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Foul play possible in Michael Jackson's death, Joe Jackson says

Michael Jackson's father said in an interview Thursday that he is concerned that "foul play" may have been involved in his son's death.

 "I just couldn't believe what was happening to Michael," Jackson told ABC News. "I do believe it was foul play. I do believe that. Yes." Jackson said the family wants to know why Michael Jackson died suddenly at age 50 and that a private autopsy so far has not revealed any answers.

 The L.A. County coroner's office is awaiting toxicology results before listing a cause of death. The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the circumstances surrounding his death and whether prescription drugs may have played a role. 

Sources have told The Times that detectives recovered numerous prescription drugs from Jackson's home, including a powerful anesthetic that is normally used only at hospitals during operations.

 Officials have also sought records from several Jackson doctors. But LAPD officials have stressed it is still unclear whether any crime was committed, and that the final autopsy findings will be key.

Michael Jackson had a somewhat contentious relationship with Joe Jackson, who told ABC that he would like a role in raising the pop star's children.

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oh yes Joe, we know what role you want.... a role in decreasing their fortune.

I agree I think the company that hired him for the 50 shows who also hired the doctor , druged hi in a way it will be hard to trace. the whole story is fishy from the time it took to call 911 to actually having a heart doctor on hand and dying from cardiac arrest. I believe the doc put him to sleep and waited a specific time to call 911 making sure the drug left the system and could not be found in the body. Think of the insurance to gain and all moneys after. AEG already made a profit from the memmorial

It was the CIA to stop all the Iranian stuff from being reported!

Down with USA!!!

Relevant houses in Michael Jackson's horoscope show serious problems from hard-to-diagnose heath issues involving, anesthetics, hypogycemia, nervous conditions, prescription medications, occupational hazards, vascular system, allergies, etc. It also points to ciculatory/heart problems both natally and on the day of his death. The aspects on that day were ripe for his sudden death by heart issues. Since they already did autopsies, his parents should make sure that the inside of his intestines were thoroughly scrutized. They might consult a wise, very experienced horoscope reader who can interpret with accuracy.

All MJ fans should read this "Michael Jackson Triumph and Tragedy" by Linda Grasse about Michael Jackson's tremendous contributions to charity. I wish the media would highlight these accomplishments instead of talking about drug abuse.


Dear Joe Jackson: please shut up! Everybody knows YOU are the reason Michael was so emotionally damaged. I can't imagine you'll get anywhere near his kids. Dream on, child abuser!

the truth will set you free rest in peace MJ

I agree with Joe Jackson, something is fishy here, at age 50 your not suppose to die, especially if you dont have any chronic illnesses like diabetes, cardiovascular deseases, gastrointestinal problems, hypertension, etc.
I just cant put my finger on how he died, but your not suppose to die at age 50. My gut feeling; there are hidden motives, and they are probably financial, keep looking Joe Jackson. I wish you luck in finding answers.

I think the Doctor injected Michael with more drug while he slept and when Michael went into cardiac arrest the doctor probably stuck needle marks over and over to make it look like Michael did it to himself. Left him to continue arresting then waited more, then called for help to make it look like he tried to save him.

MJ who was excellent singer and dancer, in eve a tour of concerts in Londres who should stay under excellent physical conditions, is difficult to believe that he suffered of cardiovascular illness. Thoroughly should investigate the medical dealers, there is not justified reason that MJ had in possession of drugs of hospital use in its house, I believe that the doctors that took advantage of the psychiatric and phychologicals waknesses, and they found a mine of gold in Michael Jacson. Salvador Vilchez Madriz, MD

i think the whole family is involved yes i believe the doctor is involved do i believe that there is foul play but i feel that nothing is clear in this case i feel that joe is a but hole and talking about feeding the kids making them strong and maybe pushing them like michael i do not think so and i do not think kathrine will allow it and after the death of his son don't you think talking about music would be the last thing on his mind ugh poor michael and i still believe he is not dead there is alot of info supporting this go here http://www.michaeljacksonhoaxdeath.com/?p=134&cpage=2#comment-751 other wise michael was a health nut he would never inject himself he hated pain he hated needles do not ask me how i know just go with me he was gentle loving honest judged 10 concerts and then 40 added that is pushing him he was 50 come on now but they told him he had to do them i feel he plotted this to exscape or he knew he could not do it and he paid the doctor to no cause he loved his children too much just to much info no way that last shot was of michael in the ambulance watch the video only back windows and when it pulled out no one was around it sorry i love you michael if you are still out there marry me i will love you and care for you i do not want your money just plain fun video games the kids and my kids climbing trees if you are not alive i wish would we would have met again before you died i love you rest in piece my life has an empty space now

i agree wit u vivi, that physician probably purposely waited for about half an hour long before he call the ambulance. i doubt that did he do the CPR immediately? there's no point that he couldn't find any phone in Mj's house. don't the physician has his own mobile phone?? even a teenager owned a mobile phone. since he said he didn know the exact address, can't he ask Mj's maid or bodyguard? y did he take so long? y don't he ask Mj's chauffeur to send Mj to the hospital? it is so suspicious. does he really wanted to save Mj's life? is there anyone who wants to get benefit from Mj's death instructed the physician to do so?? y his concert is added on to 50 suddenly and he's now dead suddenly? don't his company knows that his physical state is not strong enough to do even 10 concerts?? who will get the most benefit from his death?? think about it !!

You'd better Believe it that there was Foul Play!

There are PLENTY OF MOTIVES as to WHY some key people would want Michael gone. STOP WITH THE CRAP ABOUT MICHAEL BEING A DRUG ATTIC! You have tried to fool everyone for far too long and the only thing that I can hope for is for Katherine to get herself doctocs and toxology doctors of her own to really look into Michael's health, THEN start looking at those who were around him, who could financially benefit from him, which we could all name a few...and then look at who was after him for things he has obtained over the years. Oh, and one last thing....WOULD YOU JUST FIND OUT WHO GAVE TMZ that exclusive to be there so quickly when Michael passed to get that snap shot...some how I think that person(s) knows a lot.

Michael said it in an interview, every time I try to do something, a problem starts. He said, you just watch next time i try to do something, something bad will happen.


I Johnetta Dumas am also a strong lover of the Jackson family especially michael and as God's holy witness I pray and I decree by the power of the almighty God that God himself will expose the murderers that killed Michael Jackson because of their greed and their low lifed graveyard jealosy of Michael being a Genius, and that black power Michael was born into.really people wake and see,its all part of the GENOCIDE against our black men,so our so called sick brother's and sister's please remember that if GOD be for us what ever is in the dark will definitely come to light,thats GOD Word.oh! yeh,that black doctor,he was set up.More Power To The Chosen People Of God,Don't Give Up.


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