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Veteran Latino-rights advocate charged with voter fraud

Felony charges have been filed and an arrest warrant issued for a well-known Orange County political activist suspected of committing election and voter registration fraud, the California secretary of State's office announced Wednesday.

Investigators in the agency's election-fraud unit said Nativo V. Lopez, 57, of Santa Ana leased office space in Boyle Heights and registered to vote using that address although he lived with his family in Orange County. They also say Lopez, president of the Mexican American Political Assn., cast an illegal ballot in L.A. in the 2008 presidential primary.

The Los Angeles County district attorney's office, which is working with the secretary of State, charged Lopez with four felonies: fraudulent voter registration, fraudulent document filing, perjury and fraudulent voting. A warrant was issued for his arrest and bail was set at $10,000. The offenses carry penalties of up to three years in prison.

Lopez is a longtime Latino political-rights advocate in Orange County who served on the Santa Ana school board. Lopez has been a vocal advocate for Latino voting rights and supported immigrant amnesty and allowing undocumented workers to have driver's licenses. He could not immediately be reached for comment.

In 1997, the Orange County district attorney opened a criminal investigation into allegations that a group in which Lopez was a leader registered some clients to vote before they took the oath of citizenship. No criminal charges were brought, and Lopez demanded an apology from critics.

-- Dan Weikel and Shelby Grad

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A former House of Representative member, Mr. Bob Dornan, had his re-election stolen from him by Ms. Loretta Sanchez - the current sitting representative here in Orange County, CA. All of Mr. Dornan's attempts to have the House investigate the hundreds of contested ballots for Ms. Sanchez through the House of Representatives were casted aside by the then majority party - - - the Republicians.

Apparently, getting one criminal ten plus years later on an illegal casting of one vote makes up for all the harm he and his illegals have done to this county, state, and country. No wonder we are sooooooo screwed with current batch of elected "leaders" whether with a "D" or a "R" next to their name.

I have to wonder, just how many illegal votes were cast in Nov.2008! How much longer do we citizens have to put up with these illegal, lawbreaking criminals coming here?

Yes LaRaza & MALDEF you aid and abet these illegals!
You should be fined for these actions, and never receive one cent of tax payers dollars, along with ACORN!

California, you also aid & abet at the disgust of your own citizens! And you have to wonder why you are broke?

Gee, I wonder why California is bankrupt. Crimes perpetrated by our leaders, Feinstein, Boxer, Pelosi, Becerra, Govenator, La Raza, Acorn on and on. And obama wants to grant amnesty to illigals. obama release your long form birth certificate....IMPEACH OBAMA!! before its to late.

First of all, what does this have to do with immigration? Secondly how is this suddenly become an "illegal"

Most of the posts on this blog are by racist, frustrated white people that claim to see their country slipping away but really mean they see their undue, unfair racial advantage slipping away. They see a country where they don't have a "natural" advantage because of their skin color and maybe, they'll have to compete with other people.

This article has nothing to do with immigration. This article has nothing to do with Illegal immigration. This person is an outspoken activist for rights, but the crime was problems with voter registration.

Any attempt to try and somehow make this about him being an Illegal, and then the reason California as a whole is going down “must be all those Mexicans” is just purely racist, mouth-foaming scum from depraved, frustrated individuals transposing their own failure of becoming anything worthwhile in this country on their brown neighbor... Take responsibility for your own mediocre, pathetic existence and stop blaming other races for your own shameful existence. Most of you mean nothing, will accomplish nothing but don’t blame that on other people.

Calfornia and many other states seem to be getting what they have earned. A state of failure, of corruption, of lost jobs, of lost services, failing education system, a Union dominated workforce and a failing governmental system with leaders who won't lead over their own self interest. Until the people stand-up and make changes then they can only expect the same or worse. The problem is, now so many are dependent on the failed government that the will to change has been deluted. Mexico may begin to look like an advanced society if this course by the state continues!

The FALSE accusation of Racism is right out of the Alinsky
rope-a-dope and is raised when the Facts and the Law
are both against the crime of Illegal Immigration!
It is NO surprise that Mexico is doing everything it
can to create an Illegal Mexican Nation,loyal to Mexico First
within the borders of the USA, Over 20% of Mexico's
population are already here...ILLEGALLY!
The signs at their mayday march said " Today we march
Tomorrow we vote"... it seems they are already voting illegally
to influence our elections,look at the results so far!!!

Californian, you get what you asked for.
Citizen of the USA, you are getting what you asked for.

Latinos in Texas are now a majority minority race , due in part to the huge illegal alien population. The Democrats in the state legislature recently killed a bill for voter identification. What a shock. LOL. I'm surprised they don't stand at the border and hand out pamphlets to the illegal aliens saying, " Vote Democrat and vote often".

I was a Democrat until two years ago when they showed they are pro illegal alien and anti-American. But, now we have a president who puts the priorities of illegal aliens above legal residents and citizens. With his Attorney General Holder at the helm of justice, I think we can all watch how justice is applied according to race. He didn't think it was wrong for the Black Panthers to be armed, making threats at a polling station in the last election when he demanded federal prosecutors to drop their charge.


5 mice in a cage, with food for 3... that is CA.

So, who wins... citizens, or ??

it's gonna get ugly.

I'm shocked an dismayed at such bogus alegations cast upon this pillar of our society. It HAS to be just another one of the riiight wiiing nut jobs behind this. There's never been voter or election fraud in this great country. Yeaahh riiight.
Wake Up Sheeple!!

Wow. Many of you seem to be totally ignoring the fact that this man's vote was cast illegally because he was registered in the wrong precinct, not because of his immigration status.

I also find it interesting that race keeps being brought up when people are talking about immigration status by folks who don't want people of color to "falsely" accuse whites of racism.

Please remember that lots of white people immigrate to the United States every year, so this is not just a Mexican issue. Also, most of the white people who are currently living in the United States would not have been here, were it not for their -or their ancestor's- "illegal immigration" (exploration and imperialism) to this land.
Funny though, we don't call white people aliens.

@ Carney:
You are right.
Somehow, America was able to fulfill those needs without immigrant labor (and cheap immigrant labor, at that).
This was prior to 1865.
Extending civil rights to the "help" has always infuriated the ruling class.

why me,
nd you know what? It's coming your way. I can see that state after state, is just as complacent as California is and was. If that weren't true, these politicians would deport illegal aliens, start working for Americans, or be certain, the politicians would be certain, THEIR CUSHY JOBS ARE GONE. As it is, they have nothing to fear, because Americans across the nation remain clueless. Don't single out California. It should be a lesson and a warning tothe rest of the States, but it isn't.

Actually I couldn't agree more with Sanchez at 7:36 A.M.
Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Beccera and hundreds of especially Democrats in Sacramento, are criminals themselves. Why would they care about voting fraud or all the rest of the criminality that goes on in Calfiornia. Their criminals you say? Sure. We have the internet today. Just look into the records of the above people and their behind the scenes deals. Their dirty little hands are in so many profitable,(for them) pies. There's Feinsteins impropriety with her husbands businesses. There's Pelosi's improprieties with Star kist corporation of American Samoa. The public really needs to wake up and get educated. This is the Twenty First Century.

Jorge Castro is apparently of the "go back to Europe School" of Brown Berets thinking. Mr. Jorge you might be right, actually. But if some people should go back to Europe because this isn't their land, then you should go back to Mexico, Cuba, or wherever your from. THIS IS AMERICAN INDIAN LAND. MEXICANS AREN'T AMERICAN INDIANS, DESPITE WHAT RACISITS LIKE THE BROWN BERETS AND OTHER RADICALS TRY TO PRETEND. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO THIS LAND. California, didn't belong to Mexico. It didn't belong to Spain. It was American Indian land. Don't be such a hypocrit.

Wow. Reading these posts is disgusting and frightening.
The thick air or racial hatred and fear is suffocating reason, logic, common sense, and our overall level of human decency.

1. The article is about a man who registered to vote in the wrong precinct. He is a legal American Citizen. There's nothing in this article about undocumented people voting.
2. It is so very clear that when people on this blog make comments about what "we" stand to lose, saving "our" country, preserving "our" culture, or even about respecting what is "American", these things are deemed to mean WHITE.
3.People are afraid of not being in a majority white society, not maintaining the birth rite of privilege given them by ancestors who murdered, tormented, and stole other people groups to amass power and land.
4. The verbal opponents to "illegal immigration" are those who also hate "legal immigration". The truth is, people of color are always welcome in a white society until they either want to share in the power structure, or the society is struggling financially and cost of keeping PoC poor outweighs the benefits, because there are so many poor white people.
It's primarily the white people who are poor that are freaking out now, since they feel they are losing their advantage, their privilege; and now their stronghold on a society and culture that is dominated by white influence.

Kinda American, thank you for the standard leftist drivel. We know that you are superior in morality and have great insight into things like immigration, the environment, and the rule of law.Indeed we can tell this from your post, which is like reading from the leftist playbook. I just love your sharp leftist logic like for instance example number 4, ..."its primarily the white people who are "poor" who are feaking out now, since they feel they are losing their advantage thier privilege....

What!! Huh! Let me get this straight comrade Kinda American, white people who are poor are losing their advantage their privilege .... OF WHAT? BEING POOR? Excuse me, but it is protected classes that excludes white people, who have a privilege, thanks to you leftists comrades.

Redskin Redneck,

How do you feel about the fact that there are many tribes split by both the American and Candian borders?
I'm far from the radicals that are a little too into the indigenismo aspect of the argument, but your comment about "American" indians is just asinine. Why is there a difference between natives where the United States decided to make(/take) their border?

Nativo Lopez is a naturalized Citizen. He was born in Mexico and crossed into the US illegally... but became a citizen during one of the previous amnesty programs. Therefore he is a legal citizen now. He hates America and everything is stands for. His ultimate goal is to return California back to its rightful owners... the Mexican people. He has done a significant amount of work to improve the conditions of the Latin American community. No doubt, those efforts should be commended. However, most of his tactics have been divisive and full of hate rhetoric. Make no mistake about it... he is a racist. The truly sad thing is that he has significantly benefited by being an American, yet he wants to destroy our way of life.

By the way... those of you who think the government is going after him because of race. I have four things to say to you: (1) the government will go after ANYONE whom they feel is a threat... regardless of race. (2) Most political activists are a threat to the government so they WILL at minimum have a record on the activist. (3) He broke the law and should be prosecuted regardless of race. And (4) since racism is the first thing you thought about, you are most likely a racist yourself. Have a wonderful and peaceful day!

Nativo is a true American hero, but true American heroes are often the victims of miscarriages of justice.

He is charged with doing exactly the same thing as high level Democratic officials I know are doing. Why is it not an issue that members of Congress uses their business address for voting when it is not OK for a Latino civil rights leader?

The purpose of the prosecution is to send a message to the Latino community that Latino activism will not be tolerated.

Nativo Lopez, the people stand with you. If Cooley cannot prosecute equally, then he should step down until he gets what the rest of us call "integrity."

If the charges are not dropped by the next election, it's time that the largest voting block in CA (the Latino community) retaliated at the polls for the racism.

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