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1,000 marijuana plants found inside Chatsworth warehouse

Two people were arrested after Los Angeles police uncovered a marijuana-growing operation in a Chatsworth warehouse, where about 1,000 plants were growing, authorities said today.

A patrol unit stopped a white pickup truck with temporary plates in the 9900 block of Canoga Avenue about 10:45 p.m. Wednesday, said LAPD Officer April Harding. When officers approached the truck, they smelled the strong odor of marijuana and found plants, Harding said, and arrested a man and woman who were inside the vehicle.

LAPD officers traced the plants back to an industrial warehouse on the same block, where the smell of marijuana was escaping from a vent on the roof. When officers went inside, they discovered 1,000 plants and a hydroponic lab, Harding said.

About 100,000 kilowatts of unbilled electricity was being used in the warehouse, she said. The LAPD was continuing its investigation this morning.

-- My-Thuan Tran

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One can control it better if it is legal. By making it illegal one thinks that others will not touch it because of it being illegal. That is only causing the chaos. Look what happened before and after prohibition and the banning of alcohol. Once it was banned we had the mafia running the show. As of today how much moonshine and speakeasies do we have? None, and why you ask, because I can go down to my local liquor store and buy it. But we still have DUI and murder from drunks. It is called moderation.
To have an open mind is to not think in black and white. Not all user of marijuana are pot heads. Just as much as all drinkers of alcohol are alcoholics. It is called moderation of the consumption. I know some people wish other people would not buy marijuana. But, if you had to choose would you rather them buying it from the streets or from a store that controls the distribution?

I agree with that last comment made by someone. Legalization is the answer to many problems faced by Californians, including police and gang violence, criminal drug dealing activities, murders relating to drug deals and police raids, smuggling, illegal immigrants being used by drug cartels in other countries to supply illegal drug activities just to name a few. How about we stop appropriating funds to stop marijuana users from obtaining marijuana and let the revenue from its taxation help fix the budget crisis, the education crisis, the environmental crisis, the immigration crisis, the health care crisis and so many other problems that truely plague society. How does a moral arguement against its use be justification enough to ignore the real issues that cause many Californians to suffer?

If you would like marijuana legalized, DO something about it. Visit http://yes390.org

100,000 kw of Unbilled electricity! That's a feat in itself

Legalized for whom, medical patients, adults over 18/21??? Ten minutes after you legalize it for adults it will be in the hands of a 13 year-old in Pacific Palisades. It's a gateway drug, talk to any addict and ask how old they were when they started doing drugs and what drug was it. 95% will tell you they were a young teenager and it was Marijuana.

What is up with the SFV? It's like one big grow house. Is this really the best use of state and federal resources though, with all the problems in California?

Its still drugs, and people are killed and murdered every year because of them. Yea you think i just smoke some weed cause i have some pain, you think no one is getting hurt, its just me, its innocent. Thats a big lie, a very big lie, thousand and thousand of people are murdered because of drugs, and you just want to get high. Your the problem! if you take drugs, sell them, launder money for drugs, your the problem, and dont think its innocent, cause people are killed everyday because of drugs.

Simon Godot posted:

Legalized for whom, medical patients, adults over 18/21??? Ten minutes after you legalize it for adults it will be in the hands of a 13 year-old in Pacific Palisades. It's a gateway drug, talk to any addict and ask how old they were when they started doing drugs and what drug was it. 95% will tell you they were a young teenager and it was Marijuana.

the biggist reason marijuana is a "gateway drug" is the fact that the same people selling marijuana also sell "hard drugs". Legalize marijuana, regulate it like Utah does with alcohol, tax the sale AND save all the enforcement dollars! And... and... and... (if you need more reasons)... the Mexican drug cartels won't have a reason to tear up our National Forrests planting crops or paying human mules to transport the stuff across our border.

for those of you who think that illegal street drugs and marijuana don't end up in the hands of 13yr olds in Pacific Palisades and any other town are HIGHLY mistaken. Just like LEGAL alcohol ends up with minors all the time, these are not acts that legalization interfere with. There are also many people who die every year from alcohol and other drugs not including marijuana. The prescription drug problems and crimes taking place now are far worse than marijuana would, could, and ever has been. hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin destroy lives and families everyday, yet there is no such situations from marijuana users. True many people begin with marijuana and go on to other, harder drugs. This is not the cause from the marijuana yet from a desire to do different drugs. People usually start with the lessor of the choices and move their way up the ladder to hard drugs out of desire for a DIFFERENT high. Then there are others whom are quite content with just marijuana and these people lead just fine, normal lives.
The main problem in the stated article above is the stealing of electricity. Stealing is never right.

I just wanted to say that if marijuana was legal, we could worry about more important issues in this country. Like our horrible economy. If The United States would just make the truths about canibas known, the situation itself would be resolved. I personally know that it isn't harmful and that America has lost the war against drugs. You cannot over-dose from weed and it is 1 billion times safer than cigarettes and alcohol. America just needs to take this natural drug, and make it a controlled substance.

In the last year, 25 MILLION Americans used marijuana. Despite a SEVENTY YEAR prohibition, and a FORTY year 'War on Drugs,' nearly 10% of our country's citizens flaunted this law in the last 12 months alone. Given our 3 million prison beds, most of which are already spoken for, we can't AFFORD to win the 'War on Drugs,' we don't have anywhere near the room!

Alcohol KILLS 150,000 Americans a year, and addicts 15% of those who use.
Cigarettes KILL 450,000 Americans a year, and addict 30% of those who use.
Cannabis kills ZERO Americans a year, and can cause dependence in 10% who use. Furthermore, the dependence is considerably weaker than the addiction of alcohol or nicotine.

But it's a gateway to harder drugs! - Simon cries.

Odd that he didn't tell you about a 1999 Institute of Medicine study, "Marijuana and Medicine: Assessing the Science Base," ordered by then head of the Office of National Drug Control Policy Barry McCaffrey, that found that while cannabis was often the first ILLICIT substance used (usually because of cannabis' ubiquitous nature), the TRUE gateways to drug use were in fact alcohol and nicotine. Don't believe me? Look up the study yourself, it's astounding the information our government chooses not to share with us, when it comes to perpetuating the money pit that is the 'War on Drugs.' And the misinformation spread by the ignorant.

In a country that LOUDLY proclaims itself a beacon of freedom, it is high time to recognize the oppression and persecution cannabis aficionados have endured. The VAST majority of us are hard-working, tax-paying, home-owning, child-rearing American CITIZENS who want nothing but to relax with a substance that is both less lethal and less addictive than alcohol or nicotine. It is time to END the demonization, vilification and incarceration of cannabis aficionados. We don't want to get high and drive, nor work. All we want is parity for our intoxicant of choice, and an end to our suffering.


Legalize it and use the money bail out California...PERIOD!

People need to realy open there mind Perscription Drus are worse than marijuana.all the drug parents put there kids on for ADD ADHDor any other ones you want to put up there read the ingrediants. They are a forms of speed. Marijuani is not a gateway it helps alot of people. ADD ADDHA drugs are the gateway.

Some people are stupid! From the other posted quote "95% will tell you they were a young teenager and it was Marijuana." Doesn't about 95% of society use or try marijuana at some point in their lives??? Why do some people feel the need to push blame to where it doesn't belong, what percentage of addicts have ever used alcohol, cigarettes, cold medicine, aspirin, lets ban it all because before they did the hard stuff about 95% or more of these addicts all used these items too. If you legalized it, it would be the one of the biggest strikes against organized crime.


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