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Meg Whitman launches ads in campaign for governor

Republican Meg Whitman underscored the advantage of wealth in the 2010 race for governor, launching paid advertisements today for her campaign nine months before GOP voters will determine their nominee.

The introductory ads, which the campaign said were running on radio stations across California, highlight Whitman’s experience at several well-known firms. Among them is EBay, where she was chief executive until two years ago.

“We need to reinvent California, and that reinvention starts at the top,” says the ad.

Whitman, who has put $19 million into her campaign, appeared before supporters today at a sweltering, open-air gathering in Fullerton. She said she was formally opening the campaign, although it has been underway in earnest since February, when she first announced she was running.

Her remarks today were a replay of speeches she has made since the spring. She lamented regulation and taxes that she said strangle job-creation in California and demanded reforms to improve the state’s public schools.

She repeated her February vow to cut at least $15 billion in state spending and to eliminate redundant government agencies, and said she would lay off 40,000 state employees. But, as then, she offered no specific cuts and did not suggest which agencies or employees she would target.
“There will be time to identify all that,” said spokeswoman Sarah Pompei.
Whitman’s re-announcement drew a pointed rebuke from the campaign of state Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner, who is also running for governor and, like Whitman, has plenty of personal cash to invest in the race.
“The Whitman CEO strategy of writing big checks and massive layoffs is not going to rebuild California,” said Jarrod Agen, Poizner’s spokesman.

A third Republican, former Rep. Tom Campbell, also is seeking the Republican nomination. Among Democrats, the major candidates include San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and Atty. Gen. Jerry Brown. Brown, a former governor, has not formally announced his intentions.

-- Cathleen Decker


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Here comes another McSame. Lets call her MegSame. More Bush policies wrapped up in a pretty package.

Here comes another McSame. Lets call her MegSame. More Bush policies wrapped up for voters to swallow. No thanks.

This is the woman, as ceo of ebay, totally screwed over shareholders in a piss poor deal with skype that did not include the core technology used. And she wants to be GOVERNOR? hah!

do some due diligence please -

Meg 2010 A New California! She will save California. Vote for Meg in 2010.

~Groans~ And we have to listen to this garbage for HOW LONG before we vote? Can't we make a new law that enforces a gag order until one week before an election?

Since California has prospered so much under Democrat control, why change? The state is in fiscal perfection right now. The current Democrat leaders, with the Governor (who is only a Republican in name only) have made it so everyone is gainfully employed.

When Meg Whitman was at the helm of eBay, a purchase of half.com was completed, and eBay managment attempted to conflate half.com and ebay into one entity. This resulted in an uproar from half.com users. Not a clever strategic move. Meg Whitman: skip.

Whitman knows how to run a business. California is a business.

Newsom does not know how to run a business. In fact, his business (San Francisco) is bankrupt. 300 plus million dollars in debt, yet he wants to push universal health care and green technology. How about stop paying the janitors for BART a salary comparable, often times more than the salaries of your Firefighters!

Meg Whit-less is wasting her money. A vote for Meg is a vote to further destroy California.

She hand-picked her replacement at eBay. That executive decision sent eBay's stock price plummeting from 60.00 a share to below 11.00. Of course, she anticipated that and donated hers to charity and got a tax write off at top value. Her CEO choice ruined eBay because he wanted it to be Amazon, not a "garage sale" and chased all of the long-time, loyal sellers out and the rest of us are demoralized and disgusted. Now she promises millions of jobs in CA, I hope those of us who fell for the promises at eBay and made it our sole source of income will be first in line for those "jobs". Or is this another product of her overblown imagination and political talking points?

Meg- we already know about you, go home and bake cookies and count your fortune. California doesn't need your help.

This woman is a greedy nightmare. Millions of entrepreneurs who made ebay the valuable company it once was, making their living selling, have been brushed to the wayside. The once very profitable company instituted rules, when ran by Meg Whitman, which were said to protect buyers, instead turned it into an arena where thieves, cheats, and other unscrupulous scammers were allowed to thrive, at honest sellers expense, driving them away in droves, and driving the stock price into the ground, only to jump ship right before these rules were implemented. She also increased fees and other charges by almost double, to nearly 10%, when using Paypal, which you are forced to use.

I am sure her relationship with the previous republican administration, kept Ebay/Paypal from being investigated for blatant antitrust violations, buy not allowing money orders, checks, or other third party payment processors such as Google Checkout, only allowing Paypal which they own.

Ask anyone you may know who sold on Ebay, and I am sure they will happily share their personal experience of what this woman and greed have done to ruin their livelihood, and that of millions of other independent business owners.

If you sell or sold on Ebay and this beast Meg Whitman has affected your livelihood, don't forget this, get angry, spread the word and don't give her a chance to do to California what she did to Ebay, we are already in poor enough shape.

Cut $15 billion AND 40K employees-That is sweet music to my ears.

That's pretty funny. 19 million dollars down the drain. It's good to be rich, I guess.

"We need to reinvent California, and that reinvention starts at the top,”- her first mistake! CA families deserve better and to be heard! From the bottom-up don't you think??

did meg whitman choose to make her announcement in fullerton because it first identified the power vacuum of the tea party movement? does whitman think she can emerge a political leader of a new third party?

She was biggest ripp off agent on eBay. Now, with our blood money which she ripped us all, she wants to run for Governor of California to screw us again.

No thanks. We have learned lessons from you selling on eBay.

Meg Whitman would be the last person on earth, I would vote for.

Just to put in some perspective, I would vote for "Tom Metzger" before I would vote for Meg Whitman (aka biggest junk queen).

This woman is sarah palin with complete sentences...

If Meg runs this state like she ran eBay we're screwed.
Ebay paid 2 billion dollars for leased software.

Just say NO...

Yawn. Judge her on her typical Republican platform of fending for yourself. Good luck if she gets elected. Anyone tired yet of being you-know-whatted by corporations and corporate executives?

Thousands of present and former Ebay customers are waiting for Whitman's main opponent to emerge, so we'll know where to send our checks.

"“We need to reinvent California, and that reinvention starts at the top,” says the ad."

We simply need to reincarnate Jerry Brown as governor of our once and future Golden State. Jerry Brown was and is a visionary, and a proven leader - twice governor, mayor of Oakland, attorney general of California, as well as other important positions.

And unlike Whitman, a Republican, Brown is a Democrat. The Republicans have been downsized for a reason - it was the Republicans who tanked the country, particularly under the last two terms of President Bush.

The thought of putting another "conservative" into such an important office is a joke in very poor taste. We've seen what happens with Republicans, even when not in the majority of California. They've taken us ever closer to the brink of disaster.

Perhaps Whitman believes that if a lie big enough is told often enough - that she has any competency to run the state - people will believe it. I hope not.

cbk16 wrote: "Since California has prospered so much under Democrat control, why change?"

The sarcasm is lost, because Democrats don't control the state. It's a conservative Supreme Court, and the minority of Republican legislators have decided to take the state down the tubes to make sure that, as a bankrupt if not failed state, we can't take care of our own people. Democrats in the legislature, while holding a commanding majority, need a super majority to pass any bills.

To his credit, the Republican governor understands the depth - and horror - of the situation. He lied for so long, though, about what needed to be done - and never did anything - that no one believes him now - he's a Cassandra of his own making.

No matter, even if the people were behind The Terminator, the minority of Republicans in the two legislative bodies are holding the rest of us captive.

The cbk16 can't see this shows just how blind to reality the commenter is.

I'm a Democrat and I'd gladly vote for Tom Campbell if he could pull out a primary win. No thanks to Whitman and Poizner.

HOW LOW, CAN CALIFORNICATED GO? The Mega-NOTHING that OVERPAID for Skype and other 'investments' and DROVE Ebay STOCK DOWN to toilet paper, wants to be the dilettante Governor.....scary! "Won't it be 'FUN!' to be Gubernator?" Poor Meg, she's bored with her hundreds of millions, and now needs diversions and wants people to genuflect in Her presence.

If you live in California and you still intend to vote for Democrats...you deserve anything that happens to you. You'd no doubt vote to increase our sales tax, our garbage tax, our property tax, etc...How can any thinking person be so stupid?

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