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Police investigate whether Ryan Jenkins had help disposing of ex-wife's body [Updated]

Detectives are investigating whether Ryan Jenkins got help disposing of the body of his ex-wife, model Jasmine Fiore, and whether others aided and abetted him after she was slain, law enforcement sources told The Times today.

[Updated at 10:15 a.m.: The international manhunt for Jenkins, who is suspected of killing his former wife and dumping her mutilated body in a Buena Park trash bin, ended Sunday when he apparently committed suicide in a motel in Hope, British Columbia.  He did appear to have some help from a young woman who apparently checked Jenkins into the Thunderbird Motel and paid cash for three nights. 

According to the motel manager, when the couple failed to check out, an employee entered the room and discovered Jenkins hanging from the bar of a clothing rack.]

The law enforcement sources, who spoke to The Times on the condition that they not be named because the investigation is ongoing, said officials want to know whether Jenkins received help fleeing from Los Angeles and hiding in Canada. Jenkins was on the run for more than week, slipping into Canada Wednesday.

The sources also said they are looking into whether Jenkins had help disposing of Fiore's body, though they declined to elaborate further on this point. 

At a news conference at the Buena Park police station Sunday night, Lt. Steve Holliday was asked whether Jenkins got help when he allegedly killed Fiore. Holliday would say only: "I do believe he participated in the murder."

Sgt. Duncan Pound, spokesman for the Federal Border Integrity Program of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, said Monday that authorities there were continuing to investigate whether anyone aided Ryan Jenkins in the alleged crimes or in eluding police. “We’re exploring those avenues and we’re continuing to investigate,” Pound said. “We kept our mind open to the fact that he had roots in Canada, friends and family members in Canada.”
Jenkins had led authorities on a chase last week, first driving north in a black BMW SUV, surfacing in Washington state. Jenkins then eluded U.S. and Canadian law enforcement authorities Wednesday night as he raced toward the international border in a speedboat. That boat, called the Night Ride Her, was discovered in a marina across the border from Vancouver, where Jenkins, a Canadian national, was believed to have family.

Jenkins was a real estate executive in Calgary.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police were combing British Columbia for Jenkins, whose notoriety was fanned by the viciousness of the well-publicized crime. Authorities say Jenkins killed Fiore, 28, and removed her fingers and teeth, evidently to conceal her identity. Police allege that he then stuffed the swimsuit model's body in a suitcase and dumped it in a Buena Park trash bin. It was found by a man combing the trash for recyclables.

Authorities were able to identify Fiore, who sometimes used the last name Kinkade, based only on a serial number found on a breast implant, according to the Orange County district attorney's office.

Jenkins, 32, appeared to be leading a glittering life, calling himself an investment banker when he was a contestant on the VH1 reality television show "Megan Wants a Millionaire." But his life ended in a decidedly less-glamorous setting, in a drab motel that rented rooms by the month.

In April, Jenkins allegedly struck Fiore on the arm at a hotel in Las Vegas. In June, he was charged with "battery constituting domestic violence" in connection with the incident, according to court documents.

The case has raised questions about the vetting process of reality show contestants. According to Canadian authorities, Jenkins had a previous conviction for assault on an unidentified woman.

According to a statement released by a spokesman for Los Angeles-based 51 Minds Entertainment, which produced "Megan Wants A Millionaire," executives were unaware of Jenkins' record when they cast him.

Jenkins was scheduled to appear in another VH1 show, "I Love Money," set to air in January.

-- Andrew Blankstein

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Reality shows are dependent upon these types of high maintenance, narcissistic liars. I suspect he was not worth anything near what her claimed. Don't watch them. No one deserves to be killed. If they make you angry, just walk away, simply walk away.

Reality shows are stupid! But, this is capitalism! If it makes $$$$, it well be done or made or whatever. This guy was a real animal. Pulled her teeth and fingernails out! Nice guy................

The fact that she was willing to marry this man in Vegas after knowing him for such a short time is very telling of a woman who sought a lifestyle which often leads to nothing but grief. However, no one deserves to be murdered - especially in the manner she was. This man was a true psychopath - another rich kid gone wrong. Hold the parents accountable.

No God, no peace. Know God, know peace.Young hot dudes and young hot chicks with virtually no values other than looks and $$$$, the result, jealousy, whats one to expect??

I know, expect more of this!!

The human condition is the same today as it was 2000 yrs. ago, theres nothing new under the sun, too progressive to believe it? We'd better start.

Jenkins looks like a smart and nice man. Even his ex fiance say so. So lets say he killed her, why not dump the body in the ocean. He's a rich guy, he can facilitate that.

Check out the producers or that Melissa date in that reality show, Jenkins could have been given drugs to spill out money account passwords, then kill both husband and wives.

Check out also if another business partner is involved. Jenkins marrying a gold digger, that probably scared him off.

Thats what happens when you advertise to the world you have too much money. The vampires of the world follow you.

Sorry to both families.

Oh, the media is so disappointed! They were gearing up for the most sensational coverage of a capture, extradition and trial since the last one they souped up. Finding Jenkins hanging in a hotel room cuts the circus short. As terrible as the whole situation is, and as predictable as it was, the fact that the media has had the air let out of their balloon is the one silver lining here.

I don't think dropping a suitcase into a dumpster is all that difficult.

Reality tv is the equivilent of carnival freak shows of the past. You get losers like this idiot and give them celebrity. When they realize it's fleeting, they act out. Thank God he killed himself so we didn't have to watch the next scene play out.

Blame the parents? Really? After a certain age people should expect to be responsible for theirselves! A lot of people have bad childhoods and come out reasonably normal. No one even knows how this guy was brought up and you are blaming someone else already? Sadly people are looking to blame someone else rather than accepting their own responsibility way too often!
Did she deserve this? NO! You never really know another person! Seriously! How often do you hear people say "Yeah! I thought it was this guy! He was stark raving Crazy!" It is always someone that no one would expect! That is how they manage to lure people in! If you know someone is like that you run the other direction! The mistake was that he had hit her before and she stayed with him. Old saying: "Fool me once shame on you! Fool me twice shame on me!"

Nelcisco says it all. And I might add, people who try to make money off their looks more often than less attractive peoples wind up in situations like this. Ditch the breast implants; get an education where ur good at mathematics or physics; get an awesome job and you'll be much happier
'nuff said

What a ridiculous comment from Jane. Psychopathic, sociopaths sometimes fly under the radar for a long time, until something triggers this type of event. His parents could have been totally unaware of his true nature.

My wife and I live only 30 minutes from the "Thunderbird Motel" which is situated in Hope, British Columbia.
As a Canadian, I am embarrassed that Ryan Jenkins was a Canadian. I am also disgusted with his crime and the tragic outcome for this young lady.
The only good ending is that this animal committed suicide and will not victimize anyone again.
I feel terrible for the family and friends of this young lady and my heart goes out to them at this painful time.

I hate to speak ill of the dead, but Miss Fiore had one too many plastic surgeries. I keep hoping there will be a backlash against fake boobs, fake face, fake lips, etc. It is ironic that her body was identified from a serial # from a breast implant. Sad.

he can do a reality show in hell now

You'd think those shows would have done some sort of background checks... some things should have set off red flags.

its sad that a beautiful woman died because of a sick minded person and the things he did to her body to avoid identifing her.he did what a coward would do by taking his owne life.women should remember that people whoe like being in the publics eye are a little strange to begin with drama is part of there life.all actors male or female are walking a tight rope with sanity.

Based on the detailed online reports (I've succumbed to temptation and read many of them!) it seems likely that both the killer and his victim had a number of screws loose. Together, they made a combustible combination. My real sympathies at this point go out to the wholesome-looking lass in the PT Cruiser who dropped Jenkins at the motel prior to his suicide. Probably, she was a family member or other close female acquaintance who perceived she owed some favor, and was trying to help out in utterly confusing and uncharted circumstances. She'll inevitably be identified, and have to live with the notoriety for the rest of her life. Perversely, the vengeful family of the victim owes the lady driver a favor for abetting Jenkins in his own death, since it seems unlikely Jenkins would have been deported from Canada to face the death penalty in California.

"The case has raised questions about the vetting process of reality show contestants."

Ya think? Something like this was, unfortunately, bound to happen on the reality show circuit. The producers and studios look for the most unbalanced -- and relatively physically attractive -- personalities to appear on the shows in order to make them crazier (especially with the ubiquitous addition of alcohol) and attract more viewers. One of them was bound to go off the deep end for whatever reason at some point.

That the vetting process supposedly didn't pick up a recently-filed case in Nevada is, however, somewhat surprising (how much does access to a national criminal case database cost? Surely only an extremely small fraction of the profits for shows with no writers, directors, or real actors). But, then again, how many actors have relatively minor criminal records like this? It wouldn't necessarily have been a red flag.

This is a truly sad and grotesque case. But putting "normal" people -- albeit materialistic, unbalanced, and attention-seeking -- in positions where they're "famous" for small amounts of time before being ditched again was just asking for tragedy.

Too bad he didn't get a chance to hook up with Megan!!

I was waiting to see the show last night and it never aired. Then I found out about all of this. It's really crazy!!

VH1 is pathetic television. It's sad that these people are actually making tons of money off this ridiculous industry. Shame on you you reality show watchers. You give yourself no life and you make these people rich. Get off that couch and do it yourself.

VH1 - Bring back the show!!
Who cares if he was a murderer. Reality TV is still just TV. (The news is worse - BTW)

AND - George Bush killed hundreds of thousands of people and his ugly face still got on TV.

Let people choose what they want to watch... Real reality is not censored.

Nelcisco, nice comment and I couldn't agree more. Love is what starts when the infatuation wears off as it always will. I don't think either of them were equipped for it unfortunately.

This is sooo ridiculous of MTV. This shows how oblivious they are at casting. Obviously their shows aren't reality but based set-ups for ratings. However they do have a responsibility to there contestants and innocent women looking for relationships.....to be "set-up" with someone with a known record....screams out that MTV doesn't do so much as a simple background check before hiring these clowns and then putting women in awkward situations with a woman beater...and eventually a murderer. My god, MTV should be banned just for their clearly careless and criminally negligent screening procedures. The lesser of the two media idiots, and perhaps, a more believable set-up was ABC's the bachelorette. But they are equally as culpable for not screening their bachelors for hidden relationships and leading their audience into thinking these rodeo clowns were honest and looking for love.

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