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State assemblyman wants to override Schwarzenegger veto

State lawmakers are considering the first override of a California governor's veto in three decades today as the hours tick away before the year's lawmaking deadline.

Earlier this week, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill to have a day to honor Vietnam veterans.

"I'm going to get this done, come hell or high water," said Assemblyman Paul Cook (R-Yucca Valley), a Vietnam veteran and author of the bill.

The governor had threatened to veto every bill on his desk -- more than 70 in total -- if lawmakers did not withdraw them. In an e-mail to Democratic staff, the chief of staff to Assembly Speaker Karen Bass (D-Los Angeles) wrote that the governor demanded action on his priorities before signing the other legislation. The lawmakers removed all the bills but one. Schwarzenegger vetoed it. Now, Cook said he's "ready to go to war" over the issue.

A one-on-one meeting with Schwarzenegger did nothing to calm Cook, a former Marine colonel who admitted, "I was probably a little disrespectful." The GOP lawmaker said he is rounding up votes for an override. He plans to work the issue until tonight's midnight deadline. "If my political career ends on this," he said, "so be it."

-- Shane Goldmacher in Sacramento

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Go Assemblyman Cook! A war of choice where those who were sacrificed were not given a choice as they were drafted! Governor Schwarzenegger just seems to have no human understanding of what it means to sacrifice...unless of course it is for himself and his rigid ideological cronies. A day to honor them is quite appropriate to commemorate both their sacrifice but also the sacrifices our country had to make during a time of great progress--for individuals and communities.

Just demonstrates, yet again, the arrogance, recalcitrance, contempt, and lack of respect this governor has.

Give them HELL colonel to heck with respect if He was in the US during the Vietnam war He (GOV.) would be chanting hell no I won't go. Spent three tours in country and got no respect when I came home you most likely felt the same scorn. It is time to recognize the vets of the VietNam War. Veto how about a Recall???

Our governor has morphed into a petulant man-child. His behavior is ridiculous. Indeed, the legislature is a resounding failure - unable to address even one of the many challenges this state faces - but quite frankly I expected Arnold to rise above that sniveling level to deliver at least a crumb of leadership to a state of citizens starved of competent governance. His behavior confirms our fears that California's government has deteriorated way beyond dysfunctional - they are now fully destructive.

I hope the assembly overrides the veto to make a point. And let that point be their last, let's move on a constitutional convention to end this nonsense. Now.

Once again, a GOP lawmaker gets it wrong! Apparently learning nothing from his years as a warrior. 'Pick your battles'. This isn't the right time nor the right battle sir.

Our state is on the verge of collapse and there is MUCH, MUCH more important legislation to be working on than a specific day to honor our Vietnam veterans - after all, we already have Memorial Day & Veteran's Day and some include the 4th of July for honoring our military.

Wake up - your party is coming apart at the seams because of scandal, malfeasance and general misdirection. This fight you wish to engage in will do nothing but cause distraction for your colleagues, cause further disillusionment with the GOP and slow down the process of recovery. Unless that's your(the GOP) plan all along.......

Im just sayin'

How dare he? When did he come here? Did he sign up and serve? He came here in 1968 at the age of 21. He wasn't legal. Now he has the gall to veto a bill honoring Viet Nam vets. He should be impeached and removed. p.s. He was AWOL from the Austrian army at the time. Coward!

Glad to know our governor and legislators are still tirelessly grappling with the most pressing issues of the day.

So, does this mean we are going to have seperate days for each of the wars? How about a WW I and a WW II memorial day? Or a Korean War memorial day?

There are days to honor ALL of our military veterans, regardless of the war they served in - Memorial Day for our fallen soldiers, and Veterans Day for our soldiers who came back home. And of course, 4th of July to honor what our veterans have fought for.

There are MUCH more pressing issues facing our state and country at the moment.

You go Colonel, marines don't know how to retreat...

Dumb-we already have a day to honor veterans it's called-wait for it-VETERAN'S DAY

No wonder our state is screwed up-silly legislators like this...

Get a grip Colonel. Your war ended over 36 years ago. How about going to work on this "war" and get a budget done that will work for California. You are an example of how whacked out Legislators have gotten when they lose their priorties and stop working for the people of California. And oh, by the way, I'm an Army vet of El Salvador, The Persian Gulf War and Somalia. So I don't need lectures about what war is all about and why we should honor veterans. I've been there.

With all the crises our state is having, this lawmaker finds nothing better to do but fight over another Memorial Day. You'd think this is the worst of our troubles! Our politicians are so incompetent, it is simply scary.

How about a day for the innocents slaughtered at the Mai Lai

Unfortunately, when you have a Governor with no "vested" interest in our country and whose wife's in-law's were violently opposed to that conflict, it is rather obvious that its would be futile to expect anything else. Keep going Assemblyman Cook. You've got more people in your corner than you realize. This issue just requires more widespread dissemination to the citizens of this state. Try working with the Nixon and Reagan Libraries.

The lack of action of this State Assembly that can not make the hard decisions to balance a budget and forward to the governor for signature will do everything up to including wrapping themselves up in a U.S. Flag to say look at this bad governor. But in reality this American knows that the blanket they should wrap themselves in should be a blanket of complete incompetence.
This State Assembly has to get on board with the fact that this State can longer keep going to the taxpayer to further more bad spending habits.
Governor should not sign a single bill until a completed budget is done. As far as this taxpayer is concerned he is doing the job he was elected to do! I am a veteran and would like to see this bill past but not as a test of the Governors resolve.

Tonight my husband and I had the pleasure to meet Assemblyman Cook! He hand delivered my husband's special pass to go to the event on the base in Twentynine Palms. We were ecstatic! What a wonderful man! He truly believes in what he is doing when it comes to this bill. We feel so honored! History will be made tomorrow when the Governor signs this bill. God bless Assemblyman Cook, his wife and staff. =D


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