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Bikini-clad baristas fill cups at Torrance coffeehouse

Here's a new way to compete against Starbucks. A coffeehouse in Torrance is trying to reel in customers with servers dressed in bikinis.

And Bikini Espresso isn't even located near the beach -- it's way out on Hawthorne Boulevard.

As one customer told the Daily Breeze, "I used to come to the old shop. I used to come because it's close. I may come for a different reason now."

More details from reporter Muhammed El-Hasan:

The South Bay's only drive-through bikini coffee shop opened Sunday, serving up lattes and cappuccinos made by young bikini-clad baristas.

Bikini Espresso, on Hawthorne Boulevard just south of 190th Street in Torrance, opened in the former location of Fox Hollow Coffee, a more conventional drive-through cafe that recently shut down.

"We're offering entertainment, coffee with a tease, if you will," said Gary Gillett, the store's managing partner. 

-- Shelby Grad

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Why this stories like these tick me off: I expect pictures. The joy of the internet is pictures! If I wanted just words, I could save time and listen to the radio.

If there is money to be made in sex, people will always finds a way to exploit it. Whether it is to pour your coffee or watch on your TV, man's sensual and sexual appetites will never be as satisfied as the green in their wallets. Good luck, I just hope you don;t give these girls ideas they might never have entertained before. You are responsible, you are your brothers keeper.

Guess what? Washington state already has these types of stands in the Seattle metro region. One stand has their baristas wear pasties and a g string. SO much for innovation in California. Coffee from a sexist stand, what could be better?

These bikini barista coffee stands are sprouting like weeds all over the place here in the Seattle area. It's annoying because when an espresso place you like goes bikini, the prices double.

Sir, this is your 5th coffee today. Are you sure about that?

Yes, I just happen to like coffee.

Are they nuts? Just wait until one of these "bikini clad" beauties spills a full pitcher of freshly steamed milk on themselves. Working in a coffee shop is freakin DANGEROUS. You are handling 180 degree milk every 5 seconds. I received a minor burn with steamed milk when my MANAGER spilled a pitcher on me. I had an apron, shirt, tank top, long pants....and I STILL got a burn.
These people are out of their minds.

It's amazing how people use sex to make profits. And they are exploiting and degrading young women for this. Our society is losing its decency.

Hello LA Times....Where are the pictures?

This is news?! Seattle has had bikini baristas for over ten years. C'mon, LA. Keep up.

I hope this starts a trend at all coffeehouses. There is a coffeehouse that has their baristas topless, so they have Bikini Expesso beat.

Suddenly and desperately in need of caffeine. I am so there.

Hey JB, it seems to me to be pretty obvious that these girls choose to work there, so there's no exploitation. They're not forced into it at all.

If you don't like to see pretty girls in bikinis, then don't look. The rest of us will cover for you.

I'm illiterate. Please post pics.

I work in Torrance and am definitely going to this coffeehouse more often now than Starbucks.

Just to be fair, can we have lattes served by hot men in Speedos?

Hope some of the barristas will be men. Or won´t it be sexist?

Coffee is perfect alone. Why not enjoy it fully. Exploitation? Why are we not whinning about the exploited coffee bean. We are a nation of whinners. How about guy's who work on roofs or hot tar all day? Men are dogs but own it. We work hard so should get something for our hard earned cash. $2 and $3 and $4 dollars coffee should come with something more than a little caffine. eh. Only fair. Whinners please go off and live in fairy world or in China or Russia for awhile. There you can see some real exploitation of women.

Why confine this trend to coffee shops? Now I want all of my female servers in (preferably diaphanous) bikinis. For that matter, women in other professions should think about jumping on this bandwagon as well. Female lawyers, police officers, and women's studies professors would all be more palatable in dress-for-success bikinis.

Where are the pictures? Don't you people know when a story SCREAMS for a visual?

Here's what baristas look like:


Torrance SUCKS, anyway. I was modeling for World Swimwear in Manhatttan Beach and went to Torrance. I was not feeling it.

I don't see why EVERYONE thinks these coffee stands are so bad. I work at one.....im not degrading myself...I flaunt what my mother gave me =] Its no different than going to the lake....except your just gettin paid to be dressed cute. We are SUCHHHHHHH a modest country....we're born naked people....and if anyone gets offended for seein some girl half naked....thats their problem.....go to europe...then you'll really be offended =D

There are a couple of these places in Vancouver,Wa. The price is LESS than Starbucks, the Barristas seem friendlier.My only regret is they are drive throughs so you can't sit down and truly enjoy your hot beverage.


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