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Michael Jackson's death: Joe Jackson said he and wife have sole authority to act on Michael's behalf

Michael Jackson's father said in a statement Sunday evening that he and his wife Katherine had the sole personal and legal authority to act on behalf of "our son and his children."

Joe Jackson's publicist read the statement as she stood next to the family patriarch during a red carpet interview with CNN as he arrived at the Black Entertainment Television awards at the Shrine auditorium in Los Angeles.

He made clear that other than the family's newly hired attorney, L. Londell McMillan, no one was authorized to speak on behalf of the family.

"Our beloved son Michael Jackson loved you all. Michael's children are our first priority. We will have further announcements to discuss our plans going forward," the statement said.

"Until such time, however, we have the personal and legal authority to act, and solely Katherine and I have authority for our son and his children. We wish to handle his memory and legacy with dignity," the statement read. "The attorney for the Jacksons is L. Londell McMillan and no one has the authority to speak on behalf of the Jackson family at this time."

Joe Jackson declined to discuss the specific circumstances surrounding his son's sudden death last week at age 50 but said he had concerns.

“I can’t get into that,” Jackson said. “But I don’t like what happened.”

He said that funeral arrangements are still not finalized but that the family would release information later.

He said the family was handling things as well as possible under the circumstances.

"It has been really tough. Remember we just lost the biggest superstar in the world, so it's been tough," Jackson said.

Asked if the world recognized his son's legacy, Joe Jackson told CNN: “They seem to realize it now. I wish the world had recognized him when he were living.... But right now he’s bigger than ever right now. I wish he were here to see all this, to hear all this.”

--Andrew Blankstein


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My main concern are MJ's three children. Joe Jackson does not have a good record of looking out for the needs of children.

WHY the sudden interest from the Jackson family?


I believe Joe Jackson is stil the selfish person he is and will always be... He doesn't care at all about Michael, just the business aspects.
RIP Michael...you were the talented one

Money-sucking father! How can he take care of MJ's children if he's only interested in his assets??? You didn't lose "the biggest superstar in the world", you lost YOUR SON, YOU MORON! You and Katherine should be ashamed of yourselves for sucking the life and money out of Michael! You didn't deserve Michael, and I really do hope that you don't get to lay one finger in his money! I hope the kids stay with their nanny, who cared for them in ways that u never did for your children.

This whole family is rotten, and I'm very sorry Michael had to be a part of it.

Michael was the icon and king of all music he had pop hip hop everything he tried and did make it so spectacular like nothing else he blew my mind away with rock with you thriller and beat it

the dad says "we just lost the biggest superstar in the world"? how about "we lost our beloved son" instead? makes it seem like MJ was the meal ticket for the family.

pretty sure the white gold digger will beat you.

Why didn't Joe acknowledge grief associated with the loss of a son anywhere in his comments? Why was he at an awards show dancing days after his son died unexpectedly. My god, his son hasn't even been buried. It's all about the money of the estate. I guess that is what he was establishing, that he and Katherine will control the money. What a creep.

What I always liked about Joe is that he had less shame than me.

Jackson Family:
I almost lost my 14 yr old daughter two yrs ago in a car accident. My daughter was in a coma for some time. I just watched BET and heard Janet's talk about her brother. Being very close to loosing a child I do understand the pain. I only wish "WE" the public did not buy all the smut, and lies. I cannot imagine your family, and his children watching whats on TV. Without fact news is so willing to find everything bad to talk about, they seem to like that more than the good. I only wish the Jackson family could stop the slander.
I understand your family has been in the press all your lives, however the press was so damaging to your son, brother, and father. In his music he tried to tell his story, still all the press could print is lies.
I believe the best thing Michael did for his children was covering their faces in public. I believe he tried really hard to allow them privacy. Without the public knowing what they look like they have a chance of life in the public.
I pray for your family and hope you can find the strength to tell the public the truth so the media can stop making it all up !

boy....I knew that the father, Joe Jackson was unscrupulous in the past and though I thought there were certain to be squabbles over Michael's estate, he really showed his true colors tonight. I find it reprehensible that his poor son isn't even in the ground yet and he's already trying to profit from the tragedy. Shame on Joe Jackson. I hope the rest of his family put's Michael's legacy first.

Why should he get custody of Michael's children when he abused his own children?

am missing him my prayers go out to the jackson family i love all of you..

Watched the CNN interview and Joe Jackson seemed more interested in promoting what HE is doing than in honoring his own sons legacy as a entertainer. I just didn't quite see how the dude in the white hat , who seemed to be selling something, fit in at such a sensitive time. Mr Jackson just seemed like more of a promoter than a grieving father. It is no wonder MIchael had "father" issues throughout his life as dad seems to be one cold hearted man, in my opinion.

Leave it to Joe to try to run his deceased son's empire and steal his children.

Money grubbing old monster needs to stay away from MJ's kids.

"Asked if the world recognized his son's legacy, Joe Jackson told CNN: 'They seem to realize it now. I wish the world had recognized him when he were living.... But right now he’s bigger than ever right now. I wish he were here to see all this, to hear all this.'"

I always loved his music and always defended his talent and impact on the music industry to his doubters. It is nice to see that so many people now recognize his amazing talent. He will be missed.

Black Parents like the Jacksons love their children beyond the understanding of people that have never had parents to struggle to make them be all that they can be. If they get money from it, THEN MAY GOD GRANT THEM THAT! iT IS HARD TO KEEP CHILDREN ON TRACK FOR SUCCESS AND FOR PARENTS WHO CARE, THERE IS NO REST.

Watching Joe Jackson on BET tonight was just tragic and made me sick to my stomach. He also seemed to dissapear from the Awards - so hopefully someone took him out of there so they could do a tribute without his acting like he had not just lost his son.

I felt very sad for Janet as she brought respect back - but was obviously dealing with more than she should.


"After Monterey" is a Michael Jackson tribute album

Let's see. Son isn't buried yet but Joe is on the red carpet. Need I say more? Thought not.

I don't believe thet Joe Jackson will act in the best interests of the MJ estate or his children. I would think that Jermaine Jackson would be a far better person to manage MJ's affairs.

Jermaine was on a reality tv show here in England and really came across as a genuine sincere man with a big heart.

Mark Green

London, UK

It is a shame that Joe is only worried about Michael's fame and his personal affairs. I did not see any grief in his face or his families face. It is common knowledge that Michael's family had been living off of his fame for years. Joe let him R I P! Maybe you should have not pushed as hard as you did, all natural great talent will come around it may take a little longer but it does come around! Now Michael can have his play time he wanted! It is shame that its all about money to you Joe.

When you have spent money all your life raising 7 or so kids and something happens to one of them later you have every right to step back in and help sort it out. So what if Joe Jackson gets something out of it? On average we all spend something like $250K per child to get them through to their 21st birthday, most of which never pay anything back. Good on you Joe for keeping all the leeches out. You made Michael Jackson no doubt one night through a bit of fun. You deserve to get something back for your hard work to if not all of it.

Watch the full clip of his comments on you tube: search joe jackson BET 2009. He is a MONSTER. All he cares about is money. All the family cares about is Michael's money. Why didn't they SAVE HIM? They KNEW he was addicted to prescription drugs. I pray a will surfaces or someone steps in, and the kids get sent back to Debbie or someone else who might actually care about them. Elizabeth Taylor would be GREAT. She actually loved Michael (you tube clip from mid 1990s shows her giving a public speech about MJ's addiction to prescription drugs and her efforts to protect his privacy AND help him.) She's a TRUE friend.

Is there any law which makes a trusty to MJ's mother to care his children till their matuare & give all financial rights to his children at the matuarity age.

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