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Gang members on 'holiday' arrested at Studio City club [Updated]

Several gang members celebrating a “gang holiday” were taken into custody today for warrants and parole violations during a police raid at a nightclub in Studio City, authorities said.

At least 17 members of the Rolling 60s Neighborhood Crips were taken into custody for parole violations, including associating with other gang members, said Sgt. Dan Horan of the Los Angeles Police Department’s 77th Street Gang Enforcement Unit. His unit led the raid after receiving a tip about the party.

At least three others had outstanding warrants, and five were arrested for probation violations, Horan said. The Los Angeles City Attorney's office has a gang injunction against the Rolling 60s that severely limits members' activities.

The raid began shortly after 1 a.m. today at Platinum Live near Ventura Boulevard and Tujunga Avenue. Undercover officers were observing the party and moved in when they began to smell marijuana smoke at the front door, Horan said.

The club had been rented for June 10 because the month and date are associated with the gang’s name. Members were celebrating the "holiday," police said.

The gang's turf covers neighborhoods along Crenshaw Boulevard and Slauson Avenue in South Los Angeles, Horan said.

[Updated at 2:15 p.m.: A previous version of this post said the L.A. County district attorney's office had an injunction against the gang.]

-- Ruben Vives

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About time we change the city name to Los Gangeles. We should declare martial law for several days and round up every gang member and kick them out of the country. We start clean from there.

And I guess the police are not allowed to ask their Immigration status?

Studio City used to be a really nice city. what a shame...

Gee, do you think this nightclub (Platinum Live) ought to lose their license?



I like that idea KK.

Funny how a simple google of Rolling 60's will conclude they are not a Hispanic Gang, but rather a black gang.

They are a black gang...don't think their immigration status would change much as far as deportation. We stopped deporting blacks to Liberia a long time ago... Perhaps it would be wiser to find out their pathology and try to help them change.

The R 60s is an African American Crips gang, which has been around for decades, and profited heavily from the drug business. Many of the members don't even live in the area the gang originated in anymore. At one point people on the street were calling them the Rich Rolling 60s.

Here's an idea for a Reality TV show I'd consider watching: Round up the gang members and put them in a stadium and let them duel it out, Gladiator style. The winners get to live to fight the next match...

"And I guess the police are not allowed to ask their Immigration status?"

Not to slight you, Al Ford, but it would be useless anyway. The Rolling 60's are not a hispanic/latino gang, traditionally speaking.

I think that KK forgot the last K to his moniker.

After reading this article I'm not sure if there is any safe place in los angeles.
I live in studio city and to hear news like that, it makes me feel not safe.
I thought that studio city is one of the best areas in san fernando valley.
I hope Im not wrong.

he perp who shot it out with armed guards in D.C. was WHITE should have asked him for his immigration status. Since ALL white people came from Europe.

Remember history, the larger part of the southwest used to belong to Spain and Mexico. So ALOT of people did NOT cross the border.

Oscar, right on the money regarding the KK, K!

i recently read about a gang member in another state who was charged as a domestic terrorist when he shot up a neighborhood, and murdered someone. Why doesn't Los Angeles do the same?

Can't a person celebrate anymore. Marijuana keeps them calm. No harm in that. Undercover swine.


The moderator of this column is asleep. The rules of posting include the prohibition of:

"inflammatory attacks of a personal nature"

Please ease of the personal attacks.

"TRADITIONAL GANGS" old skool $$$$$ ex:"White Fence"

Wanna do some real damage, hit the soccer games, baseball, basketball, and football games that are disguised as such to throw off the scent of gang meetings, for the citizens of Studio City, no where is safe. people have crawled into a shell, and let the gangs run the cities into the ground.

Hope this piece of wisdom is at least thought about. If you dont help to stop it everywhere, it will only grow to eventually reach your own shores.

Why can't these gangs stay on their "own territory???" Why do they have to bring their "gang activity" to our neighborhoods?? Yes, OURS! The news said that all of LA and the surrounding counties should be on the look-out as it is "hood holiday season!' So basically, "stay home, do not venture out anywhere, not even to work!!" This is ridiculous!! Get rid of these gangs once and for all!! Put them all on a deserted island and let them go at it without their guns and knives! That would be a reality show to watch! Bunch of low-lives!! Why should law abiding taxpaying citizens have to fear for our lives because these gangs are coming to town?!

Oh god, what next...so a bunch of friends were celebrating, so what?? Smell of ganja prompted them to move in...damn swine, what’s wrong with getting high? Bet half the force does it anyways...they weren’t causing trouble, they were celebrating!! wtf???

Let's see if we can figure this out: gang members = TERRORISTS! Round them up, and deport them to Afghanistan so our troops can vaporize them off the planet as all terrorists should have done to them! Forget "due process" for these punks! Round them up, ship them out, and have this state be rid of them!

To those who say, "They were just celebrating", what were they celebrating? How many deaths were caused by that group in the past year?

I understand in some neighborhoods, one almost HAS to belong to a gang just to be able to walk to the store. But, based on a recent news article on gang violence, 10% of Los Angeles gang members (regardless of race) are VIOLENT ANIMALS who will kill at random without remorse.

I'm glad the majority of their violent behavior is aimed at each other, but innocent bystanders are always getting caught up in their animalistic behavior. You can get murdered driving down the highway at night just for failing to use your turn signal because there are dangerous animals driving cars outside their pens.

EFF GANGBANGERS that prey on the innocent!

Some of these comments are horribly racist. If you grew up black or hispanic in a neighborhood where the only successful people were drug dealers yall would probably be in gangs, too. Eliminate due process, gladiator combats to the death. Maybe yall should go to Afghanistan and join the Taliban since you seem to share their mentalities.

In your neighborhood? When it is a crime to go and have a drink and celebrate something. When is the racial stuff going to stop. Just some guys going for a night out the Media builds all of this up. It might have been some R-60 crips there one guy with a tat with 60 which was his football number in High School but it is R-60 Crip. If I would have worn my red sweat suit I would have been a Blood I guess. LAPD needs some awareness instead of jumping to conclusions. I understand there are some bad ones out there but something needs to give.

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