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710 Freeway tunnel takes another hit as Glendale opposes plan

Efforts to complete the 710 Freeway by building a tunnel under South Pasadena and the surrounding area took a hit when the Glendale City Council voted to oppose the idea.

In its vote Tuesday, the council cited projections for traffic increases on the 210 and 134 freeways in Glendale if the "missing link" of the 710 Freeway between Alhambra and Pasadena is finally completed.

According to a staff report, traffic would increase by more than 30,000 vehicles a day on the 210 north of the 134; by about 2,500 daily truck trips on the 210 between the 134 and the 2 Freeway; by about 2,500 daily truck trips on the 210 between the 2 and Interstate 5; and by approximately 1,000 vehicles a day on Foothill Boulevard.

La Cañada Flintridge and South Pasadena also oppose the tunnel. Alhambra, where the 710 now abruptly ends just north of Interstate 10, supports it.

South Pasadena has for decades opposed completing the freeway, saying it would ruin the historic character of the city. Caltrans has proposed the tunnel idea as a way of addressing those concerns.

-- Shelby Grad

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Alhambra should charge a toll to all residents of South Pasadena, La Cañada, and Glendale if they drive through their city.

Since when does the Glendale City Council care about traffic volume? After the council gave its blessings to the Americana mall complex and its subsequent opening, the traffic in downtown Glendale has been horrendous 24/7 in the tiny, 1930s-era streets and avenues there. As a longtime city resident, I'm sure when somebody comes up with a tax benefit for the city that it would go a long way toward easing the council's concerns.

The 710 should be completed above ground up to Huntington Drive. This would aleviate Alhambra's traffic problem and give the city of South Pasadena some things to consider. My guess is that they would reconsider their opposition in haste.

Ridiculous... Once again, this is another example of money buying influence. Had this been in East Los Angeles, or South Central, the city or county would have no trouble paying out residences. The Greater metro area cannot continue with this current infrastructure. This Freeway needs to be completed.

What nerve of all the surrounding communities to dump EVERYTHING on Alhambra!!!
What a great idea for Alhambra to charge a toll ( each way 24/7) on not just a select few, but for anyone who feels the need to use that city as a thoroughfare to all the surrounding areas.It has been far too long. It is not as if anyone stops and spends any money on the way to South Pasadena,Glendale, LaCanada, so charge them. Better yet change the traffic flow, so it is a circuitous trip rather than a convenient one. Traffic circles and stop signs instead of synchronized traffic lights are a start.

Just imagine the constant and eternal gridlock Los Angeles would be in if none of the freeways was ever built because somebody didn't want them running through their back yard. I sympathize with all those who were or will be disrupted, but at some point the public interest must take precedence over personal preference.

Those are bogus figures Glendale's "report" is citing. News Flash: these trucks and cars are ALREADY on the 210 and 134, they are just taking Valley Blvd. and Fremont thru Pasadena to get there. Turning Fremont into a mini-freeway doesn't affect South Pas.'s historic character?

We don't need another freeway blighting the landscape. Freeways are so last century. Time to consider heavy rail as an alternative to trucking.

I remember my mother, a South Pasadena resident then, furiously opposing this back in the late 50's. I can't believe it's still being argued. As an alternative to Mr. Chavez's suggestion above, why not just demolish the 710 back to the 10? Then if people wanted to go north they would probably take multiple routes instead of being funnelled into Alhambra.
Actually, by the time this thing actually gets settled we'll all be flying around like the Jetson's.

I am terribly disappointed by the vote of my city council on this matter. It is obvious to me that our council members never venture outside the narrow city limits of Glendale during weekday traffic. Where on earth do they think that their constituents work? I have commuted to El Segundo, Torrance or Seal Beach since moving to Glendale in 1987. The traffic situation is horrible, and it continues to get worse. Why would anyone block a way to alleviate Southern California traffic? Have they lost touch with reality? I find this so very odd, especially after they completely trashed central Glendale by constructing the world’s largest traffic jam – the Americana at Brand. If the construction of the 134, 2, 210 or 5 freeways were brought before the council today, I suspect that they too would be voted down. It is clear that my city council has absolutely no regard for the interests of the city residents. I wonder what it is they are interested in.

This is an idea whose times came and has long since passed. There is nowhere near the money available to build this monument to outdated thinking. And the idea that it would miraculously alleviate gridlock for 100 miles in every direction would be quaint except some are actually deluded into thinking it is true.

I predict huge sums will be spent on studies, etc. and in the end not one shoveful of dirt will be moved.

That So. Pas. opposes the tunnel is news to me. I recall some City Council members trying to sell us on that idea. But, now Glendale opposes the tunnel (and I'm assuming an above-ground connector)? ANY 710 connector is now D.O.A. with So. Pas., La Canada, and Glendale fighting it. I wonder if Pasadena has officially expressed its disapproval of ANY connector, too?

With the completion of better transfer finicalities at the port and inland ports most of the container traffic now on trucks that are not for local use will be on trains not the highways so much of the reason for the 710 truck highway will no longer be needed. Also with the Gold Line Foothill Corridor line being built east along with other new rail lines some of the traffic congestion will be relived by people being able to take rail to work instead of having to drive which is a win-win for all.

Increase truck and traffic?

Glendale government must be stupid. Its already happening today. It called that other freeway west of the city. The 5 Freeway. Ever heard of that. Truck and car are already using the freeway to bypass the incomplete 710. The 710 freeway was originally design as alternative to the 5 freeway from the ports.

If the 710 was built it would transfer some of the freeway traffic from the 5 to the 710 freeway. Read the reports and findings.

Fine with me to charge a toll to go south through Alhambra...I NEVER do it anyway. There are so many other alternatives, people. South on the 5 to the 60 to the 710 is easy...so is the 605 to the 405 or any other north/ south freeway. As a daily commuter from South Pasadena to Irvine, I can guarantee you that "connecting" the 710 to the 134 will have no affect on the commuter traffic, but will only create another route for giant semis coming up from the south...let them go east or west a bit on the 10 to the 5 or the 605...

Those bloated idiots. The 710 tunnel is the least expensive way to maximize the utility of the existing freeways. It's time to give the NUMBYs (Not Under My Back Yard) the finger and get on with it, along with all of the various rail projects now in the works.

The real problem is a completely unsustainable city planning model across our cities that needs to be addressed. Alternative forms of transportation need to be part of the blueprint, not an afterthought.... Yet another freeway link will ultimately solve nothing in my opinion


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