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Michael Jackson's death: Lawyer for Jackson family says no will has surfaced

A lawyer identified by Michael Jackson's father, Joe, as the family attorney told CNN on Sunday night that he has not seen a will for the pop singer. The attorney also said the singer's mother would seek custody of his children.

"Well, there have been reports of [a will], and we are trying to assess that now," said New York-based attorney L. Londell McMillan."None has been presented to the family at this time."

McMillan made the comments Sunday night outside the Shrine Auditorium, ahead of what are all but certain to be protracted legal battles over the singer's estate and custody of his children.

Earlier, Joe Jackson issued a statement that was read on the red carpet at the BET Awards. He said he and his wife, Katherine, had the sole personal and legal authority to act on behalf of "our son and his children." He also identified McMillan as the family lawyer.

If there is no will, Jackson's assets would go to his next of kin under California law. Katherine Jackson would be appointed to oversee the best interests of the children.

Legal experts have told The Times that a fight over Jackson’s children is almost inevitable and that the pop star's former wife, Debbie Rowe, is most likely to get custody of the two children she had with the singer.

Rowe initially waived her parental rights. But she later changed her mind, and an appeals court ruled that she was the legal mother of Prince Michael Jr., 12, and 11-year-old Paris Michael Katherine.

Prince Michael II, who is 7 and Jackson's youngest son, was conceived by a surrogate mother, who could claim custody of him. McMillan said Rowe did not have custody and that Jackson's children were "in a loving environment" at the Jackson family's San Fernando Valley estate.

--Andrew Blankstein

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This most likely will turn into a huge mess.

does anyone else get a very bad creepy vibe of Joe Jackson raising Michaels children whe he totally fucked up Michael in his upbringing. I saw that interview and boy I was taken aback at how little sorrow Joe Jackson was showing about Michaels passing.Even the guy interviewing him was agaspt at how yucky he was coming across.
when asked how do you feel ,he said I feel great! when asked how is the family,he said they are doing ok.how weird is that for a father to say. One more thing that I thought was gross,when asked what he was feeling he said well its sad because the world lost an icon. Not, its sad because my son died. How weird that seemed to me.I would think it would be horrible for those kids to be raised by Joe jackson. Surely, I cant believe I am the only who thinks this????

Does that mean the State of California gets a huge chunk of his money? Woot! Arnold is dancing in the streets. The debt problem is solved.

Michael Jackson was the living embodiment of identity crises.
He turned his back and struggled with his own blackness.
The troubled soul surpassed his talent, and as time went by, he got whiter and weirder.
He was nicknamed Jacko Wacko. But now that he is dead, he became the must wonderful human being dat ever lived in the face of earth.
Around the African American community, the sentiment seemed to be that Jackson lived at the poles of black pride and insecurity.
It was said at several beauty salons, and barbershops around the city yesterday… “We always get compliments for aging well.’
He claimed to have a skin condition called vitiligo.
Although, his face itself told the story of a torn soul.
He underwent to a series of plastic surgery and turned himself into a white man. I wonder, if all that was because his old man said he had a big nose as a kid?
Michael Jackson has die a long time ago, right before our eyes.
The sordid details, that emerged during the child molestation trial, left him mentally and physically broken.
It was very sad to watch such a talent man, secluding not only himself, but also his innocent children from the world.
I wonder, if his kids will grow up reserving for him, the same poor regrets he has from his own father.
I may be wrong, but it looks like his children were subjected to the same type of life style, “Unusual Childhood”.
They’ve been raised in an exclusive and unique circumstance…I often wonder how adjust they really are!
Jackson has told of being whipped and mentally abused by his own father.
In despite of all, at least he has a mother, and no matter how bad things are, it always a tremendous comfort having a mother around.
In contrast of what have transpired in his childhood…from day one, unusual arrangements where made, and Michael Jackson offspring were all separated from their mothers at birth. Walked around with mask and veils. In 2002 Michael dangled baby Prince Michael II out of a Berlin hotel window. What on earth was he thinking!? That was one of the most outrage, and disgusting act of violence against a child I’ve ever seen. It was visible to all, the struggle of the infant swinging his tiny legs in the air.
Though, Michael Jackson got away with it all, because he was the “King of Pop”.
What was the difference, from the horrible life he claimed to have on his early days, to the ones he provided to his own children?
In regards of his molestation charges, which he was cleared of any wrongdoing, it is not longer a matter of this earth. It will now be between him and GOD!
Regardless, I loved his sequence of steps, his was an amazing entertainer and I will always appreciate his music.
It may take some time, but at some point, his soul will merge his double self into a better and truer self, meet terms, and mend with what was left behind.
Peaceful be his next journey.

Leave the kids with Michaels mother. They belong with her, that is their grandmother, & they are a part of Michael Jackson. His best creations.

I can't believe he's gone. There will be a lot of want-a-be's out there, but there will NEVER be another one like Michael. I have always loved his music. He will be in my heart forever. I can't wait to dance with him in heaven. All of those false accusations against him about child molestation, golddiggers seeing dollar signs is what that was all about. I hope they enjoy it, because it will only be for a season.

Joe Jackson showed no respect for his son during the CNN interview. That statement "We just lost the greatest super star" was so insensitive and hurtful to me. He never referred to Michael as his son. How dare he.This is an evil man. I thank GOD Michael is now at peace. I will always love you my sweet Prince.

Its worhtwhile reading what Mallika daughter of Deepak Chopra wrotea about all this in
her site "www.intent.com "blood suckers" for some truth in the matter. Lets pray that that integrity and love prevail here.

well where the hell IS debbie rowe anyway????.....she doesnt have to comment on the kids but she hasnt surfaced long enough to say a few kind words even???...pathetic....the media doesnt even seem to be trying to track her down either


Can we please stop talking about this now? When the death of a famous person happens, I understand that everyone has interest. We have spent the last three days with wall-to-wall MJ---ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! MOVE ON!!!!!

the kids should go with their mum.

The Jackson's only liability is to find out how Michael died. For the rest.... they didnt seem very much in touch with him, nor to care about him to let him go into such a physical and financial state. How could they care about his kids? All they want is his money. They're a greedy bunch.

All the goodness of the Jacksons was in Michael, and now, they've lost that.

Poor Michael. Rest in Peace.

I guess everyone has forgotten the abuse Michael and his siblings suffered by his father and his mother stood by and watched it go on. How dare they try to get custody of his children. Why? So they can abuse them too or maybe it's just so they can get all his money. I believe the abuse Michael suffered has alot to do with his behavior later in life. RIP Michael

Take one look at Joe Jackson and you can see what an evil, calculating self serving PIG this guy is. In his mind this is the best thing that could have ever happened to him. When he talks about Micheal Jackson he never refers to him as his son but as the "WORLD GREATEST SUPERSTAR" The reason for that being is he is already seeing BIG dollars for himself to capitalize on and feed off his DEAD sons efforts and spirit. There is talk already to turn Netherland into another Graceland and the cash mode is already working and in place. I think he is a tyrant and a very COLD individual and whatever Micheal Jackson said about him should be TRIPPLED. It seems he missed his calling when he was a young boy and now he is feeding his ego in the TRAGIC time. One day he has to face his maker also. He is a shrwed business man with a hidden agenda. Watch his moves in the next couple of months. He will prove to the world himself what a snake he truly is.

Those children should NOT be raised by katherine and Joe Jackson. Joe abused ALL of his children and his mother stood by and watched it. She is a victim of abuse also and CANNOT protect Michael's children. Michael would not want his parents raising his children!! There are enough aunts and uncles to raise those children if the mothers don't step forward. I'm sure they will stand back for fear of their father once again! This is going to be an ugly custody battle. Those poor children lost their father, and now have to endure this. Those children would be better off with anyone but Joe & Katherine as they may be able to lead normal lifes and not go out in public with mask on.

Bad choices all around.

Debbie Rowe was never a part of her kids' lives and the presence of a third child she is not related to complicates matters. Those three children belong together and I don't think anyone is going to argue that splitting them up is 'in their best interest'.

As for the grandparents, even if they mean well (and that is definitely open for debate considering the history of this particular family) they are 78/79 years old and the youngest kid is seven. The chances that that boy will effectively be orphaned twice by the time he is 18 are too high for comfort. These kids need stability and while I admire the effort elderly grandparents make when called to raise their grandchildren this is not an ideal situation.

There is still a chance that a will will surface naming someone else as a potential guardian or maybe that one of their aunts/uncles (ideally Janet, who seems less likely to turn them into her own private ATM) will have the courage to challenge their parents and do what's best for the children. Still, no matter how this plays out I suspect this is going to get nasty.

My heart goes to the children... and to those family members who actually cared about MJ.

He or she that controls his children..controls the money... what do you think the real motivation is??? Look how well they raised Michael.

Please don't split the kids up. Janet or one of the uncles of the kids should look after the kids. Tito any of them. The parents of mj im sure wouldnt be in michaels wishes either..

so sad

I am tires of people assuming things about the Jackson family and especially Michael Jackson. We don't know what he would have wanted. There are these accusations that his parents ("Joe", Katy watched) abused children. But truth be told he only raised him the best he knew how. I'm watching clips where Michael expressed his love and fondness for his father and mother. Times were different then. Did he whip his children, probably yes, but did he abuse them no. None of the children reported broken bones or bruises or anything. Joe admitted himself he did have a strong hand with the kids, but truth be told if it wasn't for his hard stance wouldn't be the stars the are today. Joe pushed his kids just like a lot of parents do. In the long run Michael Jackson and his siblings appreciated his father. Although they didn't like his tactics they kow their father and mother will always love them and have their backs. Because when the whole world is against you all you have is family.

Poor kids.Surely one of Michael Jacksons Brothers can care for them.Katharine does seem a nice lady but after reading what his Father did to him, I wonder where was she when all this cruelty was going on.
My Mother would have scalped my father if he had treated us like that.



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