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Infant killed in Van Nuys gang shooting

Police said the shooting that killed a 4-month-old boy and injured two others in Van Nuys early this morning was prompted by an argument between rival gang members.

The baby, Andrew Garcia, was being fed by a family friend who was holding him inside a car parked at 14300 Kittridge Street, close to the site of a party. Anna Contreras, 28, the friend, and Eric Ramirez, who was standing outside the car, also were shot and injured.

LAPD Det. James Nuttall said the baby’s  father “is linked to a criminal street gang” and that Ramirez is a known gang member. Contreras and the boy’s mother have no criminal history, he said. The group had been at the party about a block and a half away, Nuttall said.

Slain infant

Two suspects, believed to be members of a rival gang,  got into an argument with the group near the car  between midnight and 12:30 a.m., Nuttall said.

One of the two suspects fired a shotgun six times and both fled on foot, police said. Ramirez, 18, was shot, along with Contreras and the baby.

The infant was “caught in the middle of a gang confrontation,” Nuttall said. “It’s a disturbing crime scene.”

Contreras, who is pregnant, and the baby were transported to UCLA Medical Center, where the child died shortly afterward. Contreras was in stable condition. Ramirez walked to nearby Valley Presbyterian Hospital.

Nuttall says police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspects involved and says, “Somebody has to come forward.”

Anyone with information about the crime can call police at (818) 374-0040.

-- Corina Knoll and Ari B. Bloomekatz

Photo: Andrew Garcia. Credit: The Garcia family

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Will we ever get around to declaring gang members to be domestic terrorists, and prosecute them accordingly? Why not house them in Guantanamo, with all the other terrorists, and let them waste away awaiting trial? Why are we so concerned about these gangbangers' "rights" when all they do is threaten, rob, rape, and murder us? Why are they able to blatantly threaten violence on a daily basis, and go about their lives as if they're not doing anything wrong? Flaunting their attire, their language, their graffiti proudly.

What is more frustrating is the support system these gangbangers (terrorists) have. Parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins...all of them cuddling these terrorists simply because they're blood relatives, while disregarding all of the hateful and violent acts they represent. And always there's some female who is willing to breed with them and keep their cycle of hate and violence going, usually at tax payers expense.

What a sad commentary on our society.

That baby should not have been out there at 12:30am in the first place, at a damn house party no less. The mother should also be held responsible for actions.

Society should set aside an island for criminals like these. We should make it a reality show of some type. Put many rival gang members on the same small island and we should just sit back and study their behavior. We should just keep filling up the island until they all kill themselves off. If they want to live like animals we should accomodate them.

Has anyone ever noticed that watching gangs kill themselves off is like staring at a fishtank where the biggest fish is always chasing the smaller fishes away, and he will keep doing this day after day after day.

I don't understand why being in a gang isn't already a crime. These monsters are choosing to kill and just by joining a gang, they should be punished. Gangsters and gang sympathizers don't deserve to live.

feeding a baby in a car why weren't they home

Hey, let's create more restrictive guns so the only people with guns will be thugs like these. We wouldn't want law abiding citizens to have the means to defend themselves from these animals.

Good going liberal Californians! The death of this child is the result of your twisted illogical policies.


both of the previous comments are right on.

This poor little boy is an innocent bystander, but my question is. Why was someone in a car feeding a baby at 12:30 in the morning?

Lets see. 4 month old baby being fed in car parked outside party 12:30 am.

Any more questions on immigration control?

Why is the lowlife mother out at 12:30 at a party.The dad is a gangbanger,and the mom is out at 12:30 is anyone really surprised at this senseless death.

The mother has nobody to blame but herself for putting her child in the hands of a violent gang member.

Jojo you assume they are illegal. Poor assumption. I do however agree in part: Find, arrest, execute.

Willing to bet a good sum of money that at least one of these gang bangers is an illegal immigrant. Of course, it wouldn't be politically correct to include that info here.

Time to clean house. Round up all gangs in this country, ship them to an island and start new. Why do we taxpayer have to pay 50K to house each immate? No wonder we are so broke.

The gang problem is out of control. Our liberal policies (including the massive amounts of illegal and legal immigrants) have encouraged more of this bad behavior as there is nothing to deter these animals from killing, destroying and dealing. Soon, we will loose control of what's left of our cities. Our police are outgunned and outmanned. The only way to deal with gangs is with force. It must be severe and immediate. We need more prisons that actually PUNISH these animals, not train them to better gang members. But with groups like the ACLU and our corrupt politicians, forget it!

Closing the border is long overdue. Instead, border police are being laid off so we can erase the border and become the North American Union using a currency called the Amero. (There goes our national sovreignty!) If we had controlled the border, we could have limited the spread of H1N1, had fewer vehicles on our roads and not pay schooling, social services and medical care for illegals. Let Americans pick their own strawberries, pay more, do without or starve. Cheap food is not without costs. Some one always pays. There is no free lunch. It is time for each individual to pay their own way.

..and all those that have any information on the murder of an innocent baby will keep their mouths shut. Don't want no gang bangers at my door, no sir!!
Keep on protectiing the gang members folks...you are only giving up the next generation or two crime, drugs, murder and the death of a culture. All gang members should be removed from the counrty and executed.

The little baby should have been home at 12:30am...what were his so-called "parents" thinking?

Exterminate. They serve no purpose other than to thieve, extort, sell drugs and procure firearms for the drug cartels, rape, murder, murder, and more murder. While in prison, they continue to victimize us by forcing we law-abiding citizens to pay for their food and shelter, then continue to victimize us from behind bars as they "control" the streets with their violence. There is no rehab for gang cockroaches, a proven fact. At least perform mandatory chemical castration so they can't reproduce exponentially.

May the "Old School L.AP.D " find them and re-educate .

This kind of stuff breaks my heart. However, the mother and father of this infant are nothing but a bunch of savage gangsters! You have your 4 month old infant at a gang party at 0130 in the morning????????????? Then the father starts piping off at rival gang members while his infant if being fed right there in the car?????? Savages! Mom, Dad and the scum that shot this infant child, all savages. What a bunch of BS, call it like it is LAPD, and stop beating around the bush with your press confrences. This was "clearly" gang related, not "possibly gang related". This child didn't stand a chance with parents like that, and the savagry that goes on in this city is excepted by the city government we have "elected".

@ jojo

What i they are American citizens? Where do we deport American citizens? Oh you live in this world where everyone is illegal except for you people.

Hilary stated

When people are forced to share very few resources, they become violent. It's the same with any other creature. If we really cared about babies not getting shot, we'd make sure our public schools were properly funded with small class-sizes and well qualified teachers, we'd make sure libraries were available within walking distance to all citizens, we'd make public transportation easily available just in case you couldn't walk to the library, we'd make sure that everyone had enough money to pay their rent and fill their belly. And if there weren't any jobs, we'd make jobs up, even if it meant employing artists to paint murals. We'd tax the rich to pay for these things and we'd tell them they owe it to society. And we'd be right.

Posted by: Hilary | September 27, 2009 at 06:00 PM

How pathetic, the problem thinks it's the solution.

It's sweet that Hilary thinks these animals want to use libraries or treat school as an opportunity to learn. Not particularly intelligent or perceptive, but sweet.

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