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Psychiatrist diagnosed Phillip Garrido in 1976 as a 'sexual deviant'

PhillipGarridoThe man accused of kidnapping and rape in the disappearance of Jaycee Lee Dugard 18 years ago was diagnosed in a 1976 court-ordered psychological evaluation as a sexual deviant and chronic drug abuser.

Phillip Garrido, now 58, was examined by a forensic psychiatrist in 1976 while under arrest for kidnapping and raping Katherine Callaway. The evaluation was done in the run-up to his federal trial for transporting Callaway from South Lake Tahoe, Calif., to Reno before the assault.

Dr. Lynn B. Gerow Jr. wrote that Garrido’s “sexual deviation” could have been caused by four years of daily LSD use, along with regular abuse of marijuana, alcohol and cocaine.

[Updated, 4:25 pm: A previous version of this post identified Dr. Lynn B. Gerow Jr. as a psychologist.  She is a psychiatrist.]

Gerow wrote in Garrido's psychological report that his condition was "usually associated with compulsive masturbation. This aspect is clearly present in this man and is part of his multiple sexual deviation.”

Gerow also noted that Garrido was “competent” to understand the charges against him and said that, at the time of the crime, “the defendant as a result of mental disease or defect, did not lack substantial capacity either to appreciate the wrongfulness of his conduct or to conform his conduct to the requirements of the law.”

A separate neurological evaluation by Dr. Albert F. Peterman said that Garrido had no “hard evidence of organic brain damage.” Peterman also reported that Garrido “is looking forward to going to court, has found religion and feels his life will change for the better.”

Garrido was ultimately found guilty of kidnapping Callaway and pleaded guilty to the rape charge.

-- Maria L. La Ganga in San Francisco

Photo: Phillip Garrido appears Friday in a Placerville, Calif., courtroom during his arraignment on 28 felony counts stemming from the abduction of Jaycee Dugard in 1991. Garrido pleaded not guilty to charges including forcible abduction, rape, sexual assault and false imprisonment. At left is Garrido's court-appointed attorney, Susan Gellman. Credit: Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press

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Was it a psychiatrist or a psychologist who diagnosed him? I'm confused.

Let me get this straight. He got convicted of kidnapping, pleaded guilty to rape charges, was found to be a sexual deviant, and was out 10 years later? This guy is a walking argument for birth control... He has no morals, no drive to abide by the laws of the place where he lives, and he's out. Wow, nice work Penal System...

Okay. Now:
(1) how many people diagnosed as "sexual deviants" have led perfectly banal lives?
(2) how many child kidnappers have, or were, not diagnosed as "sexual deviants"?
(3) What's Garrido's drug history since 1976?
In other words, what is the correlation between a diagnosis made thirty-three years ago and Garrido's actions eighteen, and subsequent, years ago?

Garrido kidnapped and raped a woman in the 70s. After getting out of prison he kidnapped an eleven year old girl, had sex with her, fathered two children with her, and held her captive for 18 years. With all due respect, does it really take a psychological evaluation to conclude that he is a sexual deviant?

Garrido's father has said that his son's mind changed dramatically when he started using and abusing (and selling) LSD (acid) during the 1970s. Like thousands of these Timothy Leary followers, he likely fried his brain. Lots of these abusers were institutionalized for long periods after they damaged their brain with LSD overuse and abuse. For many users, LSD was a sensual / sexual drug in addition to the visual and mind alteration effects. Hence, we receive Garrido, a gift from the mind-altering 70s.

In response to "Michael D | September 01, 2009 at 03:11 PM"

Michael, congratulations, your hindsight vision is 20:20.

Now, go out into your neighborhood, and predict which of the people you see walking on the roads will be branded as sexual deviants, 30 years from now.

This just seen on the Contra Costa Times site (for those people who have wondered if there was any fund set up for the family): Donations may be made to the Dugard Family Trust, #134163898, c/o Bank of the West, 2507 Somersville Road, Antioch CA 94509.

Anybody that emotionally or physically abuses a child deserves to be locked away - forever. To rob a child of their innocence defies all the laws of human nature.

But the question must be asked why didn't the officer who visited the house some years ago, check out the complete residence. Too many officers (all over the world) are not trained in how to deal with very clever psychos who have an answer for everything and can easily appear to be charming.... that's how they get away with it.

When in doubt, check it out.

This guy needs to be casturated and totrured for 18 years just like that poor child he took from her family. Personally I think public stoning would be a great idea. So now this guy and his wife go to trial to sit in prison and waste tax payers money...
where is the real justice for that now grown little girl?

This man was probably traumatized in some way as a child and as such, as an adult, needed to escape via drugs. We should have sympathy for these deeply hurt people. Their lives have been scared in some fashion which has lead them to do these heinous deeds. With good treatment and a caring atmosphere this man can be reablilitated. It just takes time. We should have a program in place that provides such an atmosphere of healing. If California had it's priorities in place budgets would allow for this. People would pay more tax dollars to support such a program if crimes like this could be averted.

he has ruined numerous peoples lives. he should be put down in the most painful way.


50 years to life?!?!?!???? And this sick s.o.b. gets out after only 12? There is a real need for accountability here. In addition, what the hell are the parole officers doing? They never once thought to look in his backyard sheds for evidence of drug abuse? That's crazy!!! Those parole officers should be fired and sued for every dime they have. Just goes to show you once again how inept the justice system is. Sickening!

I'm way beyond disgusted. The parole board and these keystone cops ought to be beheaded in the public square. Warren Rupf, the Contra Costa County Sheriff, said he was going to take responsibility. How about a gun and one bullet? Or did he really mean that he was going to evade responsibility?

oldnassau: "what is the correlation between a diagnosis made thirty-three years ago and Garrido's actions eighteen, and subsequent, years ago?"

There is an exact correlation.

1976: forcible abduction, rape, sexual assault and false imprisonment

1991: forcible abduction, rape, sexual assault and false imprisonment

I am glad we are locking up people over marijuana and letting this guy out after 10 years.

Why even bother with a trial? Holding someone for 18 years and having 2 children w/them. Isn't that a parole violation? Go directly to jail, do not pass go.

In 1976, it was reported (by a psychiatrist) that Garrido was “looking forward to going to court, has found religion and feels his life will change for the better.”

Note that he is saying the same now. He has found religion, has said that we will 'fall over backwards' when we hear how he has changed his life for the better and that we should look forward to hearing the amazing story of what happened in that house.

He's a sociopath. This is his pity ploy. Like Bundy, he finally wanted to get caught so that he might have his moment in the spotlight, where he will game the system. Sorry Garrido, it won't work. The Keystone Cops will have your hide to make up for their own guilt in not being present and acounted for for many years.

What boggles my mind is that I read somewhere that he was actually picked up for some parole violation and was IN PRISON for 4 months about two years AFTER Ms. Dugard was kidnapped. That means Dugard was by herself or she was controlled only by this sicko's wife for this whole period -- and this would be prior to her having his children going by their age, and prior to having her so completely brain washed.

No details of that period have been made public. I would be curious to know how they managed to keep her captive during that time.

Thank god the laws today have changed. However, if someone does LSD for 4 years straight. Its pretty much a done deal that the guy is legally insane!

I just wonder how many more of these sickos are out there! Hopefully slim to none!

Just like with the Virginia Tech shooter, the professionals (psychiatrists) understand these people are dangerous and recommended treatment, and, in many cases confinement.

The liberals and courts have turned them loose over and over to prey on society.

When will we say "enough"?

I'm being serious when I say this not mean or contrite. Why shouldn't we simply take people like this and castrate them? You NEVER hear of a sexual deviant overcoming his problem and is nothing but a menace to society. No penis? No problem.

Alittle more on the subject of castration...Good News Phillip! Castration also halts that pesky problem of male pattern baldness! Okay...now I'm being mean and contrite......

Jaycee and her family will need intense psychological support for years to come and while the kids might qualify for Medicaid until they are 18 Jaycee qualifies for nothing. Since she has never worked she could not qualify for SSDI and medicare. Even if they were all able to get jobs the pre-existing clause used by insurance companies would deny them coverage. Their only hope is to immigrate to Canada where they can obtain life long psychological assistance to deal with their emotional trauma. Perhaps we could petition the Canadian Gov to allow them immigration on humanitarian grounds....

What is the matter with you people, one says we should feel sorry for garrido and another person says to send Jaycee to Canada. California has well qualified people to help Jaycee and her children to get accustomed to being out of the sight of the manipulating cold hearted bastard. This guy knew exactly what he was doing LSD or no LSD it doesnt matter the point is that the system should have never let this monster out. This guy is not religious if this idiot knew anythign about God he would have turned himself in to authorities long ago. This guy needs to be seriuosly go under interrogation and really be made to accept his faults, he doesnt appear to be mentally ill and authorities should make him stand trial. I hope he gets what he deserves. and I hope they stick him in a cell isolated by himself with 1 hour ouit only a day.

Sancho: people who think like you are the exact reason this monster is out today. The "rehabilition" movement of the 70s is what caused his reduction in sentence after he had gamed the system by going to some classes and "finding" religion. Put it this way: are you willing to take in some of the released, "rehabilitated" ex-cons into your house?

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