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Veteran Latino-rights advocate charged with voter fraud

Felony charges have been filed and an arrest warrant issued for a well-known Orange County political activist suspected of committing election and voter registration fraud, the California secretary of State's office announced Wednesday.

Investigators in the agency's election-fraud unit said Nativo V. Lopez, 57, of Santa Ana leased office space in Boyle Heights and registered to vote using that address although he lived with his family in Orange County. They also say Lopez, president of the Mexican American Political Assn., cast an illegal ballot in L.A. in the 2008 presidential primary.

The Los Angeles County district attorney's office, which is working with the secretary of State, charged Lopez with four felonies: fraudulent voter registration, fraudulent document filing, perjury and fraudulent voting. A warrant was issued for his arrest and bail was set at $10,000. The offenses carry penalties of up to three years in prison.

Lopez is a longtime Latino political-rights advocate in Orange County who served on the Santa Ana school board. Lopez has been a vocal advocate for Latino voting rights and supported immigrant amnesty and allowing undocumented workers to have driver's licenses. He could not immediately be reached for comment.

In 1997, the Orange County district attorney opened a criminal investigation into allegations that a group in which Lopez was a leader registered some clients to vote before they took the oath of citizenship. No criminal charges were brought, and Lopez demanded an apology from critics.

-- Dan Weikel and Shelby Grad

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It sooo funny to see that we just sit by and let this happen... Villarogsa Mayor of LA? That should have been the biggest eye opener that there is fraud... 20,000,000 illegal in the US most of which from CA... They have been illegally voting for local elections for years... The immigration system is a Joke...

To all of you who keep tauting your "Latino pride" and spewing your "native people" arguments, you are on notice. We know your dirty tricks. Nativo Lopez is just one of many corrupt, unscrupulous open border fanatics who use this so-called "indigenous" argument to support their outcry for amnesty for the millions of Latino invaders in the US. The American people have had it and aren't having any of your nonsensical arguments about "we were here first". You are not above our laws. If you are illegal you are going home and that's the end of it. Your brown skin doesn't give you a free pass to break out laws. This is not a "Mestizo nation" - its an American nation. We have had it with your racism.

Since the article made no mention of Lopez's party affiliation, that must mean he's a Democrat.

As a 3rd-generation Angeleno and Latino, people like Nativo are disgusting. When my grandparents immigrated here legally, they waited their turn and did it the proper way. They also made a point to learn English and try to assimilate as much as possible. They would never wave Mexican flags, drive with huge obnoxious "HECHO EN MEXICO" stickers on there cars like these more recent immigrants who have absolutely no respect for their new home.

And to all the racists MECHA types, go back to Mexico if you love it so much. California is no longer part of Mexico so deal with it or leave. Los Angeles have never looked so ghetto third-world in all my life and we won't miss you.

Rosalio Munoz claims that the arrest of Lopez smells of racism?

Rosalio doesn't even have the facts of the case and of course
RACISM is already their rallying cry!
What a load of BS!

Also Mexicans are not Native to the U.S.
The Mestizos are Native American/Spanish people.

Go home and fix Mexico Mexican mestizos!
We are sick of you!

Entire state of CA and esp San francsico and LA are dupes and toadies for the illegal alien activists and con artists who continue to perpetuate all types of fraud and scams while here illegally. Voter fraud is just the tip of the iceberg: there is uncounted fraud in obtaining work doc's illegally thru fake doc fraud mills especially around LA Dwtn. LA city in fact is the ilegal alien fraud capital for the entire country and even the city leaders are in on it, including probably the mayor. They get support from big labor- exploiting commercial business interests in the form of kickbacks and favors in return for keeping silent and keeping hands off on any sort of illegal alien fraud activity. .
LA is just another third world corrupt steaming pile no better than Tijuana .

very simple and chris, thank you. i completely agree.

Ileglal alien activists such as N Lopez are nothing but scam artists as is the entire so-called spectrum of pro-illegal alien rights groups such as La Raza, Mecha & immigration right lawyers, ect. Follow the money. They are only in it for the monies duped from such leftist organizations as the ford foundation, and even from the Fed Gov't. Want to bet that TARP/taxpayer dollars are funding these anti-american racist extortion groups.

Point of law:

Just because someone, who is here illegally, pays some kind of tax, whether sales or some fee, does not grant them some kind of quasi-citizenship status in this country. The pro-amnesty crowd try to use all kinds of points like these. The fact is, there is all kinds of corruption surrounding the pro-amnesty types because they are defending people who are here ILLEGALLY!
It is time to end all political activism that is pro-illegal, in this country.

This has nothing to do with undocumented voters, Nativo is a citizen and can vote. He voted in the wrong district and misrepresented his residence.

However, you xenophobes just reiterate ignorance and confirm the underlying hatred you have for a significant percentage of the population.

Newsflash* you can close the borders for 20 years and prohibit any additional souls from south of the border and you'll still have to deal with a majority population who you hate.

Basically, the state will have to apologize to Nativo again. Another witch hunt. I guess being an assertive Latino rubs some people the wrong way.

What truly is laughable is the hypocritical open border idiots like Lopez. The people they "support" are NOT immigrants!!! They have proven for DECADES they only want the money their baby making machines use to rip off the AMERICAN taxpayer. They are NOT eligible to vote, EVER. The claims against Lopez NEED to be investigated to the Nth degree as WE THE PEOPLE know Villar and other corrupt Mexican politicians are completely anti American, yet use fraud to gain power.
I say CUT all benefits to ALL illegal aliens AND their anchors, who are NOT citizens. Cut all AMERICAN tax payer funding to ANY ethno centric group like La Raza, LULAC, MEChA, CAIR etc, etc, etc. Find and put out of business ANY company who hires illegals and the illegal WILL self deport. Take EVERY illegal out of US jails and demand they serve their time for their crimes IN their homelands!!!
For those who try and claim MEXICANS are native to CA and other parts of the US Southwest, explain WHY they speak Spanish? The MEXICAN is a product of the rape of the indigenous, by Spaniards. That product was around the SW for a total of 27 years, 160+ years ago before they were EXPELLED. Try reading some real history, please. The current day illegal alien has NO rights anywhere but IN their homelands. Get OUT of the USA.

Where is the arrest and conviction of Ann Coulter for doing the same thing in FLA? Where can we deport her to? Hell?

Lopez is no more different than your average politician. He saw a long time ago that he could profit from the illegal immigration mess. So instead of getting a real job, he used the issue to elevate himself, just like the crooked and corrupt politicians do. This is part of the circus of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, which is nothing more than a symtom of our laws breaking down, and being ignored by the evil elite in this nation, including THE LOS ANGELES TIMES. THANK YOU.

P.S. I've noticed the times will have a blog section for citizens to comment on silly stories like 'NATIVO LOPEZ", but they chicken out when more seriious things happen. Then there isn't a blog section. The Times is afraid that too many blogs on too many gang killings and overpaid beurocrats, might show how UTTERLY THE LIBERALS HAVE FAILED IN THIS STATE.

It is a very sad thing to read about another Latino advocate being accused of fraud...I know it is his own fault if these allegations are true but in this over biased article and comments it still saddens me. Too many Latin Americans do come to the US for a better life but forget that they should try to fit in.This is not just true of Latin Americans ,but just go up north to San Jose California and you will see it of the Vietnamese community as well. Everyone needs to quit looking down on each other and try to meld into a very cohesive nation. I can't relate to "border brothers or sister" very much and I know that they are becoming bolder by their behavior and mannerisms, just as it is with other immigrants. It must be something about the US that makes people feel empowered to do as they wish, but if they are not citizens they must work for that status and quit trying to make us into a third world country, like the ones they left.
As for Mr Lopez, I hope it is not just some made up crap to discredit someone who may have truly been trying to help the community...

Part of the problem with Los Angeles and Orange County is the snobbery that prevails in the southland. I lived there for a short time and I had never felt racial discrimination until then. I am born and raised in California and so are both or my parents, in fact my father was born in Los Angels and grew up in Boyle Heights when it was still a Jewish community. he knew about the "attitude" even then. My Aunts lived in Glendale and they also mentioned that there was a problem of "bad manners" being taught to kids about "people who don't have money". that is the same thing that I did witness in Culver City and West L.A..,
Several times I was actually looked up and down as I applied for employment and made to feel as if I was being sized up for something. Another time, while I was in LABOR at kaiser W. L.A. a doctor actually smacked my rear end and told me to "andale andale" while I was being moved from one bed to another! He was not Latino or Hispanic but something else. He assumed I could not speak English and thought it was normal to be totally disrespectful of a Hispanic woman during child labor . I left Los Angeles because it was too crowded, dirty and expensive. It does not matter how much you have there one must still go to the same markets and banks and drive on the crowded roads. The beaches were filthy and the pollution unbearable. Rats as big as cats crawl around everywhere and the people think the whole world is in Southern California...it is not worth living there because the attitude is very weird, to say the least.

@ Chris
Mexican's are native to California, and the US won it fair and square. That’s not an argument, it is a fact.
If you really want to be mad at someone be mad at the beloved REPUBLICAN Ronald Regan. Ronald Regan was the one who gave amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.

Look at the Native Americans, they abide by their own law and the government gives them tons of money. I don’t hear you complaining about them

To all my Coconut posters, my parents, grandparents came here legally, i'm a 3rd generation, blah blah blah. Imagine how your grandparents were looked upon, treated and ultimately dealt as 2nd class citizens.

Get over your self hate, it's pathetic. If they hate a hispanic that just got here, they hate the ones that have been here longer. Tha means you too...

Mesoamericans might historically be indigenous to the land we now call California, the fiftieth state of the USA, but Mexicans are not -- repeat -- are not native to California. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, ratified and signed ending the Mexican-America War, allowed for the settlement of the land and repatriation, during one year, of the people who desired to live as Mexicans, in Mexico. Anybody born in California since then is a US native citizen -- Or are they? The Fourteenth Amendment (Amendment XIV) to the United States Constitution was adopted after the, Civil War, on July 9, 1868. At any rate only persons born within the borders established by the Treaty of Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo 1848 and later adjusted by the Gadsden Treaty, 1853-1854, are US native born citizens. Nobody crossed the border, it was established by treaty. Now respect our mutual border, and go live in peace. Choose if you want to live as an American, pledge allegiance to the USA flag, loyal to the USA and our constitution; or choose to live your life in any other country, and pledge your loyalty to that nation. You decide, and do it in good conscience, on your 18th birthday. Are you a citizen of the USA? What is your nationality? What is your immigration status?

Yes Jorge, this Continent was first inhabited by Natives - FROM EUROPE!! 20,000 years ago the Solutreans were here first, go look it up.

IT's statement that Mexicans are native here is even more laughable, the Mexica (ie. Aztecs) are native to central Mexico and never lived in California. Mexico's 25 year claim to California was a similar joke, since the Mexican government had no control over California, Native American Indians, the Californios (Spanish Californians) and American immigrants controlled it.

Love LA comes closest to being right since 30% of "white" Americans have some Native American Indian blood, most "black" Americans have some white and/native blood, and of course another 25% of our population is Native American, Asian, Pacific Islander, mixed Latino, or other multiracial.

Thus about half of Americans are mixed or multiracial, just not in the proportions Mestizo Mexicans are. Most of the remaining half are multiethnic, having ancestors than came from multiple countries and cultures.

Yes the US is a "melting pot" of all races and cultures, and we are proud of it!

The argument that Mexicans are native to California is simply a plain LIE. MEXICANS ARE "NOT" native to California. MEXICANS ARE NOT AMERICAN INDIANS, WHO "ARE" NATIVE TO CALIFORNIA. Mexicans are European and Aztec or some other native culture of Mexico. CALIFORNIA DID NOT BELONG TO MEXICO. CALIFORNIA DID NOT "BELONG" TO SPAIN. IF the argument that the reconquistas make, that Europeans should go back to Europe is to be taken seriously, then MEXICANS SHOULD GO BACK TO MEXICO. Why? Because neither of them are native to California. The American Indian is. That is why the U.S. recognizes them, and has compensated them. IT WAS THEIR LAND.

Now to get back to the present. During the time Spain and later for a short time, Mexico, occupied Indian land, there was nothing here but scorpions, snakes and cactuses. I'm sick and tired of some Mexicans arrogantly claiming that they have some inborn right to be here. They do not. They didn't create modern California. The freeways, roads, buildings, airports, railroad stations, sewage system, water aquaducts that bring water from 300plus miles to southern california, were ALL HERE BEFORE MOST MEXICANS EVER CROSSED THE BORDER. They had no part in building any of it, unless it was miniscule. I'M SICK OF THE ARROGANCE.

Nativo Lopez and other "human and Mexican right advocates", are totally full of crap. They support people like the Brown Beret that have physically attacked, OLD GRINGOS, at anti-iilegal immigration rallies, over and over. I've seen this clown up close. He is a racist and harbors a deep hatred of anyone against his agenda.

He argues that this land belonged to Mexico. B.S. It belonged to various American Indian tribes. American Indians are not Mexicans, though radical Mexican groups sometimes pretend they are American Indian. IF as reconquistas like Native "larry" Lopez argue, Europeans should go back to Europe, THEN MEXICANS SHOULD GO BACK TO MEXICO. APPARENTLY WERE BOTH ON LAND THAT ISN'T OURS. GET IT??

Obama may have been elected because of voter fraud committed by Acorn and people like Lopez. Who is watching for this kind of attack on our integrity as a Free Nation? Proves that the minorities CAN'T be trusted to do the right thing and they should be restricted from registering voters and running Medicare store fronts. The Facts tell a TRUTH.

After reading these posts, I am all for California being cleaved off the map and set adrift in the Pacific. Pinche payasos.

Look at the pit California has become. Broke feeding, housing, coddling illegal immigrants and their kids. So goes the rest of the nation as they take over.

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