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More than 100 line up for medical marijuana giveaway


More than 100 people lined up outside a marijuana dispensary in the San Fernando Valley this morning, lured by the offer of free cannabis for the first 100 patients.

_kn5i03nc The nonprofit dispensary in Canoga Park,  Roscoe's Compassionate Collective, advertised the offer last week in Kush L.A., a monthly cannabis magazine, with a pull-out coupon for patients with marijuana medical cards and updated prescriptions. Since then, the collective has fielded hundreds of calls from people essentially asking the same question: Is this for real?

JT Wiegman, 37, the owner's son, said it is indeed for real and as of 11 a.m., they began giving 3.5 grams of marijuana, worth $55, to each recipient. The shop has been open only three months, and though Wiegman admitted the giveaway was in part a promotion, he said that wasn't the main point.

Me_kn5hzoncThrough the pot promotion, the dispensary hopes to draw attention to collectives that overcharge and lack compassion, Wiegman said. He said there are too many people in the industry looking to make a fast buck."I'm showing what true compassion is for this industry, for all the patients that really need the medicine," he said. "I think collectives in general have not done a good job of taking this professional, we are a pharmacy and we have medicines that are legal."

Me_kn5i2gncAt 11 a.m., patients began filing into the lobby,  filled with incense and Bob Marley music. Outside, those still waiting were entertained by volunteers conducting raffles.

"We love it, reggae all day," Wiegman said of the music.

Less than a mile away, another giveaway was going on this morning -- pastries at Starbucks. Wiegman said there was no connection between the two, though he didn't mind the idea: "Starbucks and RCC," he said.


-- Raja Abdulrahim

Photos by Genaro Molina / Los Angeles Times

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Marijuana should be legal not only for medical patients but for adults who choose it as a healthier alternative to alcohol. Americans should not be arrested for making healthier choices about their own bodies.

No matter how many people we arrest, it's still easier for high school students to buy pot than beer. Keeping marijuana illegal does not benefit our children. It benefits special interest groups: the alcoholic beverage industry, the prison industry, police departments and their suppliers, government bureaucrats, and drug cartels.

Tell your legislators in Sacramento to legalize marijuana. Visit http://yes390.org

These people should be thanked for their commitment to help sick dying people. Have you ever seen a CVS,WALGREENS, any pharmacy show this kind of care to their patients????

Good for this dispensery! It's totally ridiculous that marijuana isn't legal by now anyway. You can't overdose on pot, no matter how much you smoke. I'd rather injest a natural herb like marijuana than these pharmacy medicines that are expensive and can cause so much damage. If you have insomnia, how much healthier it is to smoke some pot than to take dangerous and addictive sleeping pills.

Ridiculous. Don't these people have jobs? Probably all on welfare, so the taxpayers picked up the tab (yet again). Another of the many reasons why this state is going bankrupt.

Its about time someone got real, this stuff literally grows on trees and can help suffering people, yet most dispensaries are charging anywhere from 50 to 75 per 3.5 grams! Its insane, Ill be headed over to this place to see if they will continue to be compassionate. There is another one called Earth Cann Wellness Center, and they do 40 cap on ALL strains in September because that's when they harvest, so they transfer the savings to the patients.

Good for nuthin' hippies. Go get a job

I believe that medical marijuana is necessary for some, and want to see it available to those people who need it. However, the party atmosphere this dispensary is portraying makes it difficult for those on the fence to continue their support. "At 11 a.m., patients began filing into the lobby, filled with incense and Bob Marley music. Outside, those still waiting were entertained by volunteers conducting raffles." This takes away the credibility of this dispensary as a pharmacy, and is making a mockery of what it is intended to be. Continuing to mimic the environment of a drug dealer versus a pharmacy will likely cause the legality of medical marijuana to be reversed in the future.

Why are those people hiding?

Public health care that pays for the people to smoke themselves to death and then pays for them to be treated.

No logic to the "Give to me Generation".

Legalization is inevitable and morally imperative, but until then, I think California has a fantastic state of affairs. All the municipal moratoria in the world are not enough to stop the free market in mankind's greatest medicine. Down with Big Pharma, criminal cartels, and the drug warriors -- Up with people!

Did anyone else notice the baby in the stroller in line to get free pot?

I don't smoke at this time but all I have to say is
Ffffffffffffft! Pass pass puff! Eventually this too will pass.
Politics. Bah Humbug!

I could never predict I would be exposed to such low levels of life, mentality and ridicule in my generation. Just the name 'Medical Marijuana' gives me Nausea.

I suggest you all who thinks that marijuana really 'helps our society' to read an article, which was published by LA Times.

Click or copy paste the link below.


Why are all these people hiding their faces on the picture?

Great marketing idea! I guess there's allot of competitors, so the newer dispensaries have to be creative. I read that there are more dispensaries in L.A. (600) than Starbucks or even McDonald's. It's a brave new world and I love it, my favorite online poker site is http://www.reeferpoker.com and although they don't give away marijuana they do give away rolling papers and vaporizers with the slogan "Smoke the Competition".

Now this is compassion, "One Love" Hemp the planet, free the weed.

realize we are all powerful particles of GOD that deserve to have the right to use the HERB put here by GOD!

May your days be full of joy and happiness my friends!

Your Friend,

Henry Hemp

What is not mentioned is that one can get a prescription for virtually any ailment whether one is really sick or not. Police estimate that only 2% of patients have serious conditions. Also, according to guidelines by the attorney general, a collective is a group of patients and caregivers and is non-profit. It can only distribute to members, not to random individuals, so this store is likely not following guidelines. See online.

Anyone who presumes someone who uses medical marijuana is s toner, hippie, welfare recipient guess again! They are your doctors, lawyers, and politicians. You go ahead and keep taking those pills, and believe everything you are told. I'll stick to my medical cannabis. We'll see who's still around in 40 years.

from agent orange expouse in vietnam, I have advaned prostate cancer,pot helps me handle the pain along with the pain meds the va gives me. why can't I by it?

Medical Marijuana is a 30 billion dollar Industry in California alone. Be part of the fastest growing industry ever. Tax law was passed yesterday and guess what 1800potmeds.com is for sale; the price for this domain name is 5 million dollars you do the math.

Hi I need info. on how I can become a Medeical Marjuana buyer, for pain control purposes. I have Neurfibromatosis, plexiform as well as DJD, and recovering from Acute renal failure some months ago. Because of the kidneys Drs. are worried in supplying enough narcotics to relieve my pain. I am going crazy and often think about suicide because of the consistent BACK PAIN im enduring. Is there anyone out there who can help me I do not want to spend the ret of my life like this, I would like to see if something else will help? Please Advise!
Rick Wilson

exactly I say Legalize. LIke the woman had said the country singer. At the end of the day if it helps the person. what. I mean what else do you have to say for the people who are using it.. It relieves pain. its a relief for the patients. So those who are against it what..... If you dont smoke you dont smoke.. point blank.. If it dont help you then find god jesus christ who is the creator of this world find peace with him, put your faith in him.. why argue. legalize it. Alcohol and tobacco are so bad you see people dying over cigarettes, people who drinks alcohol consume to much and lose control and just act foolish. come on now lets be very real. alot of things are made from hemp. paper, clothing, oil, look on the back of products who have at home, hemp. etc. so legalize it. If the government dont legalize people are still going to smoke. so what is the big issue about this.. if it helps cancers patient, then God Bless, if it helps arthirtis, on to glaucoma, pain, depression, insomnia then God bless to marijuana for helping people. Have a heart for other people..

Bill, you have it wrong. Many of these people have good jobs and live well, some live in the best of neighborhoods. Don't associate MJ with just the welfare receipients, hippies, or the poor. Yes, many of them are depressed and do drugs to rid themselves of their livelyhood (ha! that's a joke to). However, you evidently would be shocked how many top notch business people smoke MJ, and take drugs (oh excuse me, some are casual consumers). Take another look around, it is sad, our enemies grow and distribute the drugs... and we Americans devour it. They are just waiting for us to kill off from drugs and then they will over take us.

It is sad they say it is because of illness and pain... but is it really? I don't smoke MJ, but I have a family member who smoked it for an illness. Nonetheless, they had no pain, just memory, and mind problems of which they confessed MJ helped greatly, as other important things grew worst in their life. Nonetheless, they have suffered like everyone else in life doing no better. I wonder how did it help them, or whether or not that was what they really needed.

Oh my. Another dispensary is giving away free TOP GRADE Medical Marijuana on Saturday, August 8th.

Go to cornerstonemeds.com for more info.




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