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LeAnn Rimes questioned in Brentwood hit-and-run

Rimes Country singer LeAnn Rimes was questioned Thursday by LAPD officers after she was accused of a misdemeanor hit-and-run in Brentwood, officials said today.

Officers with the West Traffic Division went to Rimes’ home to question her following the 7:45 p.m. accident in the 11000 block of Montana Avenue.

If police decide there is enough evidence to pursue the case, they would forward it to the Los Angeles city attorney’s office for further review.

No details about the accident were available, and Rimes could not be immediately reached for comment.

[Background material added at 8:20 a.m.: The Mississippi-born singer, 26, is a two-time Grammy winner who has sold more than 20 million albums worldwide. Rimes was an apple-cheeked 13-year-old prodigy who rode her album "Blue" to the top of the charts and, in turn, became the youngest Grammy winner ever, before branching out into pop music.

"I was always America's sweetheart, but you grow up, you get married, you have sex, my God!" she said last year in an interview. "I work out a lot, I take care of myself and I like showing it off in a way that's fun and doesn't show too much and that shows that that's part of being a woman."]

-- Andrew Blankstein

Photo: LeAnn Rimes performs earlier this month in Chicago. Credit: Jeff Gentner / Getty Images

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Shocking allegation, I hope its not true because she is a talented singer. If true, then she needs to be treated like the average citizen that is accused of a crime, no celebrity treatment.

Probably someone trying to extort money out of her. Happened to a friend of mine. This loser scratched up his own car and tried to say she did it. The loser's nephew (who came to the scene afterwards) and the responding police officer both told the loser the scratches couldn't have been made by a car. Another reason to always keep a disposable camera in your car if you don't have a cell phone that takes pictures.

"...in the 11000 what? of Montana Avenue?

To RK, what does being a talented singer have to do with a hit and run? Celebrity or not, she should be treated like any other citizen. Would you care if she hit you but because she is a celebrity she got away with it? Duh!

she will just pay off the person she hit
all will be forgotten

@RK -- Shocking allegation? The only thing shocking about this is that the L.A. Times considers it news. A misdemeanor hit and run is simply a "fender bender" (minor damage and no injuries) where the driver (we don't even know if it was Rimes, since it could of been someone else driving a vehicle registered to her) failed to stop and identify him/herself. Rimes is already receiving "celebrity treatment" because her fame is the only reason we know about this non-news. Only in L.A.

Another one bites the dust; I'm waiting for her reps to announce she's in Malibu Promises for a prescription drug addiction issue.

These Stars fail to realize that when they sign the contracts with the big Hollywood agencies, they are SELLING THEIR SOULS, not reading the fine print telling them so is a big mistake.

Halle Barry had a hit and run on the Sunset Strip a couple of years ago, near her home, and her car was later that night found with the damage, as I recall. So if the cops went to Rimes' house they must have looked at her car to see if there was damage corresponding to the report.

If true she should be treated like anyone else. Panicking because you're a celebrity and fear paparazzi is understandable, Halle's excuse, but NOT an excuse to get away with it. She should have accepted responsibility and paid for the damage then and there if she didn't want the bad publicity, she has the money.

But we don't need this sensationalized - the "updated" part of this article is just prurient, ab0ut how she likes to show off her body, NO relevance to the story at all.

Seems to fit with what I've read elsewhere about this paper, that as its readership and staff have declined, it's accepted it's not competing with the likes of the NYT anymore, but pandering to the lowest common denominator in terms of trying to put sex into ANYthing, and often going with the lowest common denominator in its politics, too. The second-most viewed story today is the Health story from 18 mos. ago about how women do or don't orgasm, and then there's the sensationalist stuff like the story above about the body buried in the sand on Venice beach...

Say, here's a thought. When "no details are available," how about waiting until IF action is taken by the police to defame someone? Nah, forget it, that would be boring.

Amen George. This is such a non-story at this point I'm dissapointed the Times would even mention it, but that is the way of the world these days. Just ridiculous.

Two words......... "Who Cares"

She's also a terrible tipper.

Man these punk celebrities..remember brandi killed someone in a hit and run..and she still never EVEN apologized in person to the family..her publicist did.. throw these celebs in JAIL!!!..

Bad, bad girl LeeAnn. You in big trouble

Maybe, maybe not.

A "hit and run" could be she touched someone's bumper while getting out of a parallel spot.

But what is the point of the "background material", which one would think would added to clarify some missing details of the original article?

Was she leaving a gym or hurrying home to have sex when the "accident" occurred?

Why would she said she was America' Sweetheart? hmmm


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