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City councilwoman would 'love it' if Jackson family helped pay memorial costs

Los Angeles City Councilwoman Jan Perry said she was concerned about the cost involved in Tuesday's huge Michael Jackson memorial and would "love it" if the Jackson family helped pay some of those bills.

But Perry, speaking on the CBS "Early Show," said city officials have not heard from the Jacksons. Perry, who represents the downtown area, said she did not have a cost estimate for police and other city services that will be needed Tuesday.

Perry told The Times on Saturday that the extra police deployment would be paid for from a Los Angeles Police Department fund reserved for overtime costs of special events such as "1st Amendment marches, protests and funerals and other special events large in scope and that have a potential to impact public safety."

Because the fiscal year started July 1, the fund for all police overtime -- which according to one source covers 1.6 million hours, or nearly $90 million -- is flush. But some city officials questioned the wisdom of spending possibly more than $1 million for overtime so early in the fiscal year, noting that the city could find itself cash-strapped later in the event of a fire, earthquake or other major disaster.

Each year, police officials expect a few extraordinary events. Last year saw marches for and against Proposition 8, a Metrolink crash and a few immigration protests, among other things.

--Shelby Grad

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If the Jackson's insist on a Barnum and Bailey funeral for Michael, either let the estate pay for it as an investment to promote the brand, or let the fans who want to participate in this hoopla foot the bill for their own star-blindedness. Just don't stick the taxpayers of LA. with the associated costs.

Michael Jackson was a great performer and also a deeply flawed man who came to a sad end. Some quiet dignity would have been nice in reverse of Shakespeare - 'so the good could live after him and the bad be interred with his bones.' But that wouldn't help build up the value of the postmortem franchise, or get carloads of fans heading toward the shrine to delusion on Figueroa Mountain Road, would it?

Question: how much EXTRA tax money is going to be COLLECTED that would otherwise not have been spent by locals and especially TOURISTS, pleanty of whom are in LA soley for this event? This amount then needs to be subtracted from what the good councilwoman is asking for!

This is disgusting how the City Council and Mayor spend our taxpayer money. Either they are lying about the fiscal crisis that stems from their mismangement in the first place, or they are just so impotent to the rich and famous.

I have always been an MJ fan, but this I ridiculous! Why in the world should the taxpayers of LA be paying for a memoiral for someone who was essentially a private citizen, even if a celebrity? This city is losing teachers, cops & firefighters, closing libraries & parks...& the city should pay for MJ's memoiral? Why isn;t it being paid through the cost of the tickets to attend it? Who is raking in that moneey>? Absolutely NOT, NO WAY!

In response to SeanBoy, yes the city is that broke. People are being fired from city jobs, teachers are losing their's, summer school has been canceled, and at my school half the custodial and clerical people are being laid off. The city can afford to clean up after a memorial, but not to keep the schools clean. And as for comparing this to the Laker parade, at least that was for the people of L.A. and anyone who wanted to come celebrate could. This is not a Tuesday only cost by the way. I was at the Sparks game last night and the police were already in full force manning the barricades and watching over the huge line of fans signing a tribute "card" outside of Staples. This is many days of city money being spent on one man's memorial. Personally, I think, if the people who wanted a big event weren't willing to pay all the costs, a worldwide candle light ceremony at a certain time would have been more powerful, spiritual, and inclusive for all those who loved Michael Jackson.

We have 10% unemployment, people losing their homes, teachers losing their jobs, a absent mayor & city council president who are off traveling in South Africa & Japan. The bottom line is the Jackson's, AEG or someone picks up the entire tab for this event, not the tax payers. It's really very simple, if they don't pick up the tab, then no event.

Maybe this memorial can be turn into a benefit concert for the State of California....in no way should any tax payers have to pay for this memorial.

it's OUTRAGEOUS that in a time where Los Angeles has to furlough 911 operators and put LESS people on shift we are paying for this ridiculous funeral. let the jackson family and these promoters pay for it. we canNOT afford it.

If there hadn't been a public memorial people would have still been complaining. Either way, the Jackson Family was bound to get some flack. However, in this particular case since the Staples Center is considered 'private' property and owned by AEG then they should help defer any costs associated with the public memorial service. As the leading sports and entertainment presenters in the world, AEG is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Anschutz Company, which is owned by Denver multibillionaire Philip Anschutz. So, it's fair to say that the money is there to help with the costs.

Ms Perry is being totally consistent on this...she said the city of L.A. should not have to pay for the Laker parade, then the Lakers organization stepped forward to cover half the cost...the Jackson family should do the same!!

Stop hinting and send a bill.

Having lived in or around LA for most of my life, I see this as typical of the LA politicians. Why would this event be scheduled or approved without FIRST determining who was going to pay for it? It seems a bit late now. The politicians simply do not have the fortitude to stand up against those involved. Why not say the event may not go forward without the family providing the funding? They (the city) have bought and paid for this now as well as any problems that may develop, and they deserve every bit of it. Maybe ole Reverend Sharpton will agree to contribute, something other than lip service that is?

Before reading the comments all I could think was that "that horse has left the barn" and unlike the Lakers thing, a lot of the people are from out of town and thus will be spending tourist dollars here.

bjth pretty much said exactly that, so...


Yes, the city is this broke. Where have you been? Teachers getting laid off, huge cuts to education and a hiring freeze for LAPD and LAFD. Yet, the city can afford to pay for this kind of "show"? The Laker parade wasnt publicly funded thanks to the laker organization and private doners due to this economic crisis, so this should be no difrerent. This is not a required event to honor MJ, its a matter of choice.

MJ though his life has paid his share of local and state taxes and not just a couple of hundred $$$. LA should pick up the tab.... enough!!!!

This is a memorial svc, not a state funeral. It does not fit in to your own discription ""1st Amendment marches, protests and funerals and other special events large in scope and that have a potential to impact public safety.". Get the mayor back in town and have the family give up the funds.
Apparently City Councilwoman Jan Perry does'nt know that the state is in a budget crunch

Who does get the ticket revenue? AEG and all the free publicity? They should be the ones footing the bill, not LA taxpayers.

Jan Perry is wrong. The city will generate a lot more money from the taxes it collects from such an event. If anything, you should not have police provide security. The police were surrounding Staples Center a day after Jackson's death. Why? The city needs more long term thinking. Surely with the eyes of the world focused on Los Angeles, this event will generate lots of cash.

People with lots of money tend not to offer to share it with others in any way, some exceptions noted. How often have you hesitated a second before reaching for a meal check because you thought your dining partner(s) had more money than you. Good on you Jan Perry for bringing it up. You should not be savaged in the press for this. Any of the rest of us would have to pay the price for any memorial costs to the City. I call no guts on the rest of the Council.

Does Perry wanna start a riot or something!!! First she tries to cancel the Lakers Parade, and now this. Did she not learn that millions of people are going to converge on LA for this event!! I sure dont think the businesses in her district are going to be complaining about the increase in traffic through their establishments!!
This is her way of stirring up a political mess... Since we are in such a crunch lets ask her to take a pay cut, have furlough days, and turn in her city credit card, and automobile!!! Then lets see just how concerned with tax payer money she really is... Take her for what she is, another polictician looking to get re-elected or take over another office!!!

Hey, this is L.A.- where the stars live and die. If you don't want your tax money going into controlling their fans, then I suggest you move out.

Michael Jackson was a talented entertainer and if his family wanted a public funeral than they should pay for it along with the cost of extra law enforcement. HOW dare Jan Perry allow this to proceed. What are we doing about it??????

hey i'm just gonna come out and say it cuz no else will: i despise mj - his muze, his looks, his whole life. so what about my rights as a citizen to NOT have to hear & see this circus? i'd much rather my taxes go toward another welfare fraud case than to the promoters. i mean, heck, why not have a memorial, part deux and at the coliseum and rake in more cash? why stop there? how about part trois at angel stadium for the oc fans?

Why can't we charge for the tickets like any self respecting proud capitalistic society? Yeah, he is dead, and yeah, it is supposed to be a memorial. But, so what?

After all it costs money to hold these events, and there are plenty of idiots.. oops, people, who are more than willing to pay to attend it. Why are we pretending that it is "beneath" us to charge for these events. Even MJ will approve of it, and even be proud, if a fraction of the proceeds could be used to offset the monumental debt he has foisted on his children.

Get with it already!

The Jackson's should pay for the whole thing. Why should the Jackson's get a free ride and yet the Lakers have to pay for their celebration? It's the Lakers that bring money into L.A. and what have the Jackson's bring in? What a disrespect to the Lakers and everyone still clinging onto a job with the city. Make them PAY! Don't 'love it' if they pay, request that they pay. You know they are not going to come forward with a check.

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