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Gay marriage court battles heat up this week

Nearly a year after California voters approved Proposition 8, the court battles over the ban on gay marriage fight are intensifying this week.

Foes of Proposition 8, which outlawed same-sex marriage, are demanding access to internal campaign records and correspondence between the Yes on 8 campaign's leaders and their political consultants. A federal judge last week agreed some of those records should be released.

Supporters of the proposition say they will appeal the order, arguing it amounts to a violation of free speech rights.

Meanwhile, the two sides will be in court this week over a larger challenge to the legality of Proposition 8. On Wednesday, proposition supporters will ask a federal judge to throw out the challenge and essentially cancel an expected January trial date over the legality of the same-sex marriage ban.

Legal experts told the San Jose Mercury News that Proposition 8 backers have an uphill battle in having the case thrown out so early.

Voters approved the measure last November after an expensive and bitter campaign. Supporters of same-sex marriage plan to ask voters to reconsider the issue as early as next year.

-- Shelby Grad

Click to go to The Times' interactive timeline Use The Times' interactive timeline to track the evolution of rights for same sex couples in the U.S. since 2000.

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Religious bigot corporations, such as the Catholic church, Mormon temples, and Evangelical mega churches, are so close to being exposed. Their hands have blood all over them, and we're going to prove it. They do not hold power, or authority, over our intimate lives, but they abused it anyway, and without apology.

Now, they can reap the seeds they sow!

Stop religious persecution of Gays and Lesbians.
The mormon cult is guilty of money laundering up to their hate-filled necks.

Get over it. The majority of people do not support gay marriage. People have the right to support the measure, and should not be attacked for doing so. The only reason these groups want the records is to attack more people. People forgot one thing, black people (yes I am black) may support the Dems, but as a people who do not support gay marriage.

The gay activists just want to have access to these records because they want to know how the other groups communicated better than they did leading up to the election. It is like a coach from one team trying to steal the other teams play book so they can get the advantage in the upcomming game.

FlexSF -

"They do not hold power, or authority, over our intimate lives, but they abused it anyway, and without apology."

You are absolutely correct. THEY HAVE NO POWER. And yet you claim they abuse it? How can they abuse something that they do not have? There was no law banning homosexuality. While I did vote NO on prop 8 - the people who voted yes, voted so because their opinion is that a homosexual union is not natural. And that is their opinion, whether you think it is right or wrong, they are entitled to it.

But screaming about it and saying things like "Their hands have blood all over them" - makes no sense. Did they kill anybody? No. Are they extremists? No. Are they supporting suffering? No

All that has happened is a setback in the cause. Unless you let it effect you, the Prop 8 did very LITTLE to restrict people. All it did is invalidate the marriage IN THE EYES OF THE STATE. It does not mean that a man cannot love a man, or a woman love a woman.

It will happen - but until then, grow up and try to persuade the people who voted yes to support your cause. And going around screaming and saying the people who don't believe in gay marriage are somehow evil - well then you are as ignorant as they are.


R.I.P. America, Hell-Ooooooooooooooooo Sodom and Gomorra.
Next up for 14th Amendment challenges before the courts; Serial killers (they're "born to kill"); pedophiles (they'll claim equal rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act); bestiality (probably under some obscure Farm administration bill); polygamy (of course this fly’s under freedom of religion).
At this point I think Guns & Roses "Welcome to the Jungle" should be nominated the new national anthem.
How all the logic and science combined falls victim to brute primal driven self-gratification behaviors and political correctness is absolutely astounding. I’m not sorry to inform that an acquired behavior cannot raise to equal protections the same as a person born with a particular and finite quality and for which the Amendment (14th) was created to address in the first place.

The voters of California have spoken in a clear, convincing manner...deal with it and quit trying to subvert the will of the people!!

However you come down on this issue there is a one thing for sure.

Evidently writers for the Los Angeles Times do not read their own newspaper.

Sunday saw a front page story about so-called "Mega-Churches" as a worrisome trend to those who fear these jumbo churches are 'siphoning" parishioners from "smaller, more mainline" denominations.

Two days prior to this the Times ran another front page piece showing an conservative Episcopalian packing aways his vestments as he prepared for eviction.

Evicted from a church?

Who would do that?


The Communists?

The Atheists?

No, his fellow Episcopalians.

You see the "'gay' marriage" issue has split the Bible believing Episcopalians from their "progressive, more tolerant" fellows who are for ordination of homosexuals and blessing same sex unions as "marriages" in the Episcopal church.

The progressives are SO tolerant that they have evicted those who disagree with them on this issue.

Why mention these two separate stories together?

Well...lets see... Those who believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and that it speaks to our lifestyles today are bursting at the seams with congregants while those who reject clear biblical teaching ( Romans Chapter 1 anyone?) are desperate to keep seats in the pews.

Dave Shifflet wrote a book covering this phenomenon in his book EXODUS : Why Americans Are Fleeing Liberal Churches.

The logic is simple

"If the Bible doesn't mean what it says why aren't I at the beach on a Sunday Morning?"

Of course the L.A. Times does not see it that way. They seem to believe that Calvary Chapel has blossomed into one of California's largest churches because Pastor Chuck Smith wears Hawaiian "Aloha" shirts ( I am not kidding- read the article!)

For all their blather about "Social Justice" ( code word for warmed over Marxism with a strong helping of environmental extremism) and "compassion" the left wing of the old mainline denominations are positively venomous when it comes to those who disagree.

The local news ran a two minute feature on a handful of these "clergy" who asked Christians to "repent of the sin of 'homophobia'"

If "homophobia" is a phobia then it is a mental illness that one can no more "repent" of than the "sin" of claustrophobia.

In a remarkable feat of cognitive dissonance these charlatans use the language of mental health and determinism to condemn those who they call 'homophobic" while simultaneously claiming a special innocence for their "gay"personal choices because they were "just born that way"

"Who are you to judge" they shriek as they judge their debased houses of ritual ( not much worship- except self worship) into oblivion.

ELVISNIXON would think even an L.A Times reporter could put the two together.

Uh oh... the fragile marriages of NOM supporters was further weakened today by Gov. Schwarzenegger's executive order recognizing out-of-state marriages.

Lets have conservatives put their money where their mouth is. If they want to protect the sanctity of marriage, lets outlaw divorce in CA.

Lets put their rights up for a vote.

It's a sad day when news sources, whom we entrust to preserve the free exchange and open discourse of ideas, no matter how diverse, resort to filtering as a form of censorship. While this tactic may in the short run pander to the agendas of the minority behavior modificationists, in the longer cycle it shall only encourage the financial collapse of newspapers when no one bothers to trust and support them as free and independant merchants of truth. If this be the case, our seventy-five cents is better spent buying a presto log instead.

The California Fair Political Practices Commission is currently investigating the secret, illegal massive in-kind and cash contributions from the Mormon and Catholic organizations. We already know Mormons operated secret call centers in Utah and Idaho, from which they called millions of Californians. We also know these call center employees lied to the people they reached who said they support marriage equality, and told them to vote "yes" for equality. Of course, "yes" was the HATE vote. If these organizations hadn't committed these massive crimes, this hate vote would never have squeaked by.

Our anger at the cheating and lying and violating of our laws by the out-of-state hate cults is justified, but the most important thing California voters who honor the United States Constitution, equality and fairness can do is demand of our state legislators that they get the Commission to get going on this.

State legislators, how would you like to balance our state budget the easy way? Just ENFORCE OUR LAWS by seeing to it the Commission completes its work and the billions and billions of dollars in fines are paid promptly.

This is a case where there is no case.
We the people spoke clearly, twice. The first time “We the People”, where disrespected. Law, which had no place in the matter, wrongly interfered. The second time, Law correctly chose correctly and left it where it rightfully needs to be and that is that the constitution has legally amended, it is Amended and it is a simply as that.
Now, there is no reason the issue of Proposition 8 be dragged around courts of Law to get attention, like some crack addict who needs money for it’s next hit and dose not think it has a problem at all and wants the rest of us to carry it and to buy into it’s error and accept it’s lesser way of life. The time for that has come and gone. It is simply the Law that “We the People” opted for. “We the People” will not allow Law to over turn the rule of Law enacted by vote. The matter is closed and as such does not warrant any court to hear any more, period. Why would the court over rule the rule of Law that 'We the People" rightful won.
It is an insult to "We the People"
The right to chose is everyone's
The freedom to choose is what makes America. America is One Nation Under God, which now includes many Faiths of God, still, One Nation Under God. To go against God's Law is a choice. We all have it...and those choices that are against God's Law have consequences...and the consequences of choosing a homosexual lifestyle has the consequence of placing oneself outside of God's Law and that includes a homosexual wanting to be married, now that’s plainly insane and what’s worse is that we have people in office of the court system and legislative system that don’t know anymore what’s clearly wrong in this regard of homosexuality verses homosexual marriage…they have lost the ability to discern it. “We the People” had to organize and meet the challenge that the Children of Disobedience are fussing about and refuse to obey God’s Law. “We the People” now then had to go thru the process, lawfully, of making it so and were successful amending the Constitution. Now that we did, it’s done. And thus frustrated, like a child punished, throws a temper tantrum and becomes angry and yells and screams and shouts and has to resort to trickery and such. Such is the folly of the reprobate mind and is simply foul. It's a shame that that which is a "No Brainier" had to come to the point of Amending the constitution...but it necessarily happened that way so that God's Law now prevails by Law. It turned out that the very instrument used by the Children of Disobedience to thrust it’s way onto us has now been turned against them…funny how they thought they could use law to legalize that perversion. So, I ask the courts to recognize this. There is no case here. Do not get tied up and tied down. It’s over and done...as a matter of fact, we look to the Law and Legislative bodies to uphold it has Law what “We the People” have spoken to…not against us. Or come election time, We’ll see to it…know what I mean???

Yancy Whittaker

Please post this. There are many people who are in agreement with me. I'd like for them to join me..."We the People" please join me, write in support of what we did when we amended the Constitution. Let us remind those who forgot or those who'd dare to do anything to change it. It's time to respect it. It's time to uphold it. It's time to put this whole disgusting affair to bed and move on. Or, remember at election time every Politician who dared to ignore the clear voice of "WE the People" and vote them away...We not they are in charge...they are but servants, while thou they Govern, they do so for US. If We do not remind them who they work for, they will serve themselves and I'm not down with that, are you???

You are not fighting the so-called "religious bigots". You are fighting their creator. Wage your battle against GOD if you think your group is powerful enough. He's the one condemning homosexuality without wavering. The Christian is just the messenger.

OK, once again, let me make sure I understand this:

Gays and lesbians already serve in the military, but allowing them to serve openly would DESTROY OUR COUNTRY! Gays and lesbians already live in situations proximate to marriage, but acknowledging this legally would DESTROY OUR COUNTRY! Yeesh.

This whole thing is getting beyond silly. Unfortunately, the ramifications are anything but. There is no such thing as partial equality. That we are still debating this is inexcusable.

I so TOTALLY agree with everything FlexSF just posted! Mahatma Gandhi said it best for us when he said "First, they laugh at you---then, they hurt you---and then, we WIN"

Gay & Lesbian people have the right to be free from religion in this country. THIS IS AMERICA. All hard working, tax-paying, law-abiding Americans are entitled to the same rights, privileges, protections and freedoms that are guaranteed by the U.S. constitution.

NO ONE is forcing churches or religions institutions to perform same-gender marriages in your churches or synagogues. But why Christians and the rest of these heterosexual bigots feel like its their social responsibility to convert everyone else to their own personal religious views is pure nonsense to me. NOT gonna happen.

As long as Gays & Lesbians breathe on this Earth, there will always be a fight for Gay marriage and equal rights for all people. We will Repeal Prop 8 in 2010. And if we fail in 2010, it will be 2012, and then 2014 and in each succeeding year until we get the equality that we deserve.

GAY PEOPLE ARE NOT ASKING FOR YOUR TOLERANCE OR SOCIAL ACCEPTANCE. Stop treating us like we are a defective part of society. We do not want your preaching, or your acceptance for that matter. We would gladly live our lives according to our own ways but that does not mean you can continuously treat us like we are second class citizens.

I'm SO SICK of the "Bestiality" argument. Please let me know when a Dog starts to speak English, and expresses the desire to willingly get married. Or if a dog can even sign a consented marriage license at the city hall.

The legal age to marry in California is 18 years old. If you have a problem with that, contact your legislator. Obviously, little 7 year old kids are NOT 18 year old, consenting adults in the legal age. Wake up and stop spreading lies to justify your bigotry and homophobia.


Lloyd Baltazar
Web Director

Yancy Whittaker --

"We the people?" Honestly? Have you done absolutely no research? --And no, Fox news does not count. The reason we want these records released is because WE, THE PEOPLE, did NOT have our voice properly articulated into law. Special interest groups, mainly the church of LDS, injected MILLIONS of dollars [into a collective 36m campaign] into the YES ON 8 campaign.

Now you tell me, Yancy: how were WE, THE PEOPLE, heared over the millions upon millions of dollars being pumped into this religious attack on personal freedom from OUTof OUR own state?

This is not the will of the people.

If you do not believe me now, you will: WE SHALL OVERCOME THIS, TOO.

Can you believe this propaganda campaign?
First off, sex has nothing to do with love, sex is an itch, and can be an addiction. there are all kinds of love, love for children, love for your male friends, love for your wife, love for your dog, love is Intelligent not a feeling. Second is, have you ever seen or know two male animals take care of their cubs? Third, if this was about two straight man wanting to adopt or foster children, do you think they would have a chance in hell? Fourth, it changes the Definition of Man and woman. what are we all the same sex? Fifth and last, is that it is incest.

Webster Dictionary (Marriage is between a man and woman)
Changing the definition of woman and man.
incest (incestuous)=sexual intercourse between persons so closely related that marriage is illegal.
Distinctly related by manhood, Brothers of mankind.

a female child, a young unmarried woman of any age.
/n.pl women. woman, wife+man= human being. :an adult female person.
a male child
an adult male, Husband.

This is what Obama had to say about it,
. Obama’s lawyers equate same-sex marriage with child marriage and incest between cousins. They say that the Defense of Marriage Act doesn’t deny anyone’s right to equality under the law, because it gives the states the option of whether to respect those rights. They even argue that there’s no discrimination against same sex couples anyway, because homosexuals have just as much right to marry someone of the opposite sex as anyone else.
…oh, one more thing, sex is between a man and woman anything other than that is a perverse act.

MY daudther and her life female partener are lesibans. I love them both..now , how can you call your self LESIBAN and lay in bed with a man ,thats married to a woman ,with kids,to sex with my daugthers wife ,just so they can have a child....and are proud of what they have done..baby to be born in FEB.2010..the mans wife is ok with this.......its a boy...

Gays do not need to be married point blank! they can get a will made up to take care of each other personel obligations. all this hype is nothing but rudderick to mock the system. You can't have your cake and eat it to. gays who think by going to church,that is going to forgive your sinful act of sodomy, has to know this is wrong for the doing it in the first place. It takes a clear mind to know women have the body part that god created for the man to have sex with. Otherwise we would be not even exist. So it is only man & women who are the only two who should be married. I love my best friend who is male but i refuse to have sex with him. I get a women for that.


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