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Opposition campaign launched against part-time Legislature effort

It may not be on the ballot, but a grassroots push to punish the California Legislature by yanking it back to part-time status has earned a sure sign of respect in the state Capitol – a formal opposition campaign.

Californians for an Effective Legislature is being fronted by three retired lawmakers and led by Democratic strategist Steve Maviglio. Maviglio said the rationale for the effort is to “put out the brush fire before it begins.”

Boosters of the push for a part-time Legislature have only recently begun to gather the nearly 700,000 valid voter signatures needed to qualify for next year’s ballot.

That group, Citizens for California Reform, has received publicity on conservative talk radio and had signature gatherers at various anti-tax rallies. But so far, it has not received the sort of big financial backing – pegged at around $3 million these days – needed to mount a full-tilt campaign to qualify.

“No one has written a big fat check,” Maviglio noted.

But the effort has sent a chill through state lawmakers, particularly Democrats who believe the go-go Golden State isn’t a good candidate for part-time leaders.

“The seventh largest economy in the world, with a $131-billion budget, needs committed legislators, not amateurs who will have only 90 days a year on the job before they make decisions affecting millions of Californians,” said John Laird, one of three former legislators chairing the committee along with Democrat Dario Frommer and Republican Bob Naylor.

--Eric Bailey in Sacramento

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The state of Calif would do well with a part time legislature that would only be able to corrupt and steal part time.

Legislators? You call what we have in Sacramento legislators? They're already working only part-time, but getting paid for full-time. None of whom represent their constituents, serving only their own private interests and those of big business. They are all a disgrace and should all be removed from office. Totally ineffective and unable to do the right thing under any circumstances whatsoever. Scoring and whoring and duty-bound only to their beloved, bribing lobbyists, they have left all legal Californians and our state in an utter shambles. Their shambles should be traded for shackles, for what they do is criminal.

Guys, drop the "seventh largest economy in the world" nonsense. It's apple vs. oranges. We're a STATE not a country. We don't have a military or a currency, and we certainly SHOULDN'T have a $131-billion budget. In fact 10 years ago it was half that number, so bragging about how much money you spend only makes the case for a part time legislature.

"needs committed legislators"

Committed is right, only I don't think my interpretation matches this particular social vermin.

Full time legislature not needed. Term limits needed.--elleneyegreen- you left out the big unions-- Taxpayers are on the hook for BILLIONS for Calipers bad investments...

We're aware of the whether-you-like-it-or-not entrenched cap-tax-spend mentality of your so-called committed legislators. They should be committed! Apparently they're nuts!

Besides, when did the Democrats become so ashamed of their rank amateurs in public office? Aren't the voices on the Left the ones that were raised last election cycle against the entrenched professional politician and beltway cronyism?

We need some good, solid common people with experience here in the real world making decisions that are consistent with the will of the people. We do not need professional politicos and their attendant lobbyists, thank you just the same.

What your state legislators don't want you to know that at the pace we're going, Texas is about to leap-frog over California in the ranking of "top economies".

And Texas is already PART-TIME!!

Being full-time has given these boon-doggling legislators more time to create job-killer legislation and hang out away from their districts with lobbyist groups like the SEUI, the energy companies & enviro-activist feel-good groups.

These four guys all benefited from the boondoggling they are defending, and some are part of the $120K+ per year club of "commissioners" being paid to meet one day a month.

California voters should only support and vote for candidates that support being part-time, regardless of political party. I will be happy to be a part-time legislator, since I know what a private sector job provides.

Get the Legislators away from the Lobbyists - Make them Part-Time!

(just like Texas...)

Part time works for Texas and they are quite large and a much better ran state. Why do we need full time Legislators??? I can't think of good reason. They can't do any worse then they've been doing, at least they will be doing a horrible job at a much lower cost.

The author of this article does not get it. Having the legislature become part time is not to "punish" them; it's to re-align their long-term priorities in a similar way as was intended with term limits. As part timers, I see legislators focusing more on getting the job done rather than on how they can get re-elected so they can have their cushy job, pension, medical, perks, which part-timers presumably would not get. And having only 90 days a year on the job is exactly what we need. Any more time is wasted on dreaming up more laws to try and create utopia. The bigger the government, the more laws, the less our freedom and liberty.


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