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Jackson tickets issued and fans warned not to sell them

The 8,550 Michael Jackson fans who were chosen randomly to receive two tickets to the pop singer's memorial service on Tuesday have been notified, and some of them -- to the disappointment of the Jackson family -- already are trying to sell the tickets online.

Despite widespread rumors to the contrary, the e-mail notification process in fact took place today, and those who were selected have already received information on how to print vouchers that they must bring to Dodger Stadium on Monday to pick up the tickets and wristbands needed for entry to the service at Staples Center. About 1.9 million registered for the chance to attend the King of Pop's service, but organizers whittled that number to 1.6 million, eliminating duplicate entries and some generated by automatic dialers, said AEG spokesman Michael Roth. (AEG owns Staples Center and was producing Jackson's comeback concerts.)

This afternoon, several apparent ticket holders posted intentions to sell the tickets on EBay, but Roth warned that the security system in place will prevent anyone from doing so. In addition to the vouchers received via a special code, ticket holders will have to show a valid driver's license, and those whose IDs do not match the registration information will be eliminated as guests.

In addition, a lockable wristband will be placed on the ticket holder on Monday and if that band is altered or damaged in any way on Tuesday morning, that person will not be allowed inside the memorial, Roth said. Every attendee is being given a second ticket and wristband for a guest. Some attendees will watch the service at a nearby simulcast at Nokia Theatre, but the venues will be randomly selected when they arrive Tuesday.

"It  is true that anyone who has a wristband and receives tickets can invite anyone they want with the second ticket," Roth said. "So we are hopeful that they have these vouchers because they are a fan and it’s meaningful to them and they would also invite someone who it would also be very meaningful to them."

Jackson family spokesman Ken Sunshine said he believed most of the EBay sellers were fake, but admonished those who are trying to take advantage of a family tragedy for financial gain.

"This is a memorial," Sunshine said. "Words can’t describe how horrifying it is that people are ostensibly trying to do that. It’s beneath contempt."

-- Maria Elena Fernandez

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How sad... there are 143 people attempting to sell thier tickets on ebay... I am a real fan and would have loved to go... I wish they came up with a better system for administering tickets

EBAY should be deleting all adds for sale of these tickets. Selling tickets to this event doesn't get any lower.

Like Eva Arreola, I wasn't sure if signning up for the tickets was real. But I just wanted to be there so much that I registered anyway. I can't believe that I got tickets! But honestly, it was the most bittersweet news. I won tickets... but to MJ's memorial. I can't imagine selling these tickets. How can people be so greedy? If you have tickets to a MEMORIAL but can't go.. find a real fan and give them the tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!

I understand the preventive measures to prevent scalping, but theoretically, the person that BOUGHT the ticket will be the one trying to show up and get the wristbands. That person would be the REAL MJ fan and not the scalper. There are people that flew all the way from Europe and didn't win the lottery, so they had no alternative but to purchase the ticket from someone unscrupulous. It's like AEG wants to prevent fans from attending the event no matter what. There's going to be a lot of empty seats.

I encourage EVERYBODY reading these posts to VOICE YOUR DISGUST to e-bay for not monitoring these ticket sells on e-bay. Craigslist has blocked people who are capitalizing on Jackson's death so why can't e-bay? You can bet they MUST have a monitoring system or anybody could post anything on their site (drugs, sex, etc.) so WHY AREN'T THEY STOPPING THIS SICK PROCESS going on in their website? I have already complained to e-bay and will file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center as well. Contact the L.A. attorney general, contact the LAPD, complain to the Federal Trade Commission - they have on-line complaint forms and you WILL BE HEARD.

I am not a Michael Jackson die-hard fan, though I am deeply saddened by this tragic loss to the world. I am simply speaking up for HUMAN DECENCY.

to think the man is not even buried yet and some seek to capitalize on his passing? Patheic people. Just pathetic.

It's the American Way.
And there may be greater profiting closer to home.

I picked up my tickets today. I already sold the extra one for $1,500 to some sucker. I have no intention of going myself. Thanks for everything, Michael Jackson!

I do listen to MJ songs, and I do think he was talented. But I am not an MJ nut by any stretch of imagination. Even if I had the ticket I wouldn't go to the "memorial".

But, what exactly is wrong with selling the tickets? He was after all an entertainer who peddled his wares for money. He didn't know how to manage money, called himself the "King" and died in debt. If some more savvy soul wanted to make a couple of hundred bucks to meet his car payment, I don't think it is all that bad. This way there are two people who come out happy.. the guy who got the money and the guy who got the tickets. What is the problem now?!

Okay, I received just a few hours ago notification from STAPLES that I won a VOUCHER. I do not want to sell it on Ebay, i wrote the LA Times staff to help me find a way to donate it to somebody deserving. I cannot make the flight to LA since I am currently in Europe so, any suggestions how to give it away real soon???

I woulda sold them if I'd won. Isn't that the American way?

Actually, it is Ebay's CEO, John Donahoe, that is making a profit from Michael Jackson demise since Ebay charges a huge fee for selling those tickets. Regardless of wether they are fake or not Ebay gets to keep the money. Now you know who the real crook is, it is Mr. John Donahoe.
No unlike Madoff's wife, who was directly benefting from the biggest Ponzy scheme in history and an willing participant of the scam all along.

I can't wait until Jaco is buried and pushing up daisy's Then maybe the rest of human population can go back to their day jobs and get a life. PAY ATTENTION: WACKO JACKO IS DEAD. THERE WAS LIFE BEFORE MICHAEL AND THERE WILL BE LIFE AFTER MICHAEL. LETS GET A LIFE PEOPLE.

The minute Joe Jackson showed up with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharp_ton then started talking about starting a record company and releasing Michael's songs before his autopsy was even over - that is the minute this family lost the right to :admonish" anyone of "trying to take advantage of a family tragedy for financial gain." That is what many of Michael's fans thought was "horrifying" and "beneath contempt." The WORLS lost this soul. Had his "family" really been there for him, his life might have been less sorrowfull.

They had to know this system would create incredible demand with low supply. That's a recipe for money-makers and schemers. I know they tried to guard against it, but you can only do so much. I wish they had done a public viewing somehwere large enough to allow everyone willing to wait in line a chance to pay their respects. Now, fans get assed-out and lucky scammers win the day. Thanks, AEG.

People grieve in different ways.

To the person asking the question in regards to the man not being able to attend the memorial and so he put the tickets on e-bay for $15,000. Yes he is profiting off it. He got them free, if he can't go give them to someone else that can for free then. That way he is not profiting. He must have known at the time of signing up if he could attend or not. So yes he is profiting off the voucher.

I won tickets and I plan on going. I do think that there are going to be quite a few unclaimed tickets as the process to claim them is quite difficult and if you miss any of the deadlines, you are out of luck. I also think that there is a lack of clarity on behalf of the organizers as how this entire thing works. I don't know if I will be sitting at Nokia or Staples and I am not sure if my guest also has to go to Dodger Stadium to get a wristband. Kind of confusing....

Consider the issue from the standpoint of a super fan who put her name in the lottery and was not chosen. She's willing to pay up to $1,000 to a ticket scalper to celebrate the life of her favorite singer. Should she be denied the opportunity to do so?

If I could just get some tickets to take my daughter who is just a huge Michael Jackson fan to the memorial service It would be the best birthday present I could ever give her, So the man from Europe can give them to me. I promise not to sell them I would leave to Los Angeles right now Which is 3 hours away but I know I can make it sooner. We loved Michael Jackson and will watch it on tv to pay our respects.

I feel the need to say that I am very hurt and disappointed that people are scalping tickets for which they were raffled for free so basically these people are making money off of Michael's passing and it P----- me off! I am a true Michael Jackson fan and would have been honored to be able to be there to give Michael a proper, final farewell.

I am a member of the Michael Jackson fan club and I am very sorry that there are people out there willing to make a buck on someone else's expense. Millions of fans would had loved the opportunity to be there and share in this final tribute to Michael.

I live in Rhode Island and would have crossed the country to participate in this service to feel Michael's spirit and share with the world and show Michael how much he is and always will be loved. I can just imagine how the Jackson family is feeling right now. These scalpers should be ashamed of themselves.

I am only a few years younger than Michael and grew up with his music and I am not only sad that we lost the greatest entertainer ever but even though I never had the opportunity to meet him, I feel like I lost a good friend. How can you not love Michael Jackson, the person? He was kind and giving and gentle. He gave his ALL in everything he did and he never complained.

Michael was a hard working man who would give his last dime or the shirt off his back if he knew it would benefit someone else who was less fortunate than he. I don't ask for much in life, I am happy with the simple things but my one and only wish was to meet this wonderful, beautiful man and I have lost the opportunity and it breaks my heart. I have tears in my eyes because I feel like Michael is still being betrayed, condemned and judged even after death.

All I can think of is that these scalpers are probably younger than I and think they are fans but if you are a true die-hard fan of Michael's and you have been a fan for forty-something years and grew up and watched Michael and the Jackson 5 and followed them all of these years you would have never given a thought about selling the tickets. You are selfish and in my eyes not worthy of winning this opportunity.

I have alot of things in common with Michael. I have suffered alot of the same things he went through throughout his life and I feel a special connection with him and I know if I had the opportunity we would have been great friends.

I would have loved to have just sat with him and talked about life and things we've endured. No, I am not a star, just a normal person who suffered pain ans sorrow as a child, lived with being made fun of by others, isolated myself to protect my feelings and still until this day as an adult, I ask myself why?

Michael, I love you with all of my heart and will miss you terribly. I am sorry for all of your pain and sorrow but I know you wil finally have the peace of mind, respect and recognition you always wanted and deserved. No longer will you have to see and hear the condemnation, ridicule and ignorance of others. I truly feel sorry for your family, especially your children, for you were taken from them far too soon and I believe you were "The greatest father whoever lived" and I personally commend you for all that you have done in this life and there will never be another like you.

God bless you in death as he did here on earth! My final wish is that your family somehow creates a place where your fans can go and remember you and tell you how much you are loved and missed. I, for one, will be there!

Love Always,

Jo-Ann (your friend)
P.S. I will be there with you today in spirit!

Oh please. Why is it that Joe Six Pack is always the one lonely person not allowed to make money off of things? You think NO ONE (particularly big business) is making a profit off of MJ's death? You live under a rock. And what about all the vendors that will be there selling bottled water for $10? That's ok huh? And what about all the people that were going to make millions off of the 50 shows MJ didn't want to do? The shows that ultimately killed him. Sell away Joe Six Pack.

They should have given concert ticket holders the first priority. Exchange the concert refund for the memorial.

I gave the winning email away to a couple from Norway who were in LA. They read my previous comment and made great efforts to contact me about this. of course there is no way for me to know for sure that they were not scamsters themselves but based on the phone conversation I feel that they weren't and that they deserved to go. And no, i didn't receive anything in return, just an invitation to stay with them when I'm in town.

wow i recieved 2 emails the first one said i didnt win the second one said congratulations you were selected but by the time i tried to download my voucher it was too late still wondering if there is a way to claim my tickets still

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