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Law enforcement sources dispute warrant's claims of heroin being found at Jackson's home [Updated]

Michaeljackson Tar heroin and marijuana were found in Michael Jackson’s house, according to newly released search warrants.

[Updated 3:40 p.m.: But two sources familiar with the investigation told The Times that authorities tested the substance believed to be heroin and the tests came back negative.

The sources -- who spoke on the condition that they not be named because it was an ongoing investigation -- also said that heroin was not present in Jackson’s system. 

It is unclear how the heroin reference made it into the warrant, which was issued last week.]

The search warrant claimed that the "heroin" was found in his bedroom, an area that authorities said in the court papers was off-limits to anyone but Jackson and his children. The marijuana was found later in an unspecified area of the house.

According to the search warrant, written by LAPD Det. Orlando Martinez, family members found the heroin after Jackson's death and alerted the coroner's office. Authorities then searched the house and found two baggies of marijuana, according to the court papers.

According to earlier court papers, Jackson died of a lethal dose of propofol, an anesthetic. His doctor, Conrad Murray, told detectives in an interview that he gave Jackson a small dose of the drug soon before he died June 25.

The Los Angeles Police Department's probe into Jackson's death is looking at whether others should face criminal charges.

--Harriet Ryan

Photo: Michael Jackson in 2005.

Credit: Michael A. Mariant / Associated Press

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Of all the things I've read the Tar heroine is probably the most shocking.


i don't get out much so enlighten me: what is tar heroin? and is it so widely known that you don't feel compelled to explain to your readers what it is?

Anyone who has half a brain could tell that MJ was either seriously mentally ill, or he was a crackhead. He was probably both, which explains his deviant behaviour.

Check the update on the TMZ site. The "tar heroin" has been tested and it's not any kind of heroin after all.

Tell google to take down the "tar heroine found at MJ's house" headline from this story from their site.

You have got to be kidding me, LA Times. This is what happens when you jump the gun on a Michael Jackson-related story. The situation is bad enough without shoddy "reporting." Get your facts straight, please. You make TMZ look like The New Yorker.

it was probably just some damn hash!!!!!!!!!

Just like the LAPD to mess things up. I am sure they rushed to clarify this because everybody knows how they will plant evidence.

By now people should know
to read anything they see in the
media with a "grain fo salt".
Michael Jackson's murder has all the
trappings of the illuminati or the CIA.

Gee - is this typical Times reporting? Don't bother checking the facts, just print whatever the hell comes across your desk. You can always write a retraction later.

And one wonders why newspaper sales are falling.

We can can all get crap from the thousands of blogs, IMs and emails. When news is delivered under the Los Angeles Times masthead it is supposed to be of a higher standard.

Shame on you.


By now people should know
to read anything they see in the
media with a "grain of salt".
Michael Jackson's murder has all the
trappings of the illuminati or the CIA.

I guess the family or whom ever really does not want (MJ) labeled a DRUG ADDICT. People get over it! Move the hell on. We need to start worrying about our country falling apart!!!

So it really wasn't heroin after all? But now this story is out there and no one will pick up that it was tested and found to be negative. And so MJ's name will be
linked to heroin use. Why don't you so called journalists get your story straight and verify what un-named sources say, before you attach a story like this to someone who is gone and can no longer defend himself.
This is not journalism. It is vicious gossip.

Will this man EVER rest in peace?

Read the affidavits and you'll learn the Jackson's told police they found what they thought was tar heroin. It turned out to be old, moldered marijuana.

No Heroin just good ole weed!

this story is going to be spun more than cotton. the substance was not heroin after all but, thanks to sensationalism, so much of the public will only remember heroin = jackson. wrong. the man is dead. surely he should be allowed some peace now.

For Chris in San Diego -

Going to completely agree - and it's also putting MJ in a bad enough light that any chance for a conviction of any crime is dwindling down to practically nothing.

Yet again, the LAPD had a chance to redeem itself and obviously, they're about to blunder this one to Kingdom Come.

Who wants to catch a plane with me to LA and show these incompetent fools how to do a proper investigation?

For Stacy- I grew up in LA- after the OJ debacle I would have thought the LAPD would have been very careful in their searches-how did they not find this stuff? Michael clearly was ill, had no sense of normalcy or appropriate bounderies and made some very bad choices-that being said, he never had a chance. He opened his heart to the world and the world ripped it out. His family needs to stop exploiting him and just go away and raise his kids the way he wanted them raised. For his name to now be forever linked with "heroin use" is disgraceful. Bring back Morrow and Cronkite to show these tabloid people what real journalism is. Can you even imagine Cronkite putting this out there without checking the facts. It would never have happened.
Happy Birthday MJ.

Didn't his family go in right away and took stuff out in black garbage bags???? What did they remove?? Most likely the one thing on their minds is money and the next might be removing drugs, tapes, dildos ect...Why the big concern if there was or was not heroin....ok so it was junk mj...his list of drugs he did use is long enough...drug addicted...for years and years...now his children have a half a chance to be normal...all drugged up what kind of communication was going on for his kids...terrible...poor children! Drug addict with out heroin...

Looks like God saw fit to use one monster too kill another.

I'm good with it.

To Kish- what a cold heart you must have-I was one of the many that believed MJ guilty of those accusations-based on nothing other than what the media told us. I didn't follow the trial or read the transcript. And I was wrong to do so. I am just as convinced now he was innocent. A complete 360 spin for me. You only have to watch him in interviews, or interacting with his own kids to know that his intentions were pure, but he absolutely went about it the wrong way.
This was a broken man, a man will an illness, and we the public did nothing to help him and certainly his family did nothing to help. Was there not one person who was a true friend to him that could have stopped it all? Anyway, that Ivory Tower you live in must be lonely, and I am not GOOD WITH IT. He was a man without a true friend, surrounded by doctors wanting their 15 minutes of fame. Certainly MJ shares some responsibility for this, but I think his kids brought him the only happiness he had in life. He was sick, he was lonely, he opened his life and heart to the world and look what we did to him.
Look what we've done.

Where do you monsters get off!!! Stop speculating and posting nasty things about people that you can't justify. I can't believe this is the rotten slimy things you do to get a paycheck!!!!


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