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Crowds wait for free health checkups at Inglewood Forum


Crowds of people were sitting today in stadium seats set up outside the Forum in Inglewood, waiting for their numbers to be called to receive free healthcare checks by volunteer doctors, dentists and optometrists.

The eight-day healthcare event will run from 5:30 a.m to 6 p.m. and is sponsored by Remote Area Medical, a charity that in the past has staged clinics in rural sections of the United States.

People started arriving before 3 a.m., many saying they did not have health insurance and saw this as an opportunity to be checked out.

“We’ve been here since 4,” said Vickie Zigetta, 52, of Lakewood.

Zigetta and others waiting for their numbers to be called were disappointed when organizers announced they would have no further dental appointments today. Medical exams and vision checkups were available, however.

“A lot of adults don’t have medical or dental insurance,” said Zigetta. “My three children are covered under Medical because they’re not over 21. The number we’ve got to get in is like gold."

Zigetta had No. 1,095. Organizers had reached No. 800 as she spoke. Zigetta said she wanted to get her eyes checked and a basic physical. She planned to come back for a dental checkup Wednesday.

Inside the Forum, people were waiting in the bleachers. Parked on the floor of the old arena where hockey and basketball games were once played were large RVs containing specialized medical equipment. The old lockers rooms had been turned into examination rooms.

In one of the old locker rooms, Phillip Clovis, 56, Inglewood, was waiting to receive chiropractic treatment. Clovis said he arrived at 2:15 a.m. and was handed No. 348.

“So far I’ve had acupuncture and seen a doctor. I have back problems and after the acupuncture I feel much better," Clove said.  "If this service was provided to a majority of Americans, you wouldn’t have 3,000 people lined up at the door of the Forum. It’s such a blessing.”

Clovis, an unemployed auto mechanic, said he learned about the clinic while job hunting.

Officials with Remote Area Medical began communicating on Twitter before 4 a.m. with regular alerts:

“As of 3:30 a.m. p.t. all 1,500 tickets hav bn distributed to patients on first day of RAMLA. Police turning away lines of cars tryng to entr.”

“Crowds orderly waiting entry as numbers called. Heard one patient cry ‘Haleluia!’ upon entering.”

“Starting to dawn. Those who didn’t get number r invited to return next 7 days. Those leaving are silent.”

This is the first time the mobile clinic, staffed with hundreds of volunteers, has visited Los Angeles. By midmorning, through its @RAMLosAngeles Twitter feed, the organization was putting out calls for more opthalmologists and opticians to volunteer – and for water too.

-- Bob Pool in Inglewood and Kimi Yoshino

Shirley Powell, 53, tries to get some sleep before the start of the Remote Area Medical expedition's first day at the Forum in Inglewood. She had been at the site since 10 p.m. and received her ticket for free medical care at 3:30 a.m. The event lasts for eight days. Photo by Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times


Dozens of volunteer dentists work on participants in the Remote Area Medical expedition.

Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times


Volunteer Belynda Holmes, center, gives Elon Kleckner, left, and daughter Ayana Kleckner a hug after signing them in for the free medical clinic.

Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times

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And we are hated for our freedom and de-moc-racy....

This is what Single Payer Healthcare will look like. Because it will include illegals, whether Pelosi admits it now or not. There's no way the Democrats can survive if they exclude them. And with L A having millions of illegals, only a liar or Pollyana can pretend it won't look like this. Even Canada with virtually no illegals -- when a few hundred Mxcians ent to one town last year, they flipped out -- has waits of months for routine care and like England, denies many procedures basedd on age. Or the arbitary rationing when money runs out.

This is NOT what single payer will look like--

THIS IS WHAT LIFE FOR THOUSANDS OF UNINSURED AMERICANS LOOKS LIKE NOW!! ...with thousands of people going without any health care because they don't have insurance! Countries like Canada don't have people lined up in stadiums and cow pastures for 6 hours to try to gel a check-up! They go to the doctor or dentist whenever they need to!

The reverse is true Patrick. These people are packed into the stadium because this is a one-day event. If they had access to healthcare/insurance that they could afford, which would be available year-round, there'd be no problem. Besides, even for those of us with insurance, we still have to call ahead and make an appointment and wait even further until the doctor is ready.

I just made an appointment with one of my doctors and can't get in to see her until OCTOBER. I have insurance and my medical group sends ALL of its members to this one specialist. thanks to the insurance company choosing my doctor I have to wait two months for an exam. Tens of THOUSANDS have been attending free health care screenings at fairs and other health care events all over the country. Doctors that are fighting reform should go down to these health fairs and ask if health care reform is needed, then they should donate some of their very expensive time to help the uninsured.

This is a free clinic healthcare from volunteer doctors, nurses and dentist and this Patrick wants to annihilate all the illegals who are at the Forum today.

How can you ever trust the party of Lincoln to have compassion on those who have no means for healthcare? Why attack the good hearted souls among the medical industry who would like to render free service?

With regards to illegals, they entered during Bush-Cheney time of open borders, so why not put the blame on your party too?

This health debate has become a fight of the haves and the have nots. When I see protesters shouting and disrupting the health care town hall meetings I see nothing but white people with insurance. When I see the free health care fairs I see nearly all black, and brown people and a few whites. And what are all the newly unemployed Americans that have lost their health insurance supposed to do? What if they are sick? i don't see anyone shouting and protesting for them! IF we will not spend our money on our own citizens then lets not send money to other countries such as: Iraq, Egypt, Israel.

where are all the comments!!!

You sir, are an idiot. This isn't what Single Payer Healthcare will look like in the future - THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE TODAY - REALITY!!!!!! Thousands of people showing up hoping for a checkup a 2 or 3 in the morning? How blind and sad you are to buy into the half-truths and lies. Know anyone from England? I do. Most of them fly home to get checkup and treatment when they need it. You need a serious reality check. I'd advise you to get yourself down to the Forum and see for yourself what the current healthcare system we have has wrought on millions of people. It's broken. Stop slamming the plans with lies and incindeiary retoric ("ILLEGALS! RATIONING! MEXICANS!") If you don't have something helpful to add, crawl back to the sad place you came from.

If Obama and the Democrates found the cure for cancer, some Corporation would convince a certain percentage of the population that this is a BAD THING!

Looks like Unlimited Demand.

No, Patrick. This is what our current system looks like, right now. It is our current system that leaves millions of working Americans uninsured. It is our current system that rations care not based on whether people need medical care, but whether they have money or jobs that cover them. It is our current system that allows Pharmaceutical companies and insurance executives rather than medical professionals to decide whether someone gets a life-saving treatment or not, mostly based on their bottom line, money and profit for their shareholders. In our current system healthcare is weighed against profit to shareholders. I'd rather have a government regulated system where for once our corporate masters are reigned in.

The above poster is lying about Canada and "this is what single-payer would look like." It's a myth that Canadians wait months for care. I've had friends there, Spain, Sweden and Australia, and they all feel great about there care, as opposed to hours. My mom has Medicare and she's been hospitalized and had numerous appointments in the last two years. There has never been a hitch, and guess what, it's single-payer.
I am a vet and my best healtcare came in the military, and then when I worked at the VA hospital. I've had Aetna for years, and it sucks, plus it's more and more expensive every year.

Patrick, the reform being proposed is NOT single payer. Obama is actually opposed to single payer. Why don't you read at least one of the many bills being hammered out, instead of spreading fear and ignorance?

In England, with single payer health care, nearly every neighborhood has a free medical clinic. I saw many in London. There are no lines outside because everybody is covered. Yes there are waits for elective procedures, but urgent care is dealt with urgently.

A dear friend passed away there after a long illness. Her husband spoke to me of the excellent care she received. She was in her 70s, and nobody mentioned that making any difference in her care. The other thing nobody mentioned was any worry about how to pay for medical expenses. This impressed me, because I'm used to hearing people speak of money worries and sometimes bankruptcy when family members are seriously ill for a long time.

I have healthcare and dental insurance from my employer, but I see many people that need some help with healthcare. Some individuals cant get medicare due to some reason and they are not illegals, they are Americans but poor and in some cases unemployed. I agree with the healthcare reform. There should not be one person in America, the most wealthiest country in the world, die or live in shear pain and agony due to an enability to afford healthcare. There are pharmicutical companies, managed care corporations and other private and independent agencies making billions and in some cases bankrupting even those families that thought they were safe from medical financial troubles. All those opposed would think twice if the shoe was on the other foot. To help those truly in pain and in need is a Christian thing to do, it will come back to us when the time comes.

The issue here is not whether the national health insurance will include illegas or not. The medical cost is too high because so many unncessary procedures and interests are involved in medical systems - profit driven health insurance companies, hospitals, pham companies....their interests can be regulated only under effective national health insurance and medical system.

I just found out about this incredible event today and eventhough it runs through tuesaday the 18th, I am too late.

I found out to late about the event because I was at the forum today at 7pm and found out that all the numbers through tuesday the 18th were given out all day until 5pm when the last number was given. I understood that everyday they were going to open the gates at midnight and give out numbers and that is so wrong. Imagine all the people who were going to wait until the weekend beacause they are afraid to loose their jobs. I also found out that not alot people voulunteered. Not enough doctors to provide services and since it's illegal to practice medicine in ca from another state, that sucks.

I hope that this event comes back again soon.

I couldnt get in to get very much needed health care for myself, is there going to be another on of these coming anytime so? If so when? Thanks Vickie

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