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Gay marriage proponents to delay anti-Prop. 8 ballot measure till 2012 [Updated]

Gaymarriageprotest Leaders of Equality California, one of the state’s largest gay rights groups, announced today it will wait until 2012 to push for an amendment to the California Constitution to permit same-sex marriage.

Many gay rights groups have favored returning the issue to voters as soon as 2010. Leaders at Equality California, which spearheaded the campaign against Proposition 8, the November ballot measure that banned same-sex marriage, have said they want to make sure they can win.

They have said they worry about raising the millions of dollars necessary in the current tough economic climate and also that it will take longer than two years to convince enough voters.

Officials at Equality California said they made the decision to wait until 2012 based on discussions with donors and community organizers. The extra time, backers said, will allow for more fundraising and outreach.

Proposition 8 passed by 52% in November after the most expensive campaign in California history over a social issue.

[Updated at 12:05 p.m.: There has been much debate among same-sex marriage backers about when to place a measure on the ballot. There is another group that is considering placing such a measure on the 2010 ballot.

The Prop. 8 victory caused much soul searching among backers of same-sex unions. Some critics said the No-on-8 campaign did not do a good enough job reaching out to Latino and black voters.

The California Supreme Court earlier this year validated the legality of Prop. 8. But challenges to the ballot measure continue in the federal courts.

One high-profile federal lawsuit against Prop. 8 has exposed new strains and divisions within the same-sex marriage movement, as civil rights lawyers who initially condemned the suit now want on board -- and are being rebuffed.

The lawsuit against the anti-same-sex-marriage initiative, launched by Los Angeles political consultant Chad H. Griffin and backed by entertainment industry activists, drew scorn and anger from gay rights lawyers when it was filed in May.

The major gay rights groups called the challenge to California's same-sex marriage ban risky and rash, and warned that an adverse ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court could set the movement back decades.

Now that a trial is nearing, the lawyers who denounced the suit want to join as full participants, asking for seats at the table and the ability to shape legal strategy. But the consultant who defied their advice has vowed to "vigorously oppose" their intervention.]

-- Jessica Garrison


Use The Times' interactive timeline to see how the laws in U.S. states regarding rights for same-sex couples have changed since 2000.


Photo: Supporters of same-sex marriage march in May in West Hollywoood. Credit: Alex Gallardo / Los Angeles Times

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EC just lost my support. This is madness. In 2012 Obama will be on the ballot. Prop 8 passed last time because enough religiously-inclined black voters (who are very antigay but we aren't supposed to say that) voted for 8. They will be out in force again in 2012 where they wouldn't be in 2010. But since, no one is allowed to admit that happened (we have to be PC you know) they delay to a year when defeat is more likely. Equality California is a bunch of morons who just sacrificed equality of rights on the PC altar.

Just wait ..... Forget it! CIVIL RIGHTS NOW!! Perhaps some of the RICH gay people who are more concerned with circuit parties could donate more?? Maybe we should ask Obama for all the money we donated to his campaign for scrwing us on DOMA!!

So they are going to take another 4 years to organize, and then 2 months before the election, the mormon church will organize its forces and probably beat them again! Maybe that means gay marriage just is not meant to be in CA.

2012 may not make as much sense. That is a Presential election and the same voters that turned out in 2008 are going to turn out in 2012. We'll be back at 52%...

Bottom line: if they go to the voters now, they will lose.

Could the LA Times and other media outlets start mentioning the fact that Asian voters also have a huge sway in each election? Black and Latino voters aren't the only minorities in California. The Asian and Pacific Islander community was WIDELY overlooked in the last campaign as well. Stop treating us like we're invisible, even in this article of yours.

This is just stupid. One of the reasons some straight people didn't volunteer this time out was because they were too preoccupied with the Presidential election-- which will ALSO be coming up in 2012.

I see this DIVISION in our community as the one thing that will put us back decades. As the last 'minority' to NOT have full Civil Rights in this great country of ours, is shameful. The Gay community MUST pull together, be totally 'out' and on a one to one basis, let the citizens of this country know what a wonderful group of compassionate, loving, tax paying individuals we truly are.. As Supervisor Harvey Milk said, "if they know one of us, they vote for us 3 to 1! Mahatma Gandhi said it best when he said "first---they hurt you---then the laugh at you---and then, we WIN!

Imagine that.

A group of human beings having to wait for thier civil rights until they have enough money, so that the Heterosexuals who CREATED them can no longer legally prevent their happiness. What have we become as a society?

Morality indeed, Heterosexuals.

Morality indeed.

This makes no economic or moral sense. It is a waste of money and it hurts families!

Remember prop 187? We tried to limit services to illegals? We probably wouldn't be in the dire straits we're in now if we had the guts to implement it. Because of our uncertainty and desire to please all, giving our tax money away to people who don't belong here in the first place, we're going to throw ourselves into bankruptcy. BUT, when it comes to honoring our constitution outright by allowing marriage rights to ALL, we found it easy to limit those rights! Anyone else feel like we're on our way out as a free people?

They should not delay the attempts to legalize gay marriage. Gay marriage needs to be taught in school within the first grade in order to have children grow up with an acceptance when they see two grown men kissing (or more) in public. As long as it is outlawed, generations of kids are not understanding gay marriage and the struggles gay people have had.

Wait until 2012? Well, at least we know the Second Coming won't occur until at least then.

The homosexual movement just doesn't get it. There will be homosexual marriage in California when hell freezes over.

If everyone is so for it, why will it take 2 more years to get the signatures?

If only the Gay community focused this much energy on helping California resolve the Budget crisis and help those that are truly needy. What a sham of self served, self absorbed, self pitty for the Gay community. Now they must wait until 2012 to FORCE this issue on us again. Don't we have a water crisis in this State that could use millions of dollars in research to resolve?

So Equality California has decided to try for 2012. But a group called "Yes On Equality" is already circulating an initiave for 2010:

Given the article's admission that "another group...is considering placing such a measure on the 2010 ballot" shouldn't the headline be re-written to say, "Gay Marriage Proponents advocating for ballot measure in 2010" ?

Why all the attention for the one group that's actually decided to wait three years, or longer, before polling voters?

Their arguments that the pro-gay-marriage forces will be more successful with more time to raise funds and do outreach, ignores the fact that anti-gay-marriage forces will also have more time to raise their funds and to do their outreach.

Tom Henning
New York City

Gay marriage was already "legalized" This is an effort to reinstate the rights of a minority that were stripped by the bare slightest of a majority.

Gay marriage was already "legalized" This is an effort to reinstate the rights of a minority that were stripped by the slimmest majority.

So wait. The same people who blew it in November say we should wait until 2012. And we should listen to them why?

What is the question posed here; That these evil homosexuals should be denied the ability to utilize civil marriage law?
Or is the gravity more so imposed upon those who profess to be Christian to fully and completely withdraw from all involvement in this secular society? For both camps, the question is clearly answered.
In understanding the nature of man's (secular society's) law in the US, the homosexual does indeed have the right to access every and all opportunity that is offered others under this anything goes humanist madhouse.
For the Christian your obligation is far more difficult. If, as you profess, Jesus Christ is your Lord, then you MUST abide by the Law of God and His Word, unwaiveringly!
"Geneva Study Bible; Matthew 6:24:
{8} No man can serve {h} two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and {i} mammon.
(8) God will be worshipped by the WHOLE man. [my emphasis]
(h) Who are at odds with one another, for if two agree they are as one.
(i) This *word is a Syrian word, and signifies all things that belong to money. {*mammon]
Understand Christian, this "ALL things" "mammon" in every manner represents the humanist world's entire commercial system, you are cautioned to have nothing to do with it; Rev 18:4-5 NIV; Then I heard another voice from heaven say: "Come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues; {5} for her sins are piled up to heaven, and God has remembered her crimes." Are you issing something, or selectively reading?
My suggestion Christian; leave the homosexuals to their own fates and get yourself right. Many books by a Pastor John Weaver will help sharpen your clarity. God ain't plea bargaining with anybody!

You guys are BIASED! Why only feature EQCA because they push for 2012? Why don't you guys feature CourageCampaign which is placing a bill for the voters in the 2010 ballot. Not all Gays & Lesbians support the 2012 delay for Marriage Equality. Granted that the EQCA does not want 2010, but there is another group that is spearheading the 2010 ballot---Courage Campaign----to which many LGBT supporters are donating their funds and offering their time and efforts.

Why are you deleting relevant comments? How many other comments protesting this pronouncement from Equality California have you deleted?

how r u
pleas band it.
it is not so plzzzzzz band this gay marriage.

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