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Infant killed in Van Nuys gang shooting

Police said the shooting that killed a 4-month-old boy and injured two others in Van Nuys early this morning was prompted by an argument between rival gang members.

The baby, Andrew Garcia, was being fed by a family friend who was holding him inside a car parked at 14300 Kittridge Street, close to the site of a party. Anna Contreras, 28, the friend, and Eric Ramirez, who was standing outside the car, also were shot and injured.

LAPD Det. James Nuttall said the baby’s  father “is linked to a criminal street gang” and that Ramirez is a known gang member. Contreras and the boy’s mother have no criminal history, he said. The group had been at the party about a block and a half away, Nuttall said.

Slain infant

Two suspects, believed to be members of a rival gang,  got into an argument with the group near the car  between midnight and 12:30 a.m., Nuttall said.

One of the two suspects fired a shotgun six times and both fled on foot, police said. Ramirez, 18, was shot, along with Contreras and the baby.

The infant was “caught in the middle of a gang confrontation,” Nuttall said. “It’s a disturbing crime scene.”

Contreras, who is pregnant, and the baby were transported to UCLA Medical Center, where the child died shortly afterward. Contreras was in stable condition. Ramirez walked to nearby Valley Presbyterian Hospital.

Nuttall says police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspects involved and says, “Somebody has to come forward.”

Anyone with information about the crime can call police at (818) 374-0040.

-- Corina Knoll and Ari B. Bloomekatz

Photo: Andrew Garcia. Credit: The Garcia family

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Pay no attention to Hilary, she's clearly someone who believes the human experience is a checklist and has no regard for the individual choices that define our character.

I went to an inner-city city high school because I didn't want privately educated liberals telling me what the problem with the inner-city were (and boy have those trust fund baby covert racists tried. In my opinion, being afraid to debate anyone of color is just as racist and worse still, cowardly).

The problems are numerous. One, culturally, minority communities don't support education to the extent that white communities always have. Have I seen minorities interested in their education? Of course. They didn't have many friends, because being smart was being "white." Two, you can't teach people who don't want to be taught. This stems from no cultural regard for education. Three, the media reinforces the thug lifestyle, so it comes as no surprise that scripts are played out in the streets every day.

I have no problem being taxed if public transportation and public libraries were in high-demand, but they aren't. Your politics are based on the way you'd like to see the world, and not the world we live in. When will people like you understand that you can have all the institutions in the world, but we're still defined by our character and our willingness to succeed?

Prove me wrong, though. Act as a liaison between gangbangers and adult education. Renew interest in public libraries and public transportation. I'll keep my eyes peeled for corner boys reading Rousseau.

"When people are forced to share very few resources, they become violent. It's the same with any other creature. If we really cared about babies not getting shot, we'd make sure our public schools were properly funded with small class-sizes and well qualified teachers, we'd make sure libraries were available within walking distance to all citizens, we'd make public transportation easily available just in case you couldn't walk to the library, we'd make sure that everyone had enough money to pay their rent and fill their belly. And if there weren't any jobs, we'd make jobs up, even if it meant employing artists to paint murals. We'd tax the rich to pay for these things and we'd tell them they owe it to society. And we'd be right."

When you allow sanctuary cities and tolerate illegal aliens doing whatever they want, this is what you get. People who break laws from the beginning such as illegal entry, show that they blatently disregard other laws. What does it take to convince people that our immigration laws are NOT broken? They are just not enforced. Start enforcing them and these tragedies would be prevented.

The baby would have grown up to be in a gang, so who cares

And I dont want to hear complaints. The parents were in gangs. I guess if you want your kids safe you move out of LA

hillary, get over yourself.

My heart goes out to the parents of this child. It's a terrible waste of beautiful life. All the people whining about how this is caused by society, please shut up. It's about power, money, and drugs, period. Don't try to tell me that smaller classrooms and taxing rich people will fix this. A crack team of Navy snipers can fix this (Note: I will personally buy ALL the ammo for them). There are reported to be more than ONE MILLION of these gangsta thugs walking about, killing, maiming, raping, and intimidating. Until the people of the United States step up and denounce this idiotic gang culture and movies/music that actively *promote* it, we are going to see more innocent people die. Including innocent babies and children. (All in the name of "free speech.") If you want to learn more about this virulent cancer, watch "Gangland" on the History Channel. It will absolutely scare the crap out of you. In a recent episode, they mentioned that, during a police raid on a gangsta house, authorities had found a Playschool gas station set (a child's toy) that had miniature gang tagging all over it. Teaching babies to be gangstas from birth. These cretins are breeding more cretins, and inevitably, more hell on Earth.


You are part of the problem.
Put down the cool aid and wake up to the fact that this country and the ACLU is soft on criminals.
Why do gang girls and guys put their innocent children in the way of the stupid shoot outs they seem to love to have.

mmm, mmmm, mmm, Barak Hussein Obama...

KK and Mike are exactly right! These gang members are terrorists. They live a life of violence that is incompatible with society and they should be shut down with every means available, including the national guard! Protect good law-abiding citizens. We are willing to go around the world to hunt down terrorists, yet we don't even take care of the ones here at home!

@ Hillary. 2 things. 1st you neglected to call for a repeal of our 2nd amendment rights and 2nd You forgot to have everyone join hands to sing the Coke song..... Seriously wake up!

Why was this baby out during this time - between midnight and 12:30am!?!? He should have been safely tucked in bed at home and being cared for by his mother and father. Not by some friend sitting in a car. Obviously the boy's parents (who are probably not married and somewhere in the age range of 15-18) were too busy partying-hardy. If you're not married and don't have the resources to properly take care of a child, then take birth control.

This is at least the SECOND TIME that an infant was killed by illegal alien gangs in Los Angeles:

"Luis Garcia, a 23-day-old baby boy, Latino, was killed by a stray bullet, and a 37-year-old Latino man was wounded near the intersection of 6th Street and Burlington Street -- not far from MacArthur Park -- at about 9:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 15, 2007, said Dt. Fred Faustino of LAPD Rampart station. The infant's time of death was listed as 10:06 p.m.

"The mother was pushing the baby in his stroller as she shopped for clothes spread out on the sidewalk at a vending location at this busy, informal outdoor market spot near Home Depot. "


find, arrest, kill, deport remains.

kill them all, let God sort them out

The sins of the father will be visited unto the third generation. The father should be shot dead for allowing this to happen, for having an innocent baby at a party, and for being a thug. The shooters should be executed immediately. Hang the thugs in the streets so others can see the rewards of violence. The movie producers and MTV should be shut down for glorifying gang thug lifestyles that result in little babies dieing becuase daddy wants to be a 'gangster'.

This is God's Will, he is almighty, he see's and knows all.

Gangsterism is flourishing in all its vile glory. The parasite uses technology, corrupt politicians, a money laundering financial system, phony and blind liberals, conservatives without conscience, a tax-payer "gladiator school" i.e. so-called prison, weak school administrators, helpless parents, a drug consuming market, a porous border etc. etc. etc. My fellow civilized Californians and angelinos the cretins that engaged in that gun battle that killed the baby born to be just another foot soldier -- are only the street functionaries of an international system as dangerous to democracy as fascism and communism ever were.

Elder..sorry, I mis-attributed Hillary's post to you...I apologize. Hillary, my previous post stands. When are liberals like you going to realize that the majority of us are sick and tired of y'all giving a pass to people who make stupid, selfish choices? Our president stood there during his inauguration and prattled on about it being time for personal responsibility. What policies has he or his party promoted that encourage personal responsibility? Keep thinking....need a few more minutes? Well, take all the time you want cause you won't be able to find a single one..

The only thing needed for evil to succeed is for good people to stand by and do nothing. The good people in these neighborhoods know who these animals are. It's time for them to arm themselves and take back their neighborhoods. Don't even bother with 20 to 30 years of appeals.

We lived in Los Angeles, four times actually, the last time there was a nice young man who was in a wheelchair, and he had a breating aparatus that was attached to his chair. I often wondered if he had been in a gang fight and injuries from that caused his disability. I know that I have read of many young men who have been injured in gang fights and shoot outs, and they are now being cared for by their parents. It is such a waste. If they put all this energy into productive things, they could make a difference for their communities!

First of all, why was this baby at a party? Second, why was he at a part between midnight and 12:30pm? The parents need to be charged with child endangerment.

Please stop with the not having supplies etc etc etc. When these things are provided they are stolen or vandalized.Its not us its the parents and their lifestyles that are causing this.The only respect they have is for themselves and be damned with evryone else.

THis is what happens when you glorify and encourage ignorance. This little innocent baby is a true victim. And I may be speculating and out on a limb with this but I'll bet my left testicle that the perpetrators have lengthy and violent criminal history.
Wake up people!

Why is it when something like this happens all the conservatives jump up and shout that it is the liberals' fault? Can there be a more juvenile reaction? I don't think so.

Face the facts people. Gang activity IS illegal in LA. Most gang members ARE citizens and NOT illegal immigrants. I should know. I work with gang members. They come in all colors, races and religions. Very very few are illegal immigrants. You cannot deport US citizens.

Gang members are not "allowed" gangs to freely rule over their various kingdoms with impunity. In fact the opposite is true. There are enhancements that are added to crimes committed while acting in a gang. As a gang member you don't even have to have committed the crime. If you are there with your "homies", you are considered accountable.

You want to stop gang activity? Make gangs less attractive to young people. There are some good suggestions posted here but they won't work if people sit on their fats butts while blaming the ACLU or those "Liberals". Only when we all work together to make real changes in our communities will we see a decline in gang activity. So let's grow up and work together, shall we?

It's great when gang scum eliminate each other in the streets but the baby was innocent. Probably would have been a future gang mamber since the mother hung around with street trash, but he still had a chance to become a better person.

Gutless cowards. Not men, just little boys with no spines, no guts, and no clue.

Have fun in hell, maricóns...

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