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16-year-old alleged gang member killed in police shooting

A 16-year-old boy described by authorities as a gang member was shot and killed early this morning by a Baldwin Park police officer who believed the youth was reaching into his pants for a gun, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said.

The shooting occurred in the 11200 block of Mildred Street in El Monte about 4:30 a.m., where Baldwin Park officers had followed a vehicle that had been reported stolen. They stopped the vehicle and two male suspects got out and ran, according to the Sheriff's Department, which is investigating. The female driver remained and was taken into custody.

One of the officers, who was not identified, gave chase and said he opened fire when one of the suspects reached for a gun. The suspect, later identified by the county coroner's office as Jose Ramon Jimenez of La Puente, did not fire any shots; the officer fired four, investigators said.  A handgun was recovered at the scene, where Jimenez died.

The second suspect remained at large Friday night. 

-- Jean Merl

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Boy we lost a great "role model" for youth!
Maybe gang membership will go down now!!!!

If there where no shot fired by the suspect; then for what reason did the officer have for firing four (4) shots.
If I remember correctly there is a difference in car theft and car jacking in which a weapon is used. Or is it the neibhorhood that it occurs in?

I'm sick of this "16 yr. old" business. He was in possession of an illegal firearm during the commission of a crime, fleeing from the scene. He most likely was reaching for that gun. I bet his rap sheet is already a mile long. They have no qualms over shooting anything, anybody, anywhere and do so on a daily basis. Gang members should be hunted down and exterminated like the rats that they are. Ever heard of an educated, legitimately employed, or innocent gang member? Allow me to howl with laughter. They live on welfare, sucking us dry, while they victimize and murder us. What purpose do they serve other than to thieve, extort, rape, procure firearms for the Mexican drug cartels, sell those drugs for the same cartels, and murder, murder, and more murder? They reproduce exponentially and if they're not hunted down should at the very least be sterilized. We don't want this human trash reproducing more than they already have. I bet his daddy is a gang banger too.
I commend and applaud that Baldwin Park police officer for taking the action he did for protecting himself AND US. He did us yet another favor by saving the millions of dollars it would cost to prosecute this maggot. We'll still have to pay millions of taxpayers' money to prosecute the other two cockroaches and it makes me sick that we'll have to pay even more for those two to be imprisoned for a couple of months, where they will meet new connections and run illicit and illegal activities from within jail for the drug cartels. To think that we have to pay to feed and clothe this swine is revolting. When they get out, they'll go right back to victimizing us, stealing our cars and identities, and murdering our children. All those in jail should have to raise and grow their own food, or starve. I think we're all fed up having to maintain those who victimize us.
I want to form a coalition, Californians Against Gang Activity (CAGA) Several states already have such coalitions and they are rather effective. California is long overdue. If we can't hunt them like the animals that they are, then they should all be deported right back to their rats' nest, losing their citizenship (if they're legal - haha) for being terrorists for that is exactly what they are. They are a cancer and pox on our society and should be surgically removed.
Thank you, officer, for protecting us and making our state a little safer!

Why does the Times focus its reporting on gangbangers shot by the police, when there are hundreds of innocent and not-so-innocent people shot by gangbangers every month?

The impression you would get from reading this article is how "bad" the police are, and there is no presentation of the other side of the story.

This is an example of the biased reporting that I have come to expect from the Times, and why I don't trust the Times as an objective source of the news.

Another example of this bias is in their coverage of the gay marriage issue.

A dead gang member is a good thing.

My father was a principal of a high school before he died of cancer. Before becoming a high school principal, he was a principal of an elementary school. He worked his ass off killing himself watching children grow up and being influenced by horrible surroundings and making the decision to either turn their backs to gangs or accepting them. He realized, after years of talking and trying to deter kids from gangs and drugs that he came to the conclusion that all the home-visits(which he did til 11 o'clock at night at times) and all the school function which he paid for himself, that it was a lost cause. If the rebelious kids who later became teens decided that individuallity was worth less than being a drug-using, bullying, raping, mugging, robbing, murdering gang member and thug; then they deserve what they received. I can't help but agree with him. I grew up in high schools full of gangs and was expelled a few times after breaking a collar-bone or nose here and there after being "jumped" because I new how to take care of myself after years of Aikido training and telling gangs to go "F" themselves. As a mother in Houston, after her son was murdered by thugs said, "these boys are terrorists", I totally agree with her!!! So quite simply, "If you join a gang and die from it's activity, YOU DESERVE WHAT YOU GET".


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