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Venice parking permit plan rejected by California Coastal Commission

The California Coastal Commission on Thursday denied a request by the city of Los Angeles to create permit parking districts in five areas near Venice Beach where residents have complained for years about the constant presence of recreational vehicles.

The agency’s staff had recommended that the overnight parking zones be approved, but commissioners were concerned that they were being asked to resolve a social issue rather than a beach-access issue, which is under their jurisdiction.

Many who live near Venice Beach complain that people living in campers take up precious curb space and pose sanitation and safety problems. Opponents contend that the restrictions would deny public access to the beach at night and displace people who live in RVs and cars.

--Dan Weikel

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I've lived in Venice for 7 years. RVs are not the problem with parking. As more residential housing is built - and built up - residential parking is at a premium. In the last several years, parking lots have been converted to lofts eliminating dozens of off street parking spaces. This is happening all over the West side. As the population of the beach cities continues to increase, the infrastructure remains the same with no increased parking and no expanded roads.

Well, the residents of Venice (defined as having addresses) have been stymied "for years" at every turn.

I counted 19 campers in two blocks behind Gold's yesterday morning, even with them blocking street repairs. Ran past four more on Venice at Fire Station 63.

If I remark on my fears, I'll be accused of inciting. If I talk about hopes for a solution, I'd be lying, other than to say, 'I hope nobody hurts anybody.'

CCCC: CA Coastal Commission Cowards

Venice of America.
The Coastal Commission
of California
says equity is not gone
jus cuz some rich wanna
change VB through selfish brawn.

The waves will always reach the shore.
Now maybe dump your unsustainable car
and put your money and energy
into something visionary.

The beach has no lease.
Just as your less-rich neighbors
refuse to be leashed.

Well, that was an incredibly one-sided article.
Obviously, the writer did not see or hear all of the Venice people opposed to the OPDs: business owners, rental property owners, homeowners, renters, and homeless advocates.
Seems as if the LA Times simply reprinted a media release sent by the pro-OPD (Overnight Permit Parking District) people. I heard the same exact thing on want-a-be liberal KCRW!
This paper needs to practice a little journalistic integrity.

Venice said NO to OPDs in the Venice Coastal Zone. The Coastal Commissioners listened.

On June 11, 2009 the California Coastal Commission rejected the Venice Coastal Application to create OPDs, which is permit parking system being used to remove homeless people living in vehicles from areas throughout the City of Los Angeles.

The local press has been covering the Venice RV and OPD issue routinely from the side of proponents of OPDS, but scores of Venice residents do not want the OPDs. Beachfront rental property owners, disenfranchised walkstreet residents, business owners, homeowners, renters, and RV dwellers all came to the Coastal Commission meeting to show opposition and state how the OPDs would adversely affect them or others.

Venice people do not want this permit parking program for a variety of reasons, which they proved by providing an incredible amount of public testimony that seemed like it would go on forever. A parade of more than a hundred concerned Venice personalities stepped up to the microphone and most spoke against OPDs. The Coastal Commission Staff was forced to stop accepting speaker cards.

Home owner, John Raphling spoke compassionately and pointed, “Where will they go!” knowing well that the OPDs would drive homeless people living in vehicles away from Venice and away from vital and life essential services provided in the Venice Coastal Zone.

The organizations that have actively opposed OPDs are the Venice Justice Committee and Media Group, Venice Food Not Bombs, Venice Town Council, Venice Community Housing Corporation, Venice United Methodist Church, Los Angeles Coalition to End Hunger and Homelessness, Free Venice Beachhead, Venice Arts Council, National Law Center on Poverty and Homelessness, Public Counsel Law Center, and the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California.

Ultimately, the Coastal Commissioners were being asked to deal with homeless issues in Venice by approving an overnight permit parking program, enforced only between 2AM and 6AM, which excludes homeless people from gaining a permit.

The Commissioners voted 9 to 1 (with 1 abstention) to deny the Coastal Permit Application for the Venice area OPDs.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Brown v Board of Education that separate but equal is not equal because it infers that one class of Californians is superior to another and conversely one class is inferior to another. In this case one fractional percentage of Californians would have been treated as Superior to all other classes of people in the United States which files in the face of Justice and Civil Rights.

Secondly , the City and County have illegally passed laws according to the Commission that impose severe sanctions against night beach users because such restrictions require a Coastal Development Permit.

The CCC must now ensure full access to Public Tidelands is not impaired by illegal City and County actions.

John Davis

Venice smells like downtown L.A. Skid Row. With all the crap in my yard, I just want to choke. It is worse than when we had the crack house across the street and the meth lab next door. The police cleaned these out. They could clean up the problem if they wanted. There are needles all over my house. It is a sanitation issue. Santa Monica cleaned up their mess. Now we need to and can do by simply enforcing existinbg laws.

Second though: It seems like the needles are an AIDS health problem. Can't the police bust the addicts?

A big brawny young man came by yesterday Sat. 3:00pm and said he was a college student taking a survey and demanded I allow him in. I said no. He proceeded to try and con me and say he would be back later etc. trying to persuade me. I was suspicious and found out there was a similiare con going down on Venice Blvd. where robbers use this line to gain access to a house and rob it. THIS IS A HEADS UP FOR ALL IN VENICE.

RV living has grown in Venice as we've been kicked out of Santa Monica, Hermosa Beach, Malibu, and other beach communities. Now with the CCC decision it's official that we won't get kicked out of Venice. We are a part of the community and entitled to the rights and privileges of anyone who rents or owns a home in Venice. The residents effort to enforce the ban on living in vehicles has backfired. Ironic hu?

If you don't like RV's parking at the beach near your home, then move to Malibu if you are so elitist. Applause for the California Coastal Commission. Let's get our priorities straight. The City of LA has much more serious problems than a few RV's parked at the beach. The LAPD cannot afford detective overtime to solve murders. Ex-con felons on parole murder 17 year old girls for crack money, and you whine about some down on their luck American citizen parked in an RV? That RV was manufactured and sold to live in, the owner pays for insurance, registration, drivers license, gas and gas tax. If you don't like other people parking at the beach, then stop crying and move.


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