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Jackson estate pays singer's mother $86,000 a month for expenses

Michael Jackson’s estate is paying his mother more than $86,000 a month to cover her living expenses and those of the pop icon’s three children, according to papers filed today in probate court.

The singer supported his mother, Katherine, 79, during his life and left her and his children the majority of his vast music empire in a 2002 will.

Since it could take years to settle Jackson’s affairs and fund the family trust that will support her and the children, estate administrators received court approval to pay Katherine Jackson a personal allowance and an extra amount for the support of the children. Jackson’s estate is estimated to be worth more than $500 million, according to court papers. 

She will receive $26,804 a month and control an additional $60,000 for food, clothing, education and entertainment for his children, according to the Superior Court documents and attorneys’ comments in recent court hearings.

The estate began paying the allowances last month, retroactive to the singer’s June 25 death. In his will, Jackson named his mother guardian of his sons, Michael Joseph Jr., 12, and Prince Michael II, 7, and daughter, Paris Michael Katherine, 11. The children live with her and other relatives at Hayvenhurst, the family home in Encino.

The allowances do not include housing expenses because Jackson owned the Encino residence and the estate is separately paying the mortgage, gardeners, insurance and taxes associated with the property. The allowances are separate from a life insurance policy that named Katherine Jackson and the children as beneficiaries, according to the court papers.

The amount paid by the policy was ordered blacked by Judge Mitchell Beckloff, who also granted requests by an attorney for the children to redact their specific living expenses to protect their privacy.

According to a budget for Katherine Jackson attached to the filing, the family matriarch’s monthly expenses include salaries for an assistant, a housekeeper and a driver as well as $3,500 for clothing and $1,000 for grooming.

Jackson’s father and siblings are not mentioned in the court papers, and the administrators’ lawyers wrote that "no individuals other than the minor children and Mrs. Jackson are entitled to a family allowance in this estate."

-- Harriet Ryan

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86k a month? wow.

I have sympathy for her and the kids because they lost a loved one. I do not have any other type of sympathy for them---they are filthy rich in a nation where too many people struggle to get by, where too many other seniors suffer the ravages of old age without adequate support, and where too many other children go hungry, abused and poorly educated. I hope she is giving some of those riches away.

Good job Michael...you have left a secure future for your kids and provided handsomely to the care of your mom. All these despite of your critics,numerous lawsuits and everybody wanting a piece of you.

Your great talent and hard work left your estate nicely funded and there is no stopping your vast body of work of future earnings.

You are a great dad!

$86,000 a month to cover living expenses! $60,000 for food, clothing, education and entertainment for his children!! $3,500 for clothing and $1,000 for grooming!!! I pray these Jacksons learn to love God above their greedy love for money quickly as the Second Coming of Christ is close at hand.

To LKitsch-- Take your personal crusade elsewhere.

Michael earned every cent of this money and he deserves to distribute it however his will dictates. I have no problems with that, though you seem to.

I am not sure why this information was made public. It's not tax payer's dollars. They can do whatever they want with their own money.

Wow! That is a lot of money, but I look at it this way, MJ had worked very hard all his life. Harder then most entertainers. In fact he sacrificed his own Regular life and childhood to entertain us. I think this is OK for his Mother and the children. After all, his mom was who he cherished most other then his children, and she has been there in most, (not all) of the bad times for MJ.
His father and brother made his life very hard too. I' m sure he felt that he gave them enough money while alive, as they pestered him always to do Jackson 5 tours all his life. He wanted to break away from it, but that part of the family never let him. He hide from them for this very reason. So this is the best outcome for his mother and kids....as long as Joe does not get his hands on it.
I'm sure once the kids are grown up, they will have the lessons instilled by MJ about being generous with money and helping others too, especially Paris and Prince Michael, as they are older and will have a clearer memory of MJ. Poor Blanket must be so confused. MJ has great kids!

i think thats great! at the end of day thats their money and michael earned it so whatever they do with it is up to them. they were brought up living the high life and im sure if we all had that money we would do the same!

Hey John-
be sure to let us know when your imaginary friend in the clouds materializes.

We'll all be waiting with baited breath.

Seriously? Well that is a lucky lady. She did put up with a crazy son and I guess she does deserve the money coming in. But that is ridiculous amount for food and expenses. What the hell does a 12, 11, and 7 year old know about money? In any event, it is their money. Michael atleast gave his money to the family. Specially mom. Hey, he was thinking of his kids and mom. Good for them.


sounds like more of the same ......

I can't understand people who are so bitterly envious of someone who actually succceeds in life and builts weatlh. so what if Jackson's estate is worth $500 mil. good for him. he worked very hard and sacraficed more than most. Its great that he was able to take care of his kids and mom instead of living off of society and the welfare system. to be jeolous of his wealth is just stupidity. to say he should give it away or call his familiy greedy is also stupid. if you work hard enough in life, you might just get there too. As much as you would like to take from the rich to give to the poor, we still live in the land of the free where anyone can make it if they try.

Katherine, what the heck do you need $86,000/month for?!! Suddenly the light dawns...this is why you fought for control. Disgusting. Really disgusting. Totally sad. So, you were sucking the life blood from Michael, too. Shame, shame, shame.

I hope with this that the Jackson Family especially the brothers, Joe and LaToya show dignity in the future. They must learn to conduct themselves properly. It's not nice to see such behaviour day in and day when they have so much.

That sounds reasonable compared to what some of these actors make per film for the garbage that's being put out these days. Plus, I was thinking it would be more since I've heard of more absurd sums being thrown around in celeb litigations.

John won't need to let you know. EVERYONE will know what's going on as it happens.

It's a lot of money, and I agree, a lot of families could use a small fraction of what they have. But when you think about it, it's not as obscene as it sounds. The expenses for housekeeper, assistant, and driver sound like typical "lifestyles of the rich and famous stuff" at first. But Katherine's a 79-year old woman suddenly faced with raising three children. And they all - particularly the children - are presumably incessantly hunted by media, MJ fans, etc. This family could use some help; hopefully some of the money is also going to bodyguards and therapists!


Well it is their money legally. We all know it is more than enough. They should make a conscious choice to donate some of that to a worthy charity or two or three!!!

I wonder what was MJ's worth at death? I thought he was nearly broke poor in life.
All this monies is brought up by what he is worth after death, right?
I hope Grandma saves the money for the kids.

$86k sounds like a lot of money to us mere mortals, but it's amazing how the old saying stays true: The more you make the more you spend. I'm sure that after you subtract lawyers fees, clothing, private tutors, private health insurance, travel, drivers, security, pets, a cook, housekeeper, etc. $86k should cover it. Remember folks, this woman is almost 80 years old! She's going to need help. I'm hoping that she's getting someone to take her place, 'cause I don't know how much longer she will be with those children.

Amen John Mendez!

"It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God." (Mark 10:25)

Pray for them!

So glad to hear that Sadist Joe isn't going to get his hands on the money--the same hands that brutalized Michael and his brothers throughout their dependent years.

NO one tells me what to do with my money dead or alive, so why should we? It's money that Michael Jackson earned dearly all of his life, and his mother can do whatever she likes with it period!

How much - this amount could feed hundreds of hungry people and as Michael Jackson proved you can't take it with you. A far greater number of the living could benefit rather than a few.


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