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Father of octuplets was 'upset' when he learned of pregnancy, Nadya Suleman says

SulemanOctuplets mother Nadya Suleman told an online celebrity website that she wants her children to have a father in their lives but that the man was upset and resentful when he heard about her pregnancy.

"I want to apologize to him, but I feel like he resents me," she said. 

Suleman, who gave birth to eight children in January after undergoing fertility treatment, has not identified the sperm donor and has said in the past that she feels judged by the public for being a single mother.

In an interview with Radar Online, she said she used sperm from the unidentified donor to have her first six children. He did not know she had additional embryos and was "upset" when he found out she was pregnant with eight more babies, Radar said.

"That was my problem. That was my choice. That was my stupidity," she said. "I went behind his back and used them all. He didn't want me to. I feel so much guilt for that."

“I screwed myself. I screwed up my life. I screwed up my kids' lives,” she added in the video. 

--Shelby Grad and Amanda Covarrubias

Photo: NBC

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Let that be a lesson to you, boys. Be extremely careful to whom you loan your sperm.

Ok, now that she's admitted the obvious, can we let this go?

I can't look at her anymore!!!!

Go figure.

She still doesn't get it. "has said in the past that she feels judged by the public for being a single mother". No, that isn't the reason. It's because you are insane and decided to have 14 children that you can't possibly care for monetarily or individually.

"Upset" is when you get a traffic ticket.

How about since this guy clearly old her no and by her own admission she did it anyway, she gets prosecuted for violating his civil rights.

She stole his choice from him as much as anyone getting raped would have hers stolen.


Well, I guess she deflected the talk of the plastic surgery, and
the book deal falling through nicely.JMO

And she is seriously going to do a reality show now? Spare us, O Lord.

The father it seems is also in the healthcare profession, in the radaronline chat with girlfriend, the girlfriend constantly brings up the father's profession implying that he should have known better than to keep giving his sperm.

I am wondering now if it is Dr. kamrave himself who gave the sperm?????

Shouldn't father in the headline be in quotation marks? Let's face it; Isn't he really just a technicality is this train wreck?

Will the LA Times stop posting this rubbish?

Classy genius has 14 kids and no job, and now we have to pay for it, then get mugged by the kids when they grow up running the streets and pay for the incarceration to boot.

Time to bring back gamma ray sterilization?

prosecute her for not disclosing the Father's identity to medical, food stamps, SSI, etc. You HAVE to give the Father's name so they can go after him first before approving assistance. She lied. He's afraid of 'losing everything' huh.. well he should be...he should be supporting the kids instead of taxpayers, and octofraud needs to be prosecuted and ordered to pay us back.

This is just another ploy for sympathy bucks. As for her "reality show" there ain't nothin real about you or your life Nadya. Take note CBS reality tv may sell but it just goes to show that the networks are morally bankrupt especially when they are complicit in the exploitation of children who have no voice.

and this is why we should protect the sanctity of marriage so that only married people have kids....er....yeah.

NOTHING Octo-freak says can be BELIEVED! She has lied, manipulated, LEACHED and connived her way through FOURTEEN KIDS ,... at the EXPENSE of everyone ELSE (but HERSELF).
SHE ISN'T SORRY for what she did -==SHE PLANNED IT ALL and LIED to Phil McGraw & the entire world. SHE PLAYED HIM LIKE A FIDDLE to get into her "new" OCTO-STY, which McGraw had renovated for OCTO-freak.
NOW she's had a TUMMY TUCK, BOOB REDUCTION, BOOB LIFT, LIPO ... and Lord only knows WHAT ELSE. She spent TWO WEEKS away from her kids ONCE AGAIN --to GET WHAT SHE WANTED.
WE TAXPAYERS are paying for EVERYTHING. (her KIDS are on CALIF MEDI-CAL --so is SHE).

SHE IS A BLIGHT ON HUMANITY and a SCOURGE to all honest, hard working TAXPAYERS. SHE doesn't pay TAXES; she LIVES OFF OURS.

PLEASE stop writing stories about this pathetic woman. Her big delusional dream is to be a "Celebrity," so stop treating her like one. She has done nothing to warrant any attention, and is nothing more than a glorified science experiment gone terribly wrong. Please, LAT, let it go! Save some credibility and don't write about her any more.

The interview seemed 'staged' to give you feeling she didn't know she was telling the world. It is just one more attention grabing scam except now she is using her children ...and the jerk that donated the sperm.

I have a news flash, I think maybe the doctor wasn't so truthfull either. How come everyone believes this nit wit doctor didn't just put 6 eggs of ...anyone...in there? Those kids don't all look like the older ones. The little girl in pink that she posed with the other day, didn't even look like she was the same Race for God's sake!

The whole thing has been lie on top of lie, till anyone is a fool to think any of it is true. How do we know little miss x stripper didn't get invertroed ....and get a few donated the old fashion way at the same time? Those kids just don't look like they all came from the same daddy/donner.

Now she says she can't raise them on 60,000. a year! Oh my. Now she knows why everyone else doesn't have that many. Most would have loved the 3 with problems bad enough to get a disabily check enough to not have more. Those 3 needed any extra love she might have. Yep, she is right, she ruined their lives for attention. Someone please...take those kids!

Why would any man donate sperm to this psycho? He must be a bigger loser than she is.......

it's time she was prosecuted for fraud. You can't collect SSI, or be approved for medical, food stamps, etc unless an attempt is made to go after the Father first. She clearly knows who he is, and according to hr own words he consented to the other IVFs, (but not the octups), and is afraid he'll lose everything. He should be.. this isn't the wild west.. where the taxpayers pick up the tab for situations like this... he was not an anonymous sperm donor from a bank. .. he is a known individual to her , with a name, and she HAd to lie on the applications for all her assistance because they definitely require the name of the Father before approval. Prosecute her to the fullest extent of the law.. make a public example out of this case of welfare fraud to deter others from trying it.

I found out Nadya's cell phone number.. he he..

if a mother refused to step up to the plate, you would tear her to shreds as you have so stupidly attempted to destroy this woman and her children. the fact is, this man, like so many selfcentred men is a total coward not to come forward to defend and protect his children in the glare of harmful and destructive persecution.hes afraid? what about his kids facing death threats. he is their father, he did not donate sperm to nadya to paint her nails with. It was a deliberate, and fully conscious decision to repeatedly assist her to have his children with or without strings attached nad irrespective of the number of children she had in the natural process of cells splitting etc. He has a moral and psychological duty to parent them and to assume responsibility for them in cooperation with their principle guardian. children need and are owed both parents in their lives. it is an abuse of these kids that their dad should allow stupid people with evil minds to deter him from his own kids who he knowingly and deliberately created with nadya. he was not duped, he was responsible for their creation when he donated his own sperm. be a man, don tbe a fool and cause emotional harm to your kids by being an absent, cowardly man. there is excuse on earth for this cowardice. the longer you leave it, the worse harm you are doing, theyre already asking daily after you. they come first, 14 innocent children, not you. there should not be any worries about financial contribution, within your means, you have a duty of care to contribute as all fathers do. nadya is too soft on you, because what you are doing to these kids is criminal negligence. you should be prosecuted as many men like you all over the world who have kids by any method, and then shirk their duty. its is not for you both as adults to decide its nothing to do with you, thats theri decision, not yours. be warned, these kids will ultimately hate you for abandoning them if you dont act now. as it is, youre in trouble with them for all the hurt and harm you are causing so had better think how youre going to get round that, not worry about what the rest of society thinks of you. decent people everywhere will respect the risk you take to put your kids first. dont ever diss their mom in public or to them, you will tear them in two. nady is to be respected, she is outstanding, whatever the rights or wrongs of her actions, she is an amazing woman trying to come to terms with this in a big way whilst caring for all your kids alone. you are not giving them a sense of full self worth and value, the opposite, however you might feel, show them otherwise. i despise you utterly for leaving them to suffer all this just for being your children, alive, their only crime. grow up, and step up man.


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