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Jesse James Hollywood gets life sentence in Santa Barbara murder

Convicted killer Jesse James Hollywood has been spared the death penalty by the Santa Barbara jury that found him guilty last week of first-degree murder and kidnapping. He will spend his life in prison.

The jury concluded that Hollywood, 29, ordered the execution of a 15-year-old West Hills boy after snatching him off the street near his home and driving him to Santa Barbara. A marijuana dealer at the time, Hollywood kidnapped Nicholas Markowitz to avenge a $1,200 drug debt owed by the boy's older half-brother, Ben. 

Defense attorneys contended that Ben Markowtiz had been threatening Hollywood's life for months and had poisoned his dog before Hollywood impusively picked the boy up. They claimed the killing was done independently by friends of Hollywood who wanted to earn his approval.

The trial, which started May 15, was attended every day by members of the Markowitz and Hollywood families. 

The crime was notorious when it was committed in 2000 and became the basis for the 2006 film "Alpha Dog.''  

The last of four men convicted in the case, Hollywood fled after the crime and was arrested in Brazil in 2005.

-- Steve Chawkins in Santa Barbara

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Another act of sheer cowardice by the peoples of California. This scumbag kidnapped and murdered a boy for a $1200 drug debt. WOW, he really has a respect for life and its ironic that his is spared as his victims(s) (there are many more we don't know about) lie dead in their graves. Not only has the jury insulted them, but the rest of us who have to support this POS for the next 60 years. Not to mention the message to other killers that you CAN get away with murder and live. At the very least, he deserves to be strapped into the big chair at San Quentin for a few deep breaths of cyanide gas, a gift from the courageous few left in the Sate of California. Its only when all of us muster up some courage and deal in death penalties that the carnage from drug related and criminal acts will diminish. Until then you all look great in your bright yellow coward suits. So suffer in silence. Ernie Sandoval

this loser got what he deserved....im mean come on you really think your going to commit a murder and get away with it

bummer for him. let see life in prison without the possibility of freedom or death? id rather meet my maker.

The stupidity of this jury is disgusting: It's so obvious that this scumbag should fry. These defense attorneys just pump up the egos of the loser-pool jurists and make them believe they have the power of benevolence. I wish I believed in hell so that I could console myself with the assurance that James would burn there for all eternity. Unfortunately, the average person cannot make a logical decision- when will we remedy the problem with better education for future generations? Just ask yourself why the advertising industry and politicians spend billions on fooling people with ignorant and implausible assertions. Please excuse me, I must now go and puke.

Too bad, he deserves much, much worse.

I think this littlle coward should die a slow death sniffing gas or getting a lethal injection, just leave out the sodium petothal. How many people think that 15 y.o boy was given a anesthetic before they shot him full of holes for something his punk brother did. Then hollywood did not have the guts to kill the boy himself. He should die a slow painfu;l death. I would be happy to do the job. He is garbage. They all are. God Bless and Keep that young mans mom and give her peace and Pray that her son killed by these punks is now resting in peace.

Living the rest of your life in prison is a slow death sentence, death is the easy way out, he will be tortured and punished in prison, he will not be the same person any glimmer of life and hope he had before is gone. He is locked up with dangerous men, killers, psychos, hardcore gang members all trying to make a name for themselves. He will wish for death, believe me, but being the coward he is he wont take his life. He has a high probability of being raped, stabbed, extorted, and so incredibly mentally broken, i couldn't think of a better torture for such a low obviously genetically flawed human being. Inevitably he will die miserable and broken(hopefully raped and murdered in prison). but he will die alone, frightened , abused and mentally scarred just as he should be. Death is an easy way out he needs to suffer!!!!

He shouldn't have gotten life. Techniclly he did nothing wrong


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