the 24-year-old woman.

—Carla Hall

Photo: Mitrice Richardson has been missing for three weeks.

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There's no doubt that this is a terrifying situation for Mitrice's family. But the bigger question for our society is how far should the nanny state go in protecting people from themselves? I'm all for keeping people from hurting themselves, but who gets to decide when and how?

Sometimes the cops are just plan Aholes! Why didn't they make sure she had someone to come pick her up in the middle of the night????????????????????????- what the hell was she suppose to do miles away from home, no transportaiton, no money, no phone WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. I hope the parents sue these moronic bastards.

Marlena, maybe she was supposed to act/think like an adult and weigh the pros and cons of taking off on her own in the middle of the night. Nothing i've read suggests that her family/friends rushed out there to pick her up, so why place the blame/responsibility on the police? The police are there to keep communities safe, not babysit a grown woman.

If this young woman had diabetes and was released into the wilderness (do you know where Lost Hills is?), no one would be talking as if the police don't have a responsibility to "protect and serve." Also, I find it very curious that no health officers were called in since everyone from the doctor on the beach to the people at the restaurant called her behavior at the very least "odd." Her "refusal" to stay at the station is also curious considering her options, which were none, other than wandering the street alone. Also, if her mother was called and was on the way, a person under normal circumstances would wait inside the station. None of this happened, and this incident does not pass the smell test.

It's obvious that the sheriff departmet did not follow procedure. Let's remove the fact that it was stated by several people at the resturant that she was acting weird, stating that she was "from mars", "one with the earth" etc...You release her in the morning, her bail was set at for $2500, ok you arrest her for not paying an $89 dollar food bill but you release her without making her pay a bill.
If you hear the recorded tape, the mother made it clear that something was going on with her daughter, and that she was concerned about them releasing her on the street. No.. they shouldn't have to babysit a rational thinking grown person, but Mitrice obviously had a breakdown and if the valet parking attendant, customers and manangement at the resturant saw it, why couldn't the sheriff's who are trained in dealing with the public and their issues missed it. But it's common sense, why would you allow anyone of any age walk out in the middle of the morning. It's dark, no bus running, she had no money, no phone, no ID.

Patricia listen to the recorded tapes, it's clear that Mitrices' mom had been speaking with the sheriff station several times, making arrangements to get her daughter. It's clear that they need to either do some retraining, rehiring in that station or just shut it down.

Where can we hear the tapes?

It's very common for the Sheriff's Department to release detainees in the middle of the night. This is done so as to inconvenience the prisoner and family as much as possible. The inherent danger of such releases is laughingly referred to as "part of the program". Only a slew of successful multi-million dollar legal judgments will change this practice at L.A.C.S.D.

People like Marlena would be the first ones to holler if this lady, who I hope is okay, was held "without cause." Marlena's philosophy: if the police did it, it's wrong.

Colleen, what is the sheriff's proper procedure? In the next sentence, after accusing them of violating procedure, you start "removing facts." Are you an authority on law enforcement?

Seeing as there are no updates or further info it appears as if this case has been solved. Or fallen off the
radar. Which is it?

LIE DETECTOR TESTS for all the COPS involved!!!! They were last to see her, they ARE the suspects. That was the procedure followed in Annie Le Yale murder case. Public should demand that. Would you want a corrupt cop walking your streets? Woman like Mitrice does not vanish on her own. How did they get her out of the car if she was scared of night?

Ok nitwits lets review the facts before declare your support for the LASD officer's that are responsible and even more brainless then yourselves.
1st The employee's of Geoffrey’s restaurant in Malibu called the police because Mitrice seemed mentally disturbed.
2nd The LASD/LAPD impounded her vehicle and all her personal belongings in her car, then moved her some 60 miles away to the remote Lost Hill's Station.
3rd Mitrice's mother did call said Lost Hill's Station to pickup Mitrice but was mislead by Officer's on duty as to whe Mitrice would be released.
4th Closer examination of the documents/personal effects remaining in Mitrice Richardson's impounded vehicle reveal that she suffers from a bi-polar mental disorder.
5th Basic common sense would tell anyone let alone LASD officers, not to strand a young woman alone at 1:25 a.m in a remote area.
All of these events occured because Mitrice was a woman of color, and her life and well being meant nothing to to the LASD.
So Mitrice Richardson was disgarded with less respect given a house pet, to protect and serve means to protect lives not to destroy them.
Mitrice Richardson only suffered a mental illness, she wasn't a career crimminal and once the LASD/LAPD does this to your family member you'll trully understand the grief caused when those who are selected to protect us do more harm than good.

Ok folks I have another question for you, who was the woman found murdered and burned in a Santa Fe Springs trash bin, sad to say this woman was a victem of sexual assault not unlike the recent murder of Paula Sladewski in North Miami Florida.
I conclude the bodies are burned to destroy dna evidence that remain under fingernails, seminal fluids, hair, carpet/linen fibers that could be used to place the victem in a home, a vehicle, or a specific person.
The modus operandi are identical but doesn't suggest that it's the same killer, simply a more intelligent serial rapist.
While it's true any number of caustic fluids could have been used to destroy dna evidence, said killer is more inconspicuous transporting a can of gasoline vs transporting acids.
in the case of the North Miami Beach murder the victem left the nightclub with a stranger only to be discovered some 14 hours later burned beyond recognition in a North Miami Florida trash bin.
Due to the method of disposal of evidence the killer preferred, I believe both are professional men possibly working in the medical or crimminal justice field.
Unlike typical serial killers that have to resort to dumping thier victems in deserted area's or shallow graves.
They may also be completely transient, moving about via private or commercial airlines.
meaning without video footage as seen in the Miami murder case it's difficult to tie them to scene of the crime.
But honestly all of this both saddens and enrages me, America has declared a War On Woman and the alarming numbers of violent sexual assaults on women & children sicken me to no end.
I say it time for a permanent solution for men proven in a court of law beyond reasonible doubt & convicted of this crime.
This country breeds thousands of men like Anthony Edward Sowell,
who after he pleaded guilty to attempted rape in 1989 and served 15 years in prison before his release in 2005.
Only to be unleased on our society only to slaughter women & accumulate 11 victims at Anthony Sowell's home.
The American justice System needs to form a penal colonies or just put these animals to death, and Mufon lets start with you..


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