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Infant killed in Van Nuys gang shooting

Police said the shooting that killed a 4-month-old boy and injured two others in Van Nuys early this morning was prompted by an argument between rival gang members.

The baby, Andrew Garcia, was being fed by a family friend who was holding him inside a car parked at 14300 Kittridge Street, close to the site of a party. Anna Contreras, 28, the friend, and Eric Ramirez, who was standing outside the car, also were shot and injured.

LAPD Det. James Nuttall said the baby’s  father “is linked to a criminal street gang” and that Ramirez is a known gang member. Contreras and the boy’s mother have no criminal history, he said. The group had been at the party about a block and a half away, Nuttall said.

Slain infant

Two suspects, believed to be members of a rival gang,  got into an argument with the group near the car  between midnight and 12:30 a.m., Nuttall said.

One of the two suspects fired a shotgun six times and both fled on foot, police said. Ramirez, 18, was shot, along with Contreras and the baby.

The infant was “caught in the middle of a gang confrontation,” Nuttall said. “It’s a disturbing crime scene.”

Contreras, who is pregnant, and the baby were transported to UCLA Medical Center, where the child died shortly afterward. Contreras was in stable condition. Ramirez walked to nearby Valley Presbyterian Hospital.

Nuttall says police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspects involved and says, “Somebody has to come forward.”

Anyone with information about the crime can call police at (818) 374-0040.

-- Corina Knoll and Ari B. Bloomekatz

Photo: Andrew Garcia. Credit: The Garcia family

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Who the hell takes a baby to that kind of party???? Oh yeah, criminals, thugs and worthless pieces of human trash. Arrest and deport is to kind. THIS is why we have the death penalty.

And our so-called leaders think our prisons are over-crowded? I want bungalows in the desert surrounded by a fence and the nat'l guard to house these animals. Or bring in the Chinese gov't and we'll just let them mow them down. It'd be a great service to humanity. We should outlaw these gangs and throw them in prison for life where they can be each other's sex slaves. Die and rot.

Many of these gang members are here illegally.
Or their families are. If we enforced our own laws, we could get rid of half of them.

What was this baby doing out at this time of night . This is also the parents fault, you live this kind of life and something really bad is going to happen.

find, arrest, execute.

And the woman who is feeding the kid is pregnant? So this kid passes and another one is going to pop out in a bit to take its place. So sad on so many levels.

To the person who said we need better schools. The people in this state who actually work for a living are oppressed under the current tax load providing schools, healthcare, and other services to those who do nothing to contribute to society. We give gangbanging scum and illegals (yes, read between the lines, many gangbangers are citizens but children of illegals) schools and other services, they exploit it and then spit in society's face. We give them schools, they drop out, tag it up, and shoot it up.

You reap what you sow and responsibility starts at home.

Uhhhhh, what was a pregnant woman with an infant child doing out at 12:30 AT NIGHT????

Sorry, they all got exactly what they deserved.

"Parents behavior puts baby life on the line." That should have been the headline for this story.

What was a 4 month old doing in a car outside a party at midnight anyway? When you have a child, isn't it time to grow up? Am I the only person troubled by this?

Uh...why wasn't the VNPD on patrol in that neighborhood to begin with? Gang members are just allowed to have house parties that run past midnight on a Sunday?

Hilary, do you really believe the crap that you just posted, these people make the choice to live this way, This isn't about giving out freebies to a bunch of thugs ' it's about a poor innocent child that was murdered because of his idiot parents choices. We DON"T need more welfare, we need to make people work and be responsible for themselves and their families. All this welfare is the reason we have all these criminals , they have too much time on their hands and we have made a society of people that expect everything to be handed to them.

Hilary you are crazy.

Give people free money to "fill their bellies"? Yeah, and buy drugs.

That culture of dependency is what got us into this mess in the first place.

US schools spend more money per student than any other country in the world. It's a liberal canard that they don't.

Yeah, more "funding", that would stop people from killing each other. Talk to the teachers...the kids in teh class don't want to learn anything anyway..they're into partying and hanging out. And liberal idiots like you coddle them.

Build them libraries? Too much. Yeah, so they can go in and read, sure.

When these idiots shoot each other they'll receive tax payer funded health care funded by normal hard working Americans. Say yes to health care reform so we can keep these unproductive thugs on the streets or in our prisons receiving even better health care benefits. God bless the baby. Horrible outcome for the innocent.

As it is with many, I've reached a point whereby I have absolutely no sympathy for the parents of children harmed or killed in gang-related crimes. These innocent children should be taken from any and every known gang member and given to parents who care enough to keep them out of harm's way so that these types of crimes never happen again. As it is with women who choose to remain with men who abuse them, women who remain with gang members or illegal aliens deserve neither our pity or assistance. Rather, they should be prosecuted for their part in any crimes committed by their "significant others" or harm that occurs to their children.

Hilary, you dont understand that teachers unions, administrators etc. have done to school systems what the UAW did to Ford, GM and Chrysler...more money does not solve the problem.

All of you who want to keep drugs illegal have to answer for this one. Gangs would not exist if they could not make money selling drugs. Gangs would have to buy guns to defend their "drug-selling territory", because there wouldn't be any drugs for them to sell. The drugs would be on store-shelves in places that do not allow people under 21 to ENTER. Harm reduction for our kids and stiff penalties for those who circumvent these protections. Drugged-driving would be met with MORE SEVERE penalties than drunk-driving, thus dissuading people from driving while high. Also, we would teach our kids how to be responsible about drug use. People today use drugs in irresponsible ways because society has neglected to expect people to use them RESPONSIBLY! We expect you to use a firearm responsibly, thus accidental deaths are low by comparison to what they use to be. We expect you to use a car responsibly, thus you can actually get to work without getting into an accident every time you drive. But, if you get high, we expect that you may streak through college campus...and so sometimes people do.

I wish I could buy Hilary's theory about 'why' gangs exist, but observations of a lifetime suggest that the theory doesn't hold up when tested.

As long as trafficking in drugs is so lucrative, broken homes make the pool of gang members so plentiful, and society tolerates guns and gangs in order to preserve its access to the various illegal delights (drugs, gambling, prostitution, etc.) it seeks...this kind of horror will persist.

God Bless the little guy and give comfort to his family. As a Grandfather, I can't begin to imagine having to deal with this.

That is why an animal has a litter with so many babies, it's by design that a percentage of them will be killed, somehow. It's collateral damage to a breeder. The mom will now take a well deserved vacation, and come back to start a new brood.
Breeders, for fun and profit. Expendable segment of society.

Put ex-Navy snipers on every roof top.. take 'em out one at a time. Then...and only then will all gangs have the same color.. RED.

What was an infant doing out on the streets in a car (not even a car seat) with a friend (not even the mother)@ 12:30 at night? its sad but this baby never stood a chance. if he didnt get shot last night, it wouldve been some other night in the next 18 yrs. loser parents, they should be held responsible. one less human draining society!

With all due respect to LAPD Det. Nuttall, it doesn't sound to me as though this poor child was "caught" in a gang confrontation, but instead he was TAKEN to a gang confrontation. This is a tragedy for the child's parents and family, but to avoid future tragedies of this kind, can we bluntly say: IF YOU LOVE YOUR CHILDREN, LEAD A BETTER LIFE. Get out of the gangs. Don't hang with people in gangs. Don't place your children in the care of people in gangs or who hang with gang members. Don't make excuses about how this is the only life you know and don't listen to anyone who offers you that excuse. In every community, there are good people leading good lives. Find them and build your life around their examples.

The Public's Help in Van Nuys? Only if the gangs all join hands, sing "Give Peace a Chance" and get the warm fuzzies. We have abandoned all too much of our great cities to the gangs and "the mushrooms" such as Andrew Garcia pay the price. These gangs CAME here to be gangs--they were gang bangers back home. But I see Hilary got it wrong again.

Some of you are just too nice. Why not send in some Black Ops Teams (Special forces) and assassinate them and stop this nonsense pronto? No need to send them to prison so they can become better criminals.

Please don't act surprise or stunned of the brutality of these gang members/bangers display...none of the residents in California are surprised because we're used to hearing about these senseless killings daily. These parasites infect everyone of our major cities, suburbs, small town and communities. Welcome to the third world country of Los Angeles California (their not alone any large city such as oakland, richmond, fairfield, sac, fresno, stockton, san fransicko, ) were they murder one another and innocent people everyday. There is a drug war going on and people are murdered everyday. It's welcomed here in California because we do not enforce our immigration law, protect our borders, and we elect liberal senators and mayors who hide the fact that this lawlessness is going on. Here's the kicker - we pay for all this nonsense through our fed and state taxes to help support these criminals and their activities which is considered par for the course.

Welcome to California...

Condolences to the family of this innocent child. I was going to ask what in hell was an infant doing out at 12:30 a.m. in gangland but it wouldn't matter anyway.

Cute little gang kid.

Sad to see violent death, but there is no doubt this kid would have been another killer in the hood in 10 or 12 years.

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