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Michael Jackson's mom granted temporary guardianship of children [Updated]


[Updated at 11:05 a.m.]: A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge issued a ruling this morning granting temporary guardianship of deceased singer Michael Jackson’s three children to his mother, Katherine Jackson, a court spokesman said.

Judge Mitchell Beckloff has set a hearing for July 6 at 8:30 a.m. for the case, where the children do not have to be present, according to Allan Parachini, spokesman for the Los Angeles Superior Court. The hearing was originally scheduled for Aug. 3. Parachini said the rescheduling is routine for guardianship cases.]

Michael Jackson's mother had filed documents this morning in Los Angeles County Superior Court, seeking guardianship of the deceased pop singer's three children.

Attorneys for Katherine Jackson said in court papers that the children's biological mother, Debbie Rowe, does not have a relationship with them and that if she won custody, it would be "detrimental" to the minors.

Prince Michael Jr., 12, Paris Michael Katherine, 11, and Prince Michael II, 7, are living with their grandmother and their grandfather, Joe Jackson, and have a "long established relationship" with her, the filing stated.

The filing, by Encino-based attorney Diane Goodman, is the first legal volley in what is anticipated to be a protracted battle over custody of the children and control of his estate.

Some legal experts believe the pop star's former wife, Debbie Rowe, is most likely to receive final custody of the two elder children she had with the singer.

Rowe initially waived her parental rights. But she later changed her mind, and an appeals court ruled that she was the legal mother of the children.

Prince Michael II was conceived by a surrogate mother, who could claim custody of him.

Attorney L. Londell McMillan, who told CNN on Sunday that he was the Jackson family lawyer, could not immediately be reached for comment. His name was not mentioned in the filing.

-- Victoria Kim and Andrew Blankstein

Photo: Michael Jackson's mother, Katherine Jackson, departs the family's Encino home as fans and members of the media gather along barricades Monday morning. Credit: Al Seib / Los Angeles Times

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And she was such a great mother to her children? Letting them work their fingers to the bone, be beaten by Joe, all of them talk in that whispery voice because they were never allowed to speak normally around old man Joe?

Hope to God he left a will --- that keeps his money grabbing parents away from his children!....Never saw such a greedy, uncaring, nasty family like the Jacksons!....You know his kids weren't allowed around Joe!... I wish to God that old man hadn't outlasted his son!... But of course he would have ---- Didn't seem to care that his son had gotten down to 112 pounds! Just as long as he kept working and sending the money home...Joe has always believed that his children were born to take of him! And now on to the next generation! Absolutely disgusting!...

well, if you can believe perez's website, debbie rowe is saying michael is not the biological father of the 2 children she bore. she's claiming michael sent her to a fertility clinic and the little swimmer's were not michael's. just another blow for the kids, by the publicity i mean. regardless of what the truth is, if the kid's love michael's parents and they love the kids, they should have the right to have custody.

This man sacrificed his life to leave the world the legacy of his music. He sang, and danced, and sang, and dance his entire life. Through happines, sadness, and tears, he continued to make his majic for us to enjoy. When the same people who elevated him to God-status decided to drag him through the mud, he continued to sing and dance for us. He gave the world joy, what did the world give him? He will be sorely missed, more than words can express. May the Lord shine down on his chilren and his family!

Much Love MJ!

Considering what a bang up job the Senior Jackson's did, I hope they do not get custody

No one knows the true dynamics, excepting those involved. I have a serious concern on age. They are respectively 79 Katherine, and 80 Joesph years of age. Michael tried to raise his children in a much different light than that of the Witness mentality, it's love yes, but severe limitations as well. Is this the view he had in mind, the one from which he appeared to have run from most of his adult life? He is reputed to have suffered from physical and emotional abuse, which has been substantiated by other members of the family. Could this possibly be the world that Michael would want for his children, whom he sheltered from so much and loved so deeply? Even in the best of health at these advanced ages, raising a 12, 11 and 7 year old requires more than love, although that is a damn solid foundation. That would leave Katherine 86 years of age when Prince Michael, the eldest turns 18, what about Prince Michael II, she would be 93!

My thoughts and prayers are for the Jackson family most especially to Katherine who i know is still in pain for the untimely demise of his son. My heart goes to Janet as well, for being courageous when she spoke yesterday at the BET awards ceremony.. I am pretty sure that it wasn't easy for her. She was right---- to us, Michael is an icon but to them he was FAMILY!!! So please, let us all give them the respect that they truly deserve.

Manila prays for Mj and his family! May they find consolation in knowing that Michael is now MOONWALKING HIS WAY UP TO HEAVEN!!!

May the rule of law in the United States show compassion and consideration for the children of Michael Jacskon.

We all love Michael here in Manila and it will pain us to know that the children be given to a "stranger" . We hope that the custody be given to the Jacksons with less drama, that they may have their much needed privacy... We fervently,---- I fervently pray!!

Boy, for the sake of those kids, I hope the paternal mothers who have already earned money from giving up these children do not come back into the picture. Katherine Jackson and the Jackson family is the best place for Michael Jackson's kids to be for many reasons.

Let's hope they don't mess these kids up like they did to their own children!

Did'nt the Jacksons abuse and terrify thier children throughout thier childhoods? Now were going to give these old nut jobs 3 new ones to destroy?

How quickly people forget the insanity of the Jacksons.

Money paid or not. They should be with their Actual Mother.

Why would anyone give custody of the three kids to Michael's parents when it is so widely publisized that Mr. Jackson abused the children. I don't think the mother was abusive but she was present during the abuse of the Jackson children and obviously doesn't have the ability to stand up to her husband. It seems sick now that after all Mr. Jackson did to his children he now represents the family at the BET and wants to raise Michael's children. Typical behavior for an abusor though.

Give Joe Jackson a few months with these kids and they will be on their way to STARDOM with a recording contract, CD, and a worldwide tour.

I pray that Katherin gets custody of the children.I believe that we should focus on the children not Joe Jackson.We are quick to judge Joe but do we really know how he treated his family or how he is treating them now.The family is going through a difficult time dealing with Michaels death why not just pray for them and ask God to give them the strength they need to get through this.God bless the Jackson family.We all loved Michael but God loved him most!Michael is gone but will never be forgotten!

A group of us have started The Man in the Mirror Project (www.maninthemirrorproject.org) which honors the life of Michael Jackson by encouraging fans to pledge donations to his favored causes in his memory. Specifically, The Man in the Mirror Project calls upon "This Is It" ticket-holders to pledge their forthcoming ticket refunds to the causes he supported. Michael Jackson's art and charitable spirit influenced generations worldwide and we believe this is a fitting way to honor the King of Pop.

Did anyone see Joseph plugging his latest business venture on the red carpet of the BET Awards yesterday? Michael isn't even in the ground yet and he is taking advantage of it for himself. Very disgusting. For their sake I hope the childrens many aunts and uncles take it upon themselves to protect these kids from their grandfather.

How does anyhone know if Michael Jackson is the father of these three children? That should complicate matters even more.

I guess now we'll be looking forward to the "Jackson Three".

The circus goes on! MJ's parents ARE NO ROLE MODEL!! How THEY profited from being ring masters!!! The kids will forever be in jeopardy, regardless of whomever gets 'custody.'

stop with all of the nasty and greedy family talk!!

they are not...joe was just one of those hot head parents who wanted his boys to be fough in a tough enviroment,and sometimes u got to treat the ones who break,a little easier than others..

i grew up in the hood,and 99percent of those who had imposing,but loving fathers who did go upside their behinds everynow and then,and they turned out fine..

every hood story is not a bad one..thats the perception of the media who try to paint all black folks as lazy and non-productive.let's not forget,we have to be almost 10 times better than any white person for any position,job,status in entertainment,sports,etc...
just think about it...when was the last time u seen an average black entertainer,sports figure,president or ceo of a company EVER!!

U haven't and u will not!!
im not trying to sound racist but thats the truth..u will find average whites in more authoritive postitions than blacks,and we have to be 10 times better,faster,stronger..

don't believe me,look at our president..
do u think if he had bush's background:
failed business owner..
national guard serviceman who was M.I.A. in alabama..
never left the country for nothing before being elected..
picked a v.p.candidate whom had gotten 7 deferrments from vietnam,in other words,HE RAN FROM THE WAR!!

he was and still is better than any entertainer ever,and,if he were white,the discipline by his father,the strange lifestyle,and whatever else people throw at him would have been ok by u...

whippings=getting disciplined
strange lifestyle=being unique and a genuis..
u all would have come up with everything about this man to protect him if he were white..
but,unlike me,mike was colorblind,,he helped and befriended everyone,every color,creed,of any any religion,he was great!!

and don't u all forget it!!

love u mike

Another 3 kids down the tube, the jacksons are such a mess up family, just look at the other loser kids in this family, what are they thinking

I believe that Grace, the nanny, should get custody. The children know and love her more than anyone else seeking custody. They should be kept away from the media and be able to heal from their terrible loss.

I feel so sorry for those kids, and I hope that truly the best thing for the kids should be done.

Maybe the bio mother did not have an on-going relationship with the children but I truly believe that was because Michael and his henchmen saw to that. She should be given a chance to be their mother before any further harm is done to these kids.

If you have decent vision you can tell MJ is NOT the biological father of any of these children, he was a step father if anything and he paid these women to birth children for him.
The eldest son has full head of blonde hair and they ALL have caucasian features, that doesn't come from someone who is African American.

The Jackson family has some very deep seeded issues that have been swept under the rug for decades. I think the only semi normal child is Janet and even that is stretching it.

Debbie Rowe has a very big strike against her because she was paid to go away, she might not even want to be a parent but she should be first in line according to Califorina statute.

The grandparents are old, nothing wrong with that but it has to be considered when you have young children to raise. Also the fact that they were not good parents to their own children should be factored in as well.

This is a complete mess that will affect many people psychologically, emotionally and financially which the TV networks and the tabloids will love the material that they will get from this for months if not years.

Let's see. The late Michael Jackson, as well as other members of the Jackson family, have asserted that their father Joe Jackson used to regularly deliver physical beatings and psychological abuse to propel his children to stardom. Now Michael's 3 test tube babies will now be living under the same roof ad this abusive psychopath and subjected to his abuse. Is this really the right thing to do? i think not...look how Michael turned out under this "loving and caring Dad"

I feel bad for the kids. I'm sure that being with Mrs. Jackson IS NOT the solution however. Come on now, when HER kids were growing up she did nothing to protect them from her husband - who beat them. Is this was these kids have to look forward to? Nice.

But those children are white !!! How many of his brothers and sisters have white children ????? ~ NONE ~

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