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Anger over traffic grows as Coldwater Canyon Ave. blocked for 5th day

Residents in parts of Studio City are growing increasingly frustrated as a portion of Coldwater Canyon Avenue remains closed for a fifth straight day as workers repair damage from a water main break.

Officials said the road is not expected to reopen until at least Saturday -- and perhaps later. A portion of the avenue, a main route between the Westside and San Fernando Valley, was closed near Ventura Boulevard when an aging main broke, flooding the roadway. Some businesses and homes experiences water damage.

But then there is the traffic. 

On Goodland Place, Ruth Lenorovitz, 83, said commuters cutting through her neighborhood have made traffic conditions “unbearable.” 

“It’s a shame we’re going through this,” Lenorovitz said. “It’s a nightmare.”

Over the last two days, two streets have been favored by commuters refusing to take alternate routes, cutting through, and gaining access north from where Department of Water and Power crews have closed off traffic as they make repairs. 

“I blame officials,” Lenorovitz said, adding that officials have covered the sign that prevents vehicles from making that crucial left turn on Coldwater Canyon Avenue.

 “I wish I had the courage to [uncover] the sign,” she adds.

 A few homes away, Michelle Mendelsohn, 64, described the traffic as “bumper to bumper.” 

“We’re stuck with it,” Mendelsohn said.

Mendelsohn, who’s lived in her neighborhood for about 40 years, said she has empathy for drivers; still, she points out that they have alternate routes. Among them is Laurel Canyon, Beverly Glen and Sepulveda boulevards.

 “They just have to leave earlier,” she said.

Frustrated over the amount of traffic flowing from Ventura Boulevard, Mendelsohn said she doesn’t know whom to blame.

“It’s a big can of worms,” she said. On the west side of Coldwater Canyon Avenue, residents there have been dealing with drivers making the same detour on Van Noord Avenue, a narrow street, and turning around after coming into a wooden fence and sidewalk that blocks access to the canyon road.

 At least two handmade signs have been placed at Dickens Street and Valley Vista Boulevard. They both read: No Coldwater Access. 

“It’s annoying,” Edna Lee said. Outside of her home, at the mouth of Van Noord, a neighbor placed a cardboard sign that says “Dead End.” Despite attempts to warn drivers, Lee said, “some people just don’t get it.”

--Ruben Vives

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Thanks Eric Garcetti for looking out for us!
I hear that the DWP is asking for a 25% increase on their pensions.
Do you feel your tax dollars shold be given away for life to these employees?
I can't imagine having to give up 25% more of OUR that's yours and mine, tax dollars $
I guess if nobody complains about the 25% raises then it will just go through quietly and you and I will be stuck with the bill for LIFE!

Can't protect idiots from themselves. They think and drive selfishly. Leave some extra time, find a better route and you'll be fine

Is this any surprise given how top heavy and corrupt the DWP are? It's about time people start to notice how the DWP only money-sucks and never delivers!

I live just north of Ventura, west of Coldwater and though I feel for those 'South of the Boulevard' and all that they've had to deal with, from the flooding to the increased traffic, I have to say it's been pretty nice having the street blocked off this week. Gives me just a taste of how life must be on the south side. I'll be bummed when it reopens.

All you people need to stop all your whinning about the water main break. It's not the end of the world!! You all make it sound as if DWP did this on purpose.

My suspicion is that things are going to get worse. We can expect more pipe failures as time goes on. They will be occurring with greater and greater frequency. Time for some stimulus money from Washington.

C.W. Goss

Laurel Canyon as alternate route? Sure. Just sit back, relax, and go bumper to bumper. Ah, LA traffic!

These residents have no one to blame for this traffic except themselves. If they would have allowed Caltrans to build the Laurel Canyon Freeway through the Hollywood Hills like the agency had planned on doing, these commuters would not be using Coldwater Canyon in the first place.

Why is it people don't pull together and just get through this kind of thing without finger pointing and complaining? It only makes the situation worse. Why not go out and serve lemonade to the workers, or smile at the drivers stuck in traffic? Life is too short to worry so much about temporary hiccups.

That information about the 25% increase is completely made up. Stop spreading hate towards hard working government workers.

Cry me a river. A tear - a tear for the poor folks on Goodland Place. For a whole week, maybe even two, there will be a lot of filthy commuters detouring through their community.

I completely agree with stwsr, the DWP is the worst run utility company I have ever seen. As consumers we pay an enormous amount for services with very little regard from them to handling emergencies in a timely manner. I live in the Fairfax district and we have had 3 water main breaks in the last month due. It takes them forever to repair the breaks. It is about time people start to notice how the DWP only money-sucks and never delivers!

The Laurel Canyon Freeway...that was a bad idea 60 years ago.

It's only a week or two. What's the big deal? It's not like 6 mos. or more. Relax people. There are much more important things to be concerned about, such as the increase to support pensions. You'll find some way to survive.

JUST wait until the intersection at VALLEY VISTA and SAUGUS, sherman oaks turns into a man made gusher. For anyone who lives around that intersection and for the cummuters, are you aware that the road is sinking? every week the pavers come out and ADD to the problem, adding more blacktop to the edges that are making the road uneven. there are construction signs, cones, spray paint on what they need to do, but its been 3 months since those things. its got to be becuase of the lack of CITY dollars that is keeping them from fixing it....little do they know its going to cost millions if they let it go

I think after all this work we ought to boost the pensions of all DWP employees!

Old pipes burst; things under the surface of the planet shift, and stuff just happens. Try to take it easy, and know that it will be taken care of. Enjoy the new view on the commute for awhile, try a carpool, the bus, or use a day or two of vacation if you can. There are bigger fish to fry, so be cool.

Angelenos are a bunch of whining brats. Always looking for someone to blame. You can bet few of those folks even bother to vote. The DWP worked around the clock to insert and repair a new pipe, and now caltrans is trying their best to fill in the hole and then grade the new surface.

Why don't these cranky citizens come out of their air-conditioned houses and see the real world? Things break, get over it. Be glad you're alive, and be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Stop blaming the DWP as you water your non native green lawns.

Cry me a river.

It's not fair to make beverly glen and Laurel residents share in this pain - there is overwhelming traffic over beverly glen and Laurel on a daily basis already. THIS IS WHAT THE 405 FREEWAY IS FOR! If you need to commute over to the city, USE THE FREEWAY. You can handle the five extra minutes! The canyons are not made for tens of thousands of commuters and are overused every day. This situation should have made light of that fact, instead of people just haphazardly saying "oh just take Beverly Glen, no biggie." THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN THOSE CANYONS and we are tired of seeing you chat on the phone, crank up your radio and throw your still-burning cigarette butts out the window into our front yards while sitting bumper to bumper every day.


WE NEED IT!!!! Not just for this but for good. All those old Hollywood starts that blocked it's construction are gone now. I don't think any one would oppose it now. Do you?

My heart truley goes out to local residents. I can honestly not think of ANYTHING WORSE then having to endure traffic around your house. May GOD ALMIGHTY, in some way, relieve you of this horrible, horrible burden.

What do these complaining homeowners think is going to happen when the pipes are replaced all up and down Coldwater, like they want? They'll have the same disruptions for months. When a section of Coldwater burst s. of Mulholland a few years ago, the street was closed for mos. for repair THEN - part of the reason they didn't fix it all then was neglect by DWP, the foolish practice of waiting til something bursts and is a MUCH more expensive problem like now - but also because of the inconvenience.

As one of the commuters who had to use Beverly Glen instead, I know the alt. routes were more crowded and it was a pain to spend the extra time to get to work or take my kids to school, but what's the alternative if you want your pipes fixed? Shows how some homeowners and their Homeowner Groups and NC's complain about EVERYTHING, they want everything to get fixed fast, the streets to flow without traffic, but any change or inconvenience to get there causes them to make a ruckus and even file lawsuits at the drop of a hat. Which WE the taxpayers have to pay to defend.

They should just turn Laurel and Beverly Glen into the "new" 405 Freeway! You people are always going to be complaining about one thing or another. So you might as well get used to the fact that YOU live in a crowded State!

What a great time to find someone to carpool with.

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