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Michael Jackson's doctor did not inject pop star with Demerol before his death, lawyer says

A lawyer for Michael Jackson’s personal physician said today that reports that the doctor injected the pop star with a powerful painkiller before his death were “absolutely false.”

“There was no Demerol. No OxyContin,” Edward Chernoff, the attorney for Dr. Conrad Murray, told The Times.

The lawyer, who was present Saturday for Murray’s three-hour interview with Los Angeles police detectives, said Jackson was already unconscious when the doctor “fortuitously” entered the bedroom of the performer’s Holmby Hills mansion.

The 50-year-old entertainer “wasn’t breathing. He checked for a pulse. There was a weak pulse in his femoral artery. He started administering CPR,” said Chernoff, a Houston criminal defense attorney.

The lawyer’s claim was consistent with the account of a source close to the investigation who told The Times that the lengthy interview with the doctor turned up “no smoking gun.”

Murray had not “furnished or prescribed” Jackson with Demerol, the lawyer said.

He described Murray as stunned by Jackson’s death. “He was the one who suggested the autopsy to the family while they were still in the hospital. He didn’t understand why Michael Jackson had died,” he said. Murray, a cardiologist with practices in Nevada and Texas, shuttered his offices in May after Jackson asked him to travel to London for a seven-month concert run.

Chernoff said the concert promoter, L.A.-based AEG Live, had agreed to pay the doctor $300,000 and was still owed the money. AEG Live Chief Executive Randy Phillips has described Murray as Jackson’s personal physician of three years. Murray’s attorney, however, said that although the men had known each other since 2006, Murray only came on as Jackson’s personal physician last month for the London shows.

He said previously Murray had treated Jackson’s children for an infection while the family was living in Las Vegas and the doctor considered the performer “a friend.”

On Friday, an LAPD detective told The Times that investigators had no information that Jackson was injected with Demerol or other painkillers. Such claims "are coming from outside the investigation," said Lt. Gregg Strenk, head of the LAPD's Homicide Special Section 1, which is assigned to the Jackson case.

-- Harriet Ryan

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...And we're supposed to believe that? Ha!

There is not enough information released yet to form an intelligent opinion on what exactly caused Michael Jackson's death. However, I have read and viewed a ton of news reports all stating that this doctor was possibly providing Jackson with opiates and benzodiazepines (sedatives). Perhaps, the doctor was also administering the medications to Jackson. Either way, I would have hoped the doctor also carried vials of Narcan with him. If Jackson was indeed overdosing on an opiate such as Demoral, Oxy-Contin, morphine, etc., when found, then an injection of Narcan might have revived him. This is what is most upsetting to me ... that there might have been an opportunity to save Jackson's life. My condolences and prayers go out to his loved ones.

laurel, it's not like he can really lie. not with toxicology reports forthcoming.

During the autopsy they would have said if there were needle pricks and obviously there wasn't. So he didn't receive any injections as rumors have been going.
This was an unfortunate death like so many others are, especially when it's younger adults.

Yeah. Innocent until proven guilty and all that. If there were drugs involved, the tox screen will show it.

I believe it - it's pretty easy to see if the body has fresh injection marks and what amounts of drugs are in the blood stream. If Jackson took pills that morning (and it seems he did), they would have left the stomach by noon.

It will also be easy to find out how much, if any, drugs this doctor prescribed for Michael Jackson. He might well have had several "dealers". Like Heath Ledger, he probably died of a combination of drugs and heavy stress caused by the upcoming tour.

Don't believe that!!! Absolutely!!! This doctor should tell the truth on Mike's passing...a little bit of respect...we're not stupid, he was weak and something went wrong with doses....please, come on doc!!!

Pfft...I just saw MJ down at Taco Bell.

We now know he is gone..he will live in my heart forever and millions around the world.


Entire world wants to know who messed up with his health. All those doctors who played with his life. All should be brought to public television and questioned.

Why did that doctor Conrad Murry ran away when this happened..why dint he go to UCLA hospital with Michael Jackson. So much to call him personal doctor and friend.

I dont believe this story about this doctor. All the doctors who treated Michael Jackson since few years should be brought in scanner.

Videos of March 2009 of London show that MJ was not looking in good shape..then who forced him to do 50 Concerts. Why? Who are the people who wanted to make money out of him.

Everyone involved in this 50 concert shows should be scanned until last bit...Doctors...Show organisers... everyone.

World wants an explanation.

I want an explanation.

My tributes to Michael Jackson

May his soul rest in peace.

You can bet none of us in the general public will ever learn of any of the real details of this untimely death. With all of the secrecy surrounding this entertainers personal life there won't be any of that revealed either. We will be told what those doing the telling want us to believe.

It is all unsubstantiated speculation. Let the investigation follow its course and do not be too hasty to "convict" based on rumor and gossip.

OK, let's assume this is true (nod need to lie, as the tox screens are coming back in a few weeks). Then two questions remain:

- who were present when Jackson collapsed? If the caller is right, it was only him and the Dr. and the Dr says he didn't administer any drugs... who the hell is the caller? Why havent they figured that out?

- Who came up with the 11:30 shot? What source told TMZ that Jackson received his shot at 11:30? Only the doc was there, he didnt do it, so it mustve been the caller? Whot the hell is the caller?

Thank God that Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson are here!

No one can really say how Michael Jackson died until all the testing has been done, all i know is that life is precious and certainly here,s someone who knew that all too well and for that his life is no more he will be greatly missed so much for healing the world mike "the people still don,t get it" he,s earned his wings i hope we can all do the some someday?

I am amazed at all the speculation surrounding Michael Jackson's death. No one need do that because the toxicology report will definitely reveal things an autopsy could not. They will be able to determine what types of drugs he had taken, how long it had been in his body, etc. While some of those drugs may have left his system it didn't leave his hair or tissues in other areas of his body. Ask anybody who has to have drug tests. They find people have been using drugs and what types of drugs six months after they had them. Your hear reveals a lot more than you can imagine.

El médico no dice todo lo que sabe. Por qué desaparece de lugar de los hechos al conocerse la muerte del gran Jacko?. Este culebrón va para largo.

I hope the CA Medical Board will look into Jackson's access to opiates and sedative hypnotics. It seems to me that too many celebrities have access to these drugs that most physicians are reluctant to prescribe to their usual patients without very good indications. It is true that that there are a minority of doctors that are quite liberal with these drugs but states are getting better at finding these practitioners out. If Jackson had substance abuse problems then it seems unlikely he would insist on a doctor who would not be enabling. There is mention of a heart attack in some reports but so far there has been no mention of coronary artery disease found at autopsy. Heart attacks without fixed coronary disease are very rare but can occur. I do wonder why he was being attended by a cardiologist at all. This would be an unusual choice for a primary care physician without some sort of heart ailment. Many mentions are made of physical complaints mostly of musculoskeletal origin but I have never heard where he was treated by an orthopedist or rheumatologist. Perhaps the toxicology test will tell the tale.

In 1999, the day Michael Jackson admitted he had an addiction to OxyContin and needed treatment was the day any responsible doctor should have known to never prescribe him any addictive substance. It was on this day Michael admitted he was powerless over his drug use and that he needed help. When someone who is fighting to get sober makes this statement, they know they are fighting for their life.

I pray that the Jackson family will finally have their answers. Losing someone you love is hard enough. But, having to wonder what happened adds more pain than anyone should have to bear.

I had an idea today. I'm not sure if it has been thought of yet. But I have been trying to get the word out. On the day of Michael's funeral (when it's known) I think it would be really cool for all of his fans to wear his favorite color...red.

I want to show his family in a big, yet respectful way, that the world will not forget him...RIP Michael.

The autopsy will show what drugs were in his system and in what amounts. Pill remnants may persist in the stomach or intetstines, but no autopsy can show who gave drugs to Michael or what his tolerance to them was. If the doctor knew that M was habitually using narcotics like Demerol, he might have kept a crash cart with the antidote, Narcan, readily at hand. Injecting it while a pulse was still detectable might have reversed the respiratory arrest almost immediately. On the other hand, barbiturates, like phenobarbitol, have no antidote. So the only treatment is to suck any remaining drugs out of the stomach and put the person on a ventilator until the overdose wears off. A crash cart would have a mask, oxygen and an Ambu bag for giving efficient artificial respiration until help arrives. If nothing else, this doctor failed to be prepared for an emergency, one which was predictable if the stories of Michael's drug use have any validity. More likely, he faciitated and directed a polypharmacy regimen that got out of hand, fatal Demerol injection or not.

It's really shocking how people want to jump all over the doctors for using narcotics to treat patients with chronic pain conditions. There will come a time when you or one of your family members will be in agonizing pain and will need these medications to relieve your pain. So don't be upset when the doctors tells you you aren't getting any effective medication and you should instead take Tylenol. Because remember this is what you wanted.

Well, seems to me, every death of a world-known person's surrounded by the sort of mistery. Anyway, only time will reveal the truth or a kind of truth.
But there's one obvious thing: Michael was too affected by a large number of plastic operations and scandals as well. His end could be predicted.

Michael Jackson's passing is a huge death to the souls of the kids of the 80's and early 90's. Anyone who has any speck of knowlege with regard to music can't deny his impact. I was there in the early 80's and his solo career took all of us so far, he made us feel as though we were all number 1, We were rocking it like none before and possibly none after. When you get a chance, just by fate, to be part of that history and that movement, wow! Thank you Michael for taking so many of us on that ride with you. Remember people, he was a humitarian, before it was the "cool' thing to do. He didn't do it for self benefit, he did it because he saw a need in his heart. Just remember, hundreds of kids went to his home, sick kids, poor kids...2 out of hundreds alleged alligations against him. I would hope and pray that if the family of the first one really believed Michael molested their child, money (20 million) would be an insult and you would want justice, not cash. That involves sick parents as well. Kids are not for sale! Remember, he was proven not guilty! Yes, he was bizzare, but would any of us be normal if we had walked in his shoes. He had true love and compassionfor people. He loved that children accept you for you. He made many mistakes, but he was a good human and he was a musical genius. And please, a shady doc carries opiates and not Narcan? CPR performed on a bed? Sounds like cover my A** to me. It is a tragedy and Michael has to take self responsibilty for his actions, but he was not alone in this endeaver. It will come out in the end. Rest in Peace Michael, you touched so many. And PLEASE let someone normal raise these kids,let's stop this crazziness with these children.

they gave mj drugs for money,they didn't care about him,he shouldn't have planned this last tour,he should have stayed with his kids and enjoyed his life.he's had it hard enough so far,every one deserves a break.he admited he needed help with drugs,the drs. did him no favors,they just seen dollar signs from someone so innosinte and abbused by alot of people he had trusted all throuth his life. i'm not saying he was perfert,no one is. maybe he didn't know how to try,maybe drugs were easier for him,,he was shy,maybe the drugs made him feel a little less shy? he will be greatly missed,by the whole world ,he over came all odds,he was great.

I honestly think the doctor failed miserably in saving Michael Jackson's life, not to mention that the doctor was demanding $150000 per month. Doctor failed miserably without a crash cart, had not ordered enough diagnostic tests, and did not do enough to prevent what happened. Some doctors just charge lots of money, but do very little. Might as well hire a nurse than the doctor.

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