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Infant killed in Van Nuys gang shooting

Police said the shooting that killed a 4-month-old boy and injured two others in Van Nuys early this morning was prompted by an argument between rival gang members.

The baby, Andrew Garcia, was being fed by a family friend who was holding him inside a car parked at 14300 Kittridge Street, close to the site of a party. Anna Contreras, 28, the friend, and Eric Ramirez, who was standing outside the car, also were shot and injured.

LAPD Det. James Nuttall said the baby’s  father “is linked to a criminal street gang” and that Ramirez is a known gang member. Contreras and the boy’s mother have no criminal history, he said. The group had been at the party about a block and a half away, Nuttall said.

Slain infant

Two suspects, believed to be members of a rival gang,  got into an argument with the group near the car  between midnight and 12:30 a.m., Nuttall said.

One of the two suspects fired a shotgun six times and both fled on foot, police said. Ramirez, 18, was shot, along with Contreras and the baby.

The infant was “caught in the middle of a gang confrontation,” Nuttall said. “It’s a disturbing crime scene.”

Contreras, who is pregnant, and the baby were transported to UCLA Medical Center, where the child died shortly afterward. Contreras was in stable condition. Ramirez walked to nearby Valley Presbyterian Hospital.

Nuttall says police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspects involved and says, “Somebody has to come forward.”

Anyone with information about the crime can call police at (818) 374-0040.

-- Corina Knoll and Ari B. Bloomekatz

Photo: Andrew Garcia. Credit: The Garcia family

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Thanks the ACLU and Liberal scumbag politicians! The gangs members have rights! More then you apparently. Send the guard in and irradicate this scum now! They are a national security threat!

It would be great, to arrest and detain these animals for life. Use Gitmo, or a similar island to isolate these animals for life. WHile proper parenting would have prevented this whole ordeal, one cannot excuse the behavior of the animal shooting at people in the street. Of course, following an arrest, here comes "baby mama" with the excuses for her illigitimate offspring and the blaming of white society for causing this whole dilemma. He's really a nice young boy, he's not in a gang, those are just his friends, he's not showing colors, he's exercising his "rights" of freedom of expression....

Worse than animals because these barbarians have a conscious and choose not to heed it.

I think the Federal government should literally go to war on these domestic terrorists. Because that is extactly what they are. No holds barred, guns blazing. Just wipe out these animals off of the street. I don't care which gang they are. Get them all.

Just doing this poor baby a favor... he would have just grown up to be a gang banger like his dad, uncles and grandfather.

My heart goes out to family of this little one. I also hope for the best for Contreras who was pregnant. And I'd like to say that parents, particularly young parents, should learn from this and get their children (especially infants) home and in bed long before midnight. Nothing ever good happens after midnight. Why was this infant in a car outside a party at 12:30 am? The shooter should get the death penalty, although in California that doesnt mean anything.

This article doesn't say a thing about immigration, illegal or otherwise. Read the article before making accustions. And also, how would more lax gun laws make this situation any better? The only result would have been more death, and potentially more innocent people involved in the crossfire.

OH, yes these are the same illegals that Obama wants to give citizenship to, and provide free health care to.

jojo is on the right track...

find, arrest, execute, deport leftovers.

Fathers of women or chidren killed by rival gangs, who are involved in gang activity, should be charged with reckless endangerment and involuntary homicide, because their gang activity endangers everyone around them.

Time for the State of California to step in to prevent these murders and the indoctrination of future gang members: Anyone who is part of a gang and has children should be charged with neglect and endangerment and lose custody of their children. The children do not have the ability to chose the situation they are forced into. The parents who are members or even just living with a gang member should be held accountable for endangering the well being and lives of these children. This will both protect the children and also serve as a deterrent to future members.

There's more where he came from

Hillary has one of the most intelligent posts on here. I'm just saying, everything else pretty much boils down to hypocrisy (because you were and are all such perfect parents who never made a mistake) and blantant xenophobic rants. It's ugly. A baby died. Who could say he deserved that?

I think that the makers of the film called Escape from New York had the right idea. ..just the wrong location.

Maybe this means there will be one less knucklehead gangbanger on the streets in a few years.

Firstly though, this is a very sad story... and it angers me that teenagers and very young adults can cause so much havoc around them - most of the time these misguided people have yet to really understand the value of life, there's and others. They extreme violence of it aside, we can all agree that youth from ALL ethnic backgrounds concern themselves very little with their own mortality at these ages.

Still, It's amazing how easily many of these comment threads spinoff into undocumented bashing forums.

For as much as people would like to write it off as that and add fodder to immigration argument and still naively insist that deporting people is our solution to these ills (can you hear the historical echoes?), the argument has one big flaw.

Most of these gang members are US born citizens. They are not, for the most part, kids who come to the US at the age of 14 - 16 in search for a better life, get caught up in gangs, and boom, go on shooting sprees. The immigrants that do cross over from the southern border are most often here to work, many of them are driven and goal oriented individuals who take the risk of crossing here in hopes of working for a better standard of living.

Unfortunately, the problems of gangs are more tied to the conditions of the poor neighborhoods these youth grow up in... why would you assume the argument is different now than it was for African Americans in South LA in the 80s and 90s? There citizen status didn't do anything to curb violent crime in those neighborhoods.

It's a difficult problem, and sadly one whose remedies require comprehensive efforts and are slow in coming. The media (not news media in particular), but entertainment media, film, the music industry, the internet, and so on are HUGE sources of information and conscious building for youth in this country, especially youth with sub-standard and non-engaging educational systems - but let's not disregard complex histories of social oppression that cannot simply find their resolve in a matter of a generation or two. Oppressions that sometimes are wholly US problems (slavery) or that colonized nations, which although the meztiso outnumber the indigenous, to this day are still politically governed by descendants of the Spanish families and culturally governed by a paternalistic Church system.

What lacks in our own media are positive and culturally relevant stories, histories. You watch TV, most of it which is made in LA, and you'd never imagine this city is 60+% non-white. And films, they rarely depict multi-cultural stories... the kind we ALL live now.

Who of us, under the age of 35 didn't have Korean, Indian, Mexican, Black, Taiwanese, Filipino, Argentinean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Israeli, etc. friends in our college days? In our work places? In our personal lives?

But our kids often not taught about multi-culturalness of our own American society today... at least not in a relevant way. And they aren't educated in ways that takes their daily livelihoods as well as their histories into consideration in order to develop engaging education.

And as for the Latino population, our biggest leaders are suits in city hall to old to relate to our youth, and it's biggest money makers run Spanish media monopolies that produce derivative smut that assumes the immigrant population's lowest common denominator. Preferring to hook people on miracle creams and scaring them about street violence and offering no awareness in the resources available that empower community members - the moms and the grandmothers that are sick of this violence, but mostly deadly afraid and feeling powerless when their kids and grandkids come home and won't listen to them because everything in society tells theme that to move forward, to be somebody here you concern yourself with scheming and being opportunistic. You make money.

And when you're poor, young and misguided, money and pride is all you have. And in this environment that pride literally kills. You can deport the perpetrator of that crime if you'd like... but it won't do anything to change the reality of these environments.

-- you can write this off as the rant of a liberal... but a prefer you see it as the rant of a 30 year old born to one time undocumented parents, with a degree from a Top 20 university, raised in the gang ridden neighborhood of Pacoima in the 80s, and has seen friends in their early teens absorbed into some of these lifestyles... and i have no reason to be anything but sincere with my words.

How could this happen? I thought guns were illegal in CA?

wait...why was this baby being fed inside of a car at 1230am (the middle of the night)...aren't babies supposed to be sleeping in their cribs at about 8pm?

guns are hoffific. and ignorant/stupid/selfish people are worse. LA gangs are an embarrassment. i was watching LA gangs last night on national geographic channel and thought i was watching the chappell show. i was like, "are these silly people kidding". they just run around and look to get killed or kill someone. are these people mentally retarded? go to a park, go for a walk, go read some news, go draw some lines on a piece of paper and call it art, go do something. it doesn’t even have to be productive, in an overly positive sense....just cant be negative. STOP THE MURDER.

seriously I would be happy if they all shot eachother... poor child... It's sad to think, but he probably would have followed in the footsteps of his parents... if he had both..

"We'd tax the rich to pay for these things and we'd tell them they owe it to society. And we'd be right."

Oh really?

And what happens when the rich aren't rich anymore? Who do we tax then?

jojo and urso. Almost right. Find. Execute. Forget about arrest or deportation.

You gang-bangers are all swine!

Open season on these bottom feeding scum!!!! No Miranda, no trial, just a bullet.;

Poor infant. But the problem is much larger. This will not be the last innocient bystander to perish because of this scum. What was the mother thinking bringing children into that situation? Specifically and generally. She should bear as much responsibility for having the child there and for breading with that p.o.s. scumbag in the first place. Unfortunately, that child was most likely destined to follow in his fathers footsteps...and even more unfortunately, the mother is probably going to keep pumping them out. We need to rid ourselves of these gangs as they place no value on the life of others, including innocient babies.

we need more people like this. diversity is our strength.

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