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Off-duty officer shoots 2 men at Angel Stadium

A shooting in the parking lot of Angel Stadium of Anaheim sent two people to the hospital late Wednesday, according to the Anaheim Fire Department.

The shooting occurred at 10:26 p.m., after a game between the Angels and the Colorado Rockies. 

Updated at 4:20 a.m.: According to the Anaheim police, the gunman was an off-duty Anaheim police officer who said the two men hit him on the head with an "unknown object." 

The officer, who was at the game with his wife and two children, shot one man in the head and the second man in the upper body. Their conditions are not immediately known. The officer was also taken to a hospital.

The Orange County district attorney's office is investigating the case because it involves an officer. KNX Newsradio quoted some fans as saying that they were startled to hear the gunfire and that police quickly swarmed the scene.

This is the latest violent incident during a professional baseball game in the L.A. area. At the Dodgers' home opener against the San Francisco Giants in April, a man was stabbed multiple times in a stadium parking lot after getting into an argument with several men in a pickup truck. Also in April, a fan died during a fight at the Angels' home opener.

-- Monte Morin and Shelby Grad

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Let me fix my post before I get called on it. Looking back at the short article it's plain the two men here are not dead yet. Just call them "incapacitated" for now.

I love how all the undercover racists and fake tough guys congregate on comment sections on stories like these... No facts in the story at all other than an off duty cop shot 2 guys after a baseball game...
You know what I do if I don't like it somewhere?... I leave.
That's what any of you should do if you don't like it here in California

Behave like an out of control lunatic, pay the consequences. Good for the off duty police officer. Enough is enough.

To the person who posted "I hate when dodger fans go to angel games" the game involved the Colorado rockies and the Angels. How does this article involve dodger fans? I am sorry but it sounds like Some angel fans r just as bad as some dodger fans. A few bad apples always have to ruin a day at the ballpark.

I find it rather ridiculous that people in here are already wanting to hang the officer. There are so FEW facts in this article other than an off duty officer shot two people who attacked him.

Until the facts come out, don't just have a knee-jerk reaction because you don't like cops, and you probably don't like cops because you have no respect for the law.

You have got to be one of the most foolish people on this planet. You don't even know 1/4 of the real story, and you are running your mouth like you were there and watched it happen.

You are probably going to spend the rest of your day on your porch sagging, drinking a 40, and smoking some weed.

Party on dude.

How did illegal aliens become the blame of all this? Pathetic!!

There are a lot of people commenting here that should reserve comment until all the facts come out. Aletheia Guerrero, please take my advice.

I think you all would feel differently if this was happening to you and you felt threatened with your wife and 2 small chilren there. First you need to protect your family and then yourself. You tell them you are an officer and they don't stop, plus he was on the phone with the police at the time. You need to protect your family and apperantly the 2 guys did not care about the police or that hie wife and 2 small children were present. It's all a shame...

Build a wall.

My Guess is Booze was involved by some or all of those involved. I think there should be a ban on all alcohol at the stadium.

Policer officers are officers 24/7 no just on duty. If they walk up on a crime in progress they are to take action not walk away and go huh looks like a crime. They dont have an issue devoting their life to a job and if they are willing to do that for my safety let them carry a gun. And dont comment on YOUR NOT SUPPOSED TO SHOOT SOMEONE IN THE HEAD how in the world when your getting beat over the head with a bottle by two people do you plan on standing there with enough time to aim from a leg.

This is what I meant by Dodger's fans coming to Angel's games: The hood element (Dodger's fans) who usually just go to SC games, Raiders games, hang outside Laker games, and Dodger games are now attending Angels games. They still are Dodger fans but attend Angels games because of the proximity of the stadium to their home. They never used to support the Angels but recently started doing so because of the Angels' success compared to the Dodger's. (I know it was a Rockies-Angels game...but those 2 that attacked that man with his family were probably stupid enough to think it was still the Dodgers vs. the Angels)

I think that officers are allowed to carry concealed weapons off-duty just in case they are recognized by the unscrupulous while in civilian clothing. What's the officer to do if someone he had previously arrested recognized him while he was out with his family? Anyways, those two idiots bashed him on the head with a bottle in front of his family. They probably didn't deserve being shot as much as the officer deserved being bashed on the head. I applaud the officer even though most of the time I don't agree with police tactics. This seems to be self defense. It just makes Angel games safer now that two less idiots will be going to the game.

Some of the comments posted here by extremely naive people are truly unbelievable. I carry my firearm everyday 24/7 because you never know when a situation like this officers is going to occur. I have been forced to take action in front of my wife and kids similair to this except no deadly force. For anyone to say that he was looking for a fight because he took a gun that day is extremely mentally challenged. For the brainiac that stated he is a murderer because he shot one of them in the head. There are no degrees of deadly force, just deadly force. If you are able to articulate means, opportunity, and intent to commit great bodily harm or death then deadly force is acceptable. It does not matter if you shoot him in head or heart. We practice head shots every week at work because they are the quickest means to stop a deadly threat. Second I'm sure most of you gunslingers out there are proficient at hitting a moving target under stress. Let me tell you from experience people don't pose nicely while being shot. They like to be difficult and move all around. Otherwise we would all just shoot the gun out of their hands like in the movies. Some of you need to start walking up to cops and firemen and actually thank them for risking their lives everyday.

i heard about this when i came to work yeaterday morning. when i got home i told my girlfriend about it and it turns out that the two men are the brothers of a very close friend of our. according to her neither of them through a bottle at the officer. it was a verbal confrontation. who knows why the officer decided to shoot, but im sure his life wasnt threatened to the point that he had take it that far. one of the brothers was a former U.S.Marine by the way.

wat digs under my skin is some1 was killed in OUTSIDE thats right OUTSIDE in the PARKING LOT in Philly @ a phillies game, and we get completly ripped and get a black eye from the national media it makes me sick just cause of wat 3 MEN did out of MILLIONS OF PHILLIES FANS. Why can't people just respect the kids life? furthermore, why does philly get ripped from the nation and yet LA can't get ripped for this, cause of course people will always be gutless and DO WHAT'S EASY and got with the crowds/media's perception. makes me sick

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