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Octuplets mom tells Kate of 'Jon & Kate Plus 8': Stop judging me

Octuplets mom Nadya Suleman  isn't happy with comments made by another mother of many kids, "Jon & Kate Plus 8" star Kate Gosselin.

Gosselin was interviewed earlier this year on the "Dr. Phil" TV show and was asked about Suleman's situation. She said it was going to be difficult for Suleman to raise 14 children, particularly without a husband to help out with parenting.

"Do I have to watch it? She reminds me of my mother," said Suleman, a resident of La Habra, in an interview with Radar Online released this morning. "I have moved past my mistakes. She has her own issues. ... She needs to stop being so judgmental and stop pulling at straws for attention."

"Jon & Kate Plus 8" is a popular reality TV show that follows Gosselin and her husband as their raise eight children. The show has gotten much publicity in recent weeks amid reports of marital troubles between the couple.

Suleman said in the video interview that Gosselin should focus on her own life. "My children are extremely healthy, strong and happy. Don't you have, like, a lot of issues in your life? A lot of marital problems?" she told Radar.

 Coincidentally, Suleman's attorney announced this weekend that Suleman had signed a deal to star in her reality TV show.

 "They came up with this idea, presented to her and she liked it because she'll get to use a camera and do some of the filming herself," her attorney, Jeff Czech, told the Associated Press, adding that the film crew would  not follow the family all the time but, rather, cover certain milestones like birthdays.

"It'll be less intrusive than a reality-TV type of program," Czech said.

-- Shelby Grad

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I don't care what the "Octuplets'" mom says. What she did is wrong. She knew what she was doing when she went to that clinic, she wanted fame and fortune, and she will probably get it. She's had her "15" minutes, she should focus on her children, not someone else's life. Jo747

Kate was not judging Octomom, just stating a fact, that it was going to be difficult. Octomom chose to have to live off public assistance and with the help of her mother. Then with 6 children, 3 of whom had learning disabilities, she chose to go for more. Of course, her mother wasn't pleased with her daughters decisions, who would be. The entire country realized Octomom had problems. I enjoyed watching the Gosselins grow up, but have not desire to watch anything that concerns Octomom. Yes, Kate has marital issues at the moment...but nothing compared to the many issues of Octomom which are appealing to anyone.

Thats why one should never really hurl stones. I'm sure Kate must feel really weird now, after feeling all high and mighty earlier.
And thats why I cant really cast judgment on Octomom. Sure, i may not agree with her choices, but Lord knows I've done some whacky things in my life too. Thank good God I'm not on world wide blast!

I'll be so glad when Octomom's 15 minutes is over. I wonder if she is using some of her income now to pay her hospital bills? What about the "disability payments she got. Taxpayers in CA deserve what they get to allow people like her to scam they system. Bet she never pays back her student loans that she got to live off of.

Finally bet you 10 to 1 that she has another baby to add to her liter.

I final comment on Octomom. She gets money for her three children on disability. This is a big scam in CA. You can say your kid is slow to learn and if you get the right people to agree you get money. The hundreds of millions is given out each year to Octomom and others is this scam. Another reason CA should go under.

I think she should have been sterilized after the 6th kid being as she's on welfare and is just popping out more babies to get money for laying on her back.

"I have moved past my mistakes. She has her own issues. ... She needs to stop being so judgmental and stop pulling at straws for attention."

Someone needs to show judgement. It's pretty obvious that Nadya doesn't have any and won't listen to anyone's but her own. Regardless of what it costs her children. She's only interested in what she can gain from them. Not what she can do for them. She had them to get her own dependency needs met. Not to mother them and nurture them but to fill the emptiness she has inside herself and get her attention needs fufilled and her finances fixed. I pity her and them.

I would put both of those crazy women in the same boat. They are EXACTLY the same. They both milk the system and now that they have money, they'll never pay back the taxpayers. Do you think Kate will pay back any of the MedicAid money that she took? Do you think any of the doctors and hospitals will recover even a fraction of the costs of their care? If we truly care about the kids, we should take them away from their crazy parents.

Suleman: "She needs to stop being so judgmental and stop pulling at straws for attention."

Is this a joke? I hope she was kidding, because her statement makes her such a hypocrite! Pulling straws for attention? Then what's the deal with her book and TV deal? Will this stop the welfare she's been getting. Afterall, I am sure she got a nice hunk of change with the book & TV deals. It's obvious she's using the children to get attention. Suleman is a major-class wh*re for doing that. She needs to shut up.

I've already personally judged the Octomom...you are an idiiot!

Kate is a big phoney...not only was she having an affair with the $1600.00/week bodyguard (who is married and has a family also!) she thought she could pull off making it look like Jon disserted her,,,,,,I hope she gets found out.......would a women who really loves her family pull this kind of sham.....because of her own affair....she's willing to say on Rachel Ray and other shows...."Oh well, I'll just have to go on without him".....really... has that been her past way of dealing with things.....and watch the past season shows she just about bit his head off all season ....and smilied at the filming crew....her body guard was often standing there with the crew.......EVERYONE NEED TO WAKE UP TO THE EVIL PLAN OF KATE!

Octomom's reality show should be titled, HOW I SCAMMED CALIFORNIA. that's what she's essentially doing now.

Octomom is a spiritual criminal. She breeds so she can live off the state. That should be illegal.

Yucky! Yucky! I can't help but think that every time I see anything to do with the Octomom. She is like watching some horror flick where as you know you'll be disgusted, but you look anyway. She represents the lowest part of our society, especially because she got pregnant on purpose without being able to support what she already had. Makes me mad really.

And we should care about the personal lives of these women why? I still don't get it. I don't find anything they do remotely interesting or even compelling enough to make me stop watching The History Channel and tune in to see how these people run or ruin their lives. The day Americans wake up and realize they are spoon-fed this garbage because people are willingly gawking at insipid and ultimately assinine lives, they'll stop pumping it out there. How about less drama and more information... you know, like something with substance and intelligence?

Octomom, I'll gladly pay for your brain transplant and to have you fixed.

So, Octo says about Kate:

"Don't you have, like, a lot of issues in your life? "

OK, I am no Gosselin fan, but, ummm, Does Octo, like, have even MORE issues in her life?
I think she sounds very bitter and envious. I guess having the Gosselins saturate all the tabloid media(and some of the more "respected" ones, as well) is quite a blow to Octo. They have the money, the perks, and the media exposure that Octo soooo desires for herself. She must be seething....
And all of this is my opinion only :-p.....

Seriously people, don't you have anything better to do than worry about these people? It's rediculous you sit around watching John and Kate and this octuplet mom try to figure out what they're going to do next. You should be worring about your own life and what you've got going on. If you want to talk about reality, talk about the people who need help in this world, not these people who already get help because they have so many children. Worry about the people who are homeless living on the streets that need real attention, worry about the kids and families in the US who are going hungry because they're loosing their jobs and can't support their families. Of course these couples on these reality TVs are going to go out and do stupid things to get in the tabloids, they have to keep the action going somehow. After going for two or more seasons of the same ole same ole, people get bored. These shows are such a waste of TV airtime.

Id take Kate over octomom anyday of the week. Glad Im not one of Octos kids.

Well at least Kate wasn't on welfare when she was pregnant like the octo mom is she used welfare to get pregnant with her kids. And I agree Kate does have issues. But she is trying her best with her kids I think the octo mom has issues and she was answering a question the Dr Phil had asked. I think it so pathetic that someone cant take criticism what is she going to do when her show starts or the tabloids forget about Kate and go on to her instead of Kate,

This is stupid, people should only care about themselve, and GET ON WITH LIFE! So, jon and kate are having probelms with there relationship, oh well why would we care? Let these people find out what they are going to do and get on with life. Besides we have our on life to look out for. They made some mistakes, haven't we all?

Watching the octomom is something I wouldn't do at all. First of all, who can understand her English? What's with the accent? Secondly, this is a woman who willy nilly had herself a litter because she could, not caring if they were developmentally disabled or not. Why would you want to bring a developmentally disabled child into the world simply because he/she is part of a litter and the human body isn't made for having litters? It's not an accident her children have develpmental problems. It's an accident that Jon & Kate's kids don't. Plus we all would forget about octomom if it weren't for being media driven. Flaws and all, Jon and Kate are a family. Octomom was a test tube. Basically she makes me sort of sick. If I were bored out of my mind I would read the phone book before watching octomom. She is a very poor role model to be paraded on TV.

My 2 year old was sitting on my lap as I was reading about octo and said (at the picture) 'she's scary. she has scary mouth'. lolol. From the mouths of babes.....

I am really worried about her kids! Her comments on Kate Gosselin really showed octo-looneytunes jealousy. Her wanting some sort of fame is very much apparent and becoming more so as the days go on. And to make a statement about 'people less educated' OMG....what a statement from someone that continually shows how bright she really ISN"T!!!!
Her body language and constant interruptions when being asked questions is clearly showing her sanity should seriously be questioned before she goes off the deep end!!! This woman shows her lack of maturity, intelligence and overall humanity!!! I hope they don't wait til its too late to get her the mental help she blantantly is in need of, for her own well being but mainly for the children!!!!

She is one to talk, she should keep her opinions to herself. Whatever network signed her to a contract is just as desparate for attention as she is. Anyone that thinks that she had the right to have 14 children with no income, married or not, deserves to be judged. The doctors that helped her should be punished in some way. Maybe the show will allow her to pay for all those children but it exploids them as well. The only good thing with the show (that I won't watch) is at least tax payers won't be paying for her children. If she was a repsonsible person she should have given them up for adoption, there are plenty of families who can afford and would love to raise one or more of the babies.

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