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Lakers parade: LAPD uses beanbag rounds on bottle-throwing fans [Updated]


The Los Angeles Police Department used less-than-lethal beanbag rounds on a group of bottle-throwing Lakers fans who broke down part of a fence at the L.A. Coliseum.

The incident occurred about 1 p.m. by the main entrance to the venue, near the Olympic flame torch. According to the LAPD, fans broke through a fence and climbed onto a ticket building.

Police formed a skirmish line and ordered the crowd to leave. Officers on mounted horseback were also sent in. Some in the crowd threw bottles at the officers on horseback. One of the bottles landed near Police Chief William J. Bratton.

Officers fired some beanbag rounds and the crowd left. Several people were arrested. It's unclear if any officers were hurt.

[Updated 1:30 p.m.: The LAPD also cited 30 people for running on the freeway and taking pictures.]

[Updated at 2 p.m.: The LAPD was still tallying the number of arrests but officials said they think the problems are over with.

"We had knuckleheads in several areas," Chief William J. Bratton said. "Generally, it went off very smoothly."

Bratton said his officers showed the kind of restraint when attacked with the bottles.]

-- Andrew Blankstein, at the L.A. Coliseum, and Richard Winton

Photo: Party-crashers force their way through a fence at the Coliseum.

Credit: Mark Ralston  / AFP/Getty Images

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When did celebration turn into destruction... No wonder LA has such a terrible reputation. Look at how much its residents care about their own, and their own city...

No matter how much a city does to make itself look good, you still have a few imbiciles that make themselves look bad, and in return, the city itself. Must be the result of poor parenting is all I can figure.

Idiot IS what Idiot DOES.

my god, people are stupid

Well come on!
the criminals had to "celebrate".

this is very surprising.

Whoa - no one blaming the cops yet? Maybe there is hope for this city...

why surprised? Just look at the caliber of people taking over the city. Just plain scum. Be offened if you want but it's true.

I'm sure all those city employees that are getting laid off are thrilled to see the city shell out a million dollars so that a bunch of millionaires and criminals could have a party!

It's those stupid gang members that cause most of the trouble. I love L.A. and have family/friends who respect their city.

Freakin hooligans!!

Actually the ones throwing bottles were undercover LAPD officers, Didn't anyone notice they were aiming for the Chief for his order prohibiting them from wearing there riot helmets for fear of offending the crowd.

If only we could have hit him shame shame.

How long until each of these idiots wins an uncontested lawsuit from the City ?

They should have taken DNA at the coliseum. Can you imagine how many crimes and welfare cheats we could have solved? There must have been 60% to 75% of our criminals in one pit. How many of you had time to take off and go see the Lakers. Most of us have to work and pay our bills not steal from others.

How did all these animals get the day off from work??? I want to know because at my job I was expected to show up or else I wouldn't have a job for very long??? Must be nice to leech off the system by collecting Section 8 and welfare. Hopefully due to our budget deficit the state will be broke and be put in a bind to cut all these worthless programs!

Hopefully all you cry babies will hit up your millionaire buddies to pay for crowd and traffic control at the next No on 8 rally or the AIDS Walk. I sure don't want my taxpayer dollars going towards it.

Go Lakers!!!

Typical stupid ghetto people who obviously have no job or school to go to.

Difference between LA and Pittsbugh? 375,000 people showed up for the Penguin's Parade. 2 arrests. One for disorderly conduct, one for selling unlicensed merchandise. If only LA fans had class.

Wouldda been a good place to check IDs and make some arrests -- and start some deportation proceedings.

You ever see footage from soccer games in Central America?

Who are we kidding. The lakers although good at basket ball, are not Nobel prize winners. Even if someone else did pay for the parade and all the @#$^%$#, didn't the people who did pay feel it was still in bad taste to parade past all the homeless and out of work people in downtown? Isn't there a better place to place our money and don't the Lakers get enough attention? How sad we must look to the rest of the world......

Narrow, small minded people
will hate and complain
despite all of our pains
we are the luckiest city in the world
to have the best basketball team in the world.
If you didn't fork out the mula
let the good people rejoice.
otherwise hide under a rock
no one wants your opinion.
other than that......
p.s. Dodgers parade come this way!!!!!!

Laker for Life: Hey, the people celebrating L.A. Pride paid to get in! You're bitching because the city didn't provide you with a free parade. Who do you think you are?

Who is the knuckle head to have a parade in the middle of the week? Downtown needs this sort of event on the weekends. Its dead at the LA "live" ... typical mediocre middle management BA degree boneheads that run Staples and City.
Tired of the "F"lakers.

You mean all the half-hearted pleas from the Lakers and the so-called "tough talk" from Bratton and VivaLaMecha didn't work?! Shocking.

Solution 1: Charge $50 dollars per person for entrance.

Solution 2: Photograph and thumbprint all attendees. The legions of looters, illegal immigrants and welfare cheats will go nowhere near said festivities. Law-abiding citizens playing hooky from work will be similarly discouraged from their boss seeing them grinning and holding up a foam finger on the news.

Solution 3: Shoot "knuckleheads" on sight at the first sign of trouble. No bean bag bullets, my friends. Real ones. We all win!

Didn't any of these people have jobs to go to? Lining up at 6am? Why not line up at a temp agency at 6am, or go start filling out job applications at 6am?

Whats more apalling is how so many of you whom exclaim rhetoric about the indecency of LAs impoverish, do so distastefully. What class do any you possess and represent as you lower yourselves speaking the truth not just about LA, but of your own persona. If you find LA and its few bandants to be repulsive and or a disgrace, do something to improve the quality of life for them. Other wise keep the flagrant mouth of yours shut. Face it, what you have witnessed is nothing new. Its the reality of life that people like yourselves prefer to shove in the corner. Imagine if the parade had been in any other city. The same dispicable remarks would be made. Events of this nature are not scheduled to hold out National debates. Goes to show what level of intelligence you bigots really possess. If any you trully contained political knowledge, you should know by now that LA residents pay the highest tax in S. CA. So let be. Again, why should a city that you most likely are not a resident of, be your target for criticism.

Excellent job, LAPD. Sunday night was also an excellent job. I don't see why the judge would not want to lift the consent decree.

Now, I know that there are many cowards who post here in the LAT comments, or at least a few cowards that post under many names. I have difficulty believing that anyone that stupid can actually operate a computer, so I'm going to assume it's just trolling for a reaction. In any event, you're pathetic, whoever you are.

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