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Two Jackson employees want to tell police what they know about his death

Two Michael Jackson employees -- including one who was with the pop star when he was stricken -- have important information about the case and should be extensively interviewed by Los Angeles Police Department detectives, their attorney said Tuesday.

Carl Douglas, perhaps best known for being a member of O.J. Simpson's defense team, said that LAPD detectives have done only "informal" interviews with his clients and that they were eager to provide more information. One of the interviews lasted about two minutes and the other filled a one-page transcript, Douglas said.

Some of their information could shed new light on the timeline police have established covering Jackson's final hours and the actions of his doctor, Douglas said.

"We arranged two separate occasions for LAPD investigators to meet with my clients. My clients came early wearing suits and ties. The first meeting was canceled and rescheduled. The second meeting I had to call them to inquire about the [detectives'] absence," he added.

LAPD Deputy Chief Charlie Beck refused to respond to Douglas' charges, saying that the department would not comment on any aspects of an ongoing investigation.

Michael Amir, Jackson's chief of staff, and Alberto Alvarez, a security staffer, were briefly interviewed June 25, one at Jackson's rented Holmby Hills home and the other at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

Douglas said Alvarez was with Jackson and Dr. Conrad Murray in the pop star's bedroom in the critical moments before paramedics arrived. He could provide useful information that would confirm or contradict Murray's version of events and provide independent insight into what transpired, the attorney said. Douglas, however, refused to say what the men might tell police.

In search warrant documents released Monday, police said Murray told them he gave Jackson the powerful anesthetic propofol at 10:40 a.m., watched him for 10 minutes and went to the restroom for two minutes. When he returned about 11 a.m., Jackson had stopped breathing. Police said three phone calls totaling 47 minutes were made from Murray's phone, beginning at 11:18 a.m. -- all before 911 was called at 12:22 p.m.

Murray's attorney has criticized the timeline as "theory, not fact."

Douglas, who in 1993 served as a Jackson attorney, said Amir received a frantic four-second message from Murray at 12:13 p.m. with words to the effect of "come quick."

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The police should let them talk. It may bring Michael back. Please don't waste any more time.

Why are there never any comments to these stories? Doesn't anyone read the LA Times web edition either?

Are the cops nuts or just so incredibly arrogant that they don't want to listen to these men. After what they did with the O.J. case they should want to redeem themselves in the eyes of the public. What the hell is going on down there?
Eilleen - Canada

Any doctor that had any contact with Michael Jackson should be investigated, including his kid's doctors. Check every doctor Jackson visited in every city he lived in: LA, Las Vegas, New York, and London. These types of drug pushers needs to be stopped.

I don't understand why that man would do that to Mikey. It sounds to me like he did it all on purpose. I was really praying that it was an accident. R.I.P Mikey.

I really hope they just get to the bottom of the case. The truth shall be revealed! Love you MJ r.i.p <3

June Gatlin says she taped phone conversations with Michael that he feared Dr. Tohme Tohme. That she gave the tapes to NBC. Not sure why someone with that type of information wouldn't go running to the police with them if they were real, but Tohme appears to be worth investigating - hope the police have put a microscope on him. Got to wonder about the 47 minutes of phone calls before 911 was called.

Typical LAPD they DON'T really want to know what REALLY happened. They want Michael to be remember as a drug addict that oded himself.
LAPD tried to destroy MJ while he was alive and even though Michael was acquitted he was so distraught and ill from the trials that one can say the LAPD succeeded destroying him and now destroying his legacy is just the cherry on their sunday.

It would be best if the investigators paid close attention to what Albert Alvarez and Michael Amir have to say about what happened that day fateful day. That way the police won't jump to any conclusions of their own and be fair to Dr. Murray and anyone else involved.

Who cares? the guy was a drug addict, bent on his own self destruction.
If it was a everyday Joe...we wouldn't still be reading about this dribble.

So why don't they just go to the press if the cops aren't interested?

I hope the LAPD does listen to these men. I hope the LAPD does look into EVERYTHING in this case so there can be justice for Michael Jackson, which he is owed. I'm in the UK, the whole world is watching how the LAPD are handling this...

Also they need to look into that Dr Tohme Tohme, why was he at the hospital when apparently Michael feared him and he had been sacked back in May. Why was he at the hospital with Jermaine...? I find the links between Jermaine, Dr Tohme Tohme, Tom Barrack of Colony Capital(who own some of Neverland) and Philip Anschutz(who owns... AEG) very intriguing... ALL of this should be looked into... why? well it doesn't seem like Murray wanted Michael to live from what we've heard so far... he did nothing to help him survive... WHY??

I want to know what happened to the missing security tapes. Maybe these witnesses know more than what the LAPD want to know.

can I post comments too from France?

Heart doctor believes Michael is having a heart attack and proceeds to this.

CPR on bed instead of hard surface aka floor
Failed to immediately call 911 for help that was less than 10 minutes away.
Talked on phone 47 minutes or more BEFORE calling 911.
Admits he waited over 30 minutes to call 911
Failedto tell paramedic he gave Michael Jackson a potential heart stopping drug.
Failed to answer Michael's familys question at the hospital and left.
Failed to sign Michael' s death certificate.
Gave Michael a potential heart stopping drug combined with sedatives and did not have the medical equipment, medication, or medical staff to restart Michael Jackson's heart.
Failed to monitor Michael Jackson after administering potentially lethal drugs intravenously.
Took an oath to " Do no harm".

It doesn't matter how long it takes but please, do it right. It seems so strange these men, witnesses, didn't get an official interview while an unreliable woman as Susan Etok, who changes her story overnight, did.

I have a medical background and I do believe there are things wrong in the search warrant concerning the amounts of propofol and the time-lime. It looks like Dr Murray, while on the phone, didn't pay attention and the overdose is caused by the drip of propofol in a dead body. Dr. Murray is probably right, he found Michael not breathing a lot later. And Michael Jackson was dead for quite some time.

michael might have been a drug addict, but he got his drugs legally. the drs. could have said no,they were to greedy.they fed off his addiction,they didn't help him or even try,even if they did say no and he did go to another dr. after everyone says no,he would realize he does need help, maybe then he would have asked. but he didn't need to be murdered like he was. the cops aren't gonna do anything to his murders,they'll do it to some one else.mj was so special,he was once in a lifetime.i pray they get all his drs. and they all pay.

Why the heck haven't police interviewed ALL the employees already anyway? This should have been done weeks ago when it was fresh in their minds and they hadn't had weeks to get their stories straight.

Remember the POooolice is the LAPD those who tortured our poor Michael when they booked him years ago. They have an agenda. The media has an agenda. The puppet masters have an agenda and it's to tarnish him forever. That's why no media has shown "The Untold Story of Neverland", a great documentary that prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that he was framed by the media and LAPD.

I think we need to mass email all the culprits and ask them to think about what they're doing to the children because it's only a matter of time until they hear about all this. If they can't respect his legacy for the sake of his family and fans they are pure evil.

We need to SERIOUSLY start emailing these mofo but please stay calm and polite. ;-)

Michael would not want us too stoop to their levels so let's just hammer them with email asking that they run Larry Ninmer's docu or invite him and Mesereau to show some clips but mostly ask them to think about that they will destroy those children also. Media, are you ready to take responsability for screwing up those angels.

Let's roll.

Utterly strange. Even if the LAPD only has three detectives/officers on the case, what else have they had to do for those two last months than searching offices and interview witnesses? Those witnesses should have been a priority.

One gets the impression that the police in the LA-Santa Barbara area are harboring hostile feelings against Michael Jackson, but why not be professional?

I am watching LAPD's approach to this case from Scandinavia, Europe. The world is looking. There is no way they will succeed in diminishing the popularity of Michael Jackson by making him look as your average street corner junkie, if that is what they are after, because the fans are too well informed. The only result will be them looking like incompetent jerks.

Yes, go investigate Thome Thome. Round up the doctors and investigate Thome and his security gang. What happened between March and June, when the chef came back after a hiatus and the house atmosphere, and Michael Jackson, had completely changed?Go to work, all three of you, and find out!

Sooner or later, you know, someone who is really sharp will write a book about the investigation, following your every step.

Unfortunately, cops decide to take their investigation in a certain direction early on, and nothing will shake them it. In this case, MJ ODed, so a doctor did it. They're pretty sure they can blame Murray, but they want to find out who supplied the Propofol to cinch it. If the witnesses have nothing to say about Murray, the cops aren't interested. In case after case, you hear cops testify they had only one suspect and followed no other leads. The OJ case is the perfect example. The cops admitted they didn't explore any other leads but OJ.

Conrad Murray, the quack doctor must go to jail for the rest of his life with no parole. Doesn't matter if Michael Jackson insist for more drugs to help him sleep, if the quack doctor is in his right mind, he must not do it because it is not right.


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