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Lawmakers pass bill to honor Harvey Milk

California lawmakers today passed a measure calling for a special day of recognition for Harvey Milk, the state’s first openly gay elected leader who was assassinated by a political rival in 1978.

The Assembly approval of the measure by state Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) marks the second year in a row that lawmakers have given their blessing to a day of honor for Milk.

Last year, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoed a virtually identical bill, saying celebrations of Milk’s life should remain a local matter.

Supporters of the measure hope that recent recognition of Milk’s accomplishments — including an Oscar-winning film, presidential plaudits and the governor's own selection of Milk for the California Hall of Fame — might sway Schwarzenegger this year.

The proposal is among the most hotly fought bills in the Legislature. The governor’s office has received more than 100,000 phone calls, e-mails, letters, faxes and tweets — short dispatches on the Twitter website — about the issue.

Aaron McLear, Schwarzenegger’s spokesman, said a majority have been in opposition to the measure.

Leno’s bill now returns to the state Senate, which already approved it, for concurrence on a few technical changes.

—Eric Bailey

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Please call the Governor and tell him to veto this reprehensible bill! Milk was a sexual predator! Were he alive now, he would be in jail! We have better laws against people like him now. It is just unthinkable that we should be holding up this . . . liar, this pervert . . . as someone our children should look up to. I will not have this garbage forced on kids in our public schools, at least not without shouting "NO!" at the top of my voice.

Any legislator who voted Yes on this bill should be booted out of office next election. Please be more careful about whom you vote for next time! Elect someone who will actually represent you and not try to go behind your back to force their own personal political agenda on everyone! This is not the state of San Francisco or the state of West Hollywood. What hubris these legislators have to totally ignore the fact that we voted FOR Prop 8 in large part because we didn't want garbage like this taught in our schools.

I strongly believe the Governor will veto this bill, but he needs to hear from us. Please go to the Governor's website then email him or call him to ask him to veto this bill.

If it passes, maybe all the overwrought types like Ms Grube will give up and go back to Arkansas or other advanced civilized state.

Let's NOT honor a sodomite with a special day. I, for one, am sick of having the "Gay" agenda stuffed down my throat. Our children do not need this trash foisted upon them in the schools. How about teaching the three Rs so that these kids can at least get a job when school is over.

It's so typical of these "christians" to slander someone not alive to defend himself. There is no evidence of their claims. It's just another example of these allegedly religious folk telling lies in order to perpetuate bigotry and hatred. Ms Grube should learn the facts and not just believe the alerts she receives from her hate groups.

Great idea hosemonkey - but isn't one of the three R's 'Respect'?

So let me get this straight: our state is nearing bankruptcy, our unemployment rate leads the nation, we're experiencing the largest fire in L.A. County on record while discussing cutting firefighters, we're contemplating the early release of tens of thousands of state prison inmates, it took our legislators months to agree on a budget, and they're working on Harvey Milk Day? What a colossal waste of time. We must vote these people out of office.

And not a moment too soon. Harvey was a great man. He represented everyone in his district and made the city of San Francisco better. He made the State of California better. Personally, I'm tired of the Christian Agenda being shoved down my throat at every turn.

I'm told how to live, how to act, who to marry, how to be. I'm not even able to serve my country because of the Christian Agenda.

If Harvey was still alive, he'd know how to deal with them. But of course.. that's why he's dead, isn't it? He was a bit less dangerous as a martyr.

Mr. Milk was a remarkable guy that fought for his cause with much passion. I like him and respect him for that. However, it seems that a Harvey Milk Day for the City of San Francisco rather than the entire State of California would be more appropriate. I think it's more of a political move by the politicians rather than a geniune desire to recognize Mr. Milk.

It's no wonder this state is in such deep trouble. Rather than deal with the truly important issues of the day (massive budget deficits, an economy in the toilet, the impending release of 27,000 Charles Samuels from the prisons to meet a 9th circuit mandate, an underfunded state employee pensions, etc.), they waste their time and our money on "feel good" legislation like this bill. May the Governor veto this bill - AGAIN!

We need to vote the authors of this bill out of office and pass an initiative relegating the Assembly and Senate to part time status.

Harvey was nothing. Do you hear me?? NOTHING. Nobody ever would've heard of this sodomite had he not been shot to death by Danny Boy. He did nothing for anyone outside of Frisco's sodomites and let's not waste any time on him. He's been gone for many years and is not missed.

Let's celebrate the birthday of the man who killed Harvey Milk. I mean, the Libs we are canonizing another Killer in Edward Moore Kennedy.....Liberal America, isn't it wonderful...now who is going to pay for it!!!!

By the way......I understand AIDS is not covered in the Obama Health Plan.....self induced diseases not to be covered!!

I'd easily dismiss the ignorant and unintelligent statements of Grube and hosemonkey if they weren't so hateful. Is this what "Christianity" espouses? I am a Californian, born and raised, and I do NOT condone bigotry of any kind. Please, please think about what you say and write and what it says about YOU and to those whom you aim your words.

The movie (sean penn's) had me thrilled
now this is happeming
Never too late

None reprehensibility, none predation, no lies, no perversion... JUST A DIFFERENT SEXUAL ORIENTATION
Different from mine, different from mine
But not less respectable

It's amazing how ignorant and full of fear people are on the topic of sexual orientation, especially those who propose to be christians. Jesus should slap the self vilified hate out of them. We lived in San Francisco before and during Harvey's political career and can attest he was not a sexual predator. Sexual predators are more often straight white middle and upper middle class men who are married and have 2.2 children. Harvey had convictions, though all the adversity, to engage in this civil rights endeavor. To recognize and honor Harvey's civil rights contributions and his legacy is as important as recognizing and honoring Martin Luther King, JFK and Hugo Chavez, to name a few. It should be known as a day of diversity and the hard work individuals go through to evolve equal civil rights. Contact or e-mail the governor for his support of this bill.

SB572 will come back to bite every Ca Senate and Assembly member that voted in favor of it. They will be voted out of office. They should be mentally evaluated and investigated by Law Enforcement.
Harvey Milk was a self-proclaimed pedophile and should never be glorified in our gradeschools to our Children.
Tell Arnold to VETO SB572. It has nothing to do with Academics.

As for what we teach kids in schools--you realize some of those kids are gay, too, right? They have a right to learn about the history of people like them, just like the straight kids do.

Don't veto this bill, Gov. Schwarzenegger.

Yes, please call the governor in opposition. You want to celebrate him, celebrate him in your own homes. Leave my children alone.

While I support the idea of a day of remembrance for Harvey Milk, aren't there more important things for our legislators to be working on? Say, getting California out of its multi-billion dollars hole?!

I think the comments on this page are ridiculous, because prop 8 passed, the bigots seem to think they have a free pass to call gay people pedophiles, or be in paranoia over what there kids will be taught, excellent point made by one of the comments, a percentage of those kids will be gay too why should they not be allowed to be taught about him. as for those worrying about the bigger problems, what time would be wasted over passing the bill? the use of the word sodomites leads to me to believe there's a lot of judgmental hating Christians here, that being stupid enough in it self, Religion doesn't mix with law stop trying to do it, you keep whining about how the gay agenda interfering with your life yet I'm sure ALL gay people would rather just get on with their lives yet its the complete opposite what the christian agenda has done to PREVENT gay people of equality. Completely ridiculous that its actually being argued if he should be recognized or not, he literally gave his life for his cause.


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