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El Monte officer kicks suspect in the head after he surrenders [Updated]

Chase TV news footage shows an El Monte police officer kicking a car chase suspect in the head after the suspect appears to surrender.

Video from Fox 11 News showed the incident at the end of a car chase that wound through the San Gabriel Valley earlier this afternoon, ending in a collision in Pico Rivera. The suspect jumped out of his car and ran. He eventually stopped and dropped to the ground on his stomach, with his hands flat to the ground and above his head. The officer ran up to him and kicked him on the side of the head.

Lt. Chuck Carlson of the El Monte Police Department said his officers made the arrest, and the internal affairs department is investigating the incident.

Carlson said internal affairs will review video of the incident and also take statements from officers.

The suspect is a 20-year-old man who was on parole. He was taken to Greater El Monte Hospital. But it's unclear whether his injuries were sustained by an earlier car crash or from the blow to the head.

The officer appears to high-five another officer after the suspect is cuffed.

[Updated: 4:50 p.m.: Carlson identified the suspect as Richard Rodriguez, 23, of El Monte. He said Rodriguez is a member of the El Monte Flores street gang and had been released from state prison in January. He was wanted for a parole violation, but it's unclear if that led to the chase. Check out video from KNBC 4 below.]

--Ari B. Bloomekatz and Andrew Blankstein

Image: KNBC 4 News

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Here goes a multi million lawsuit for El Monte. Say goodbye to your career idiot cop.

He deserved the kick for what he did!

It didn't look like a case of police brutality to me.

regardless of what the news chopper has shown, people have to realize how dangerous a suspect can become when risking the lives of others in a high speed pursuit.

in the officers defense i don't think he meant to inflict any harm on the suspect. a situation this dangerous can be quite an adrenaline rush when you're in a position to apprehend someone who has evaded from law enforcement.

Good, he deserved it!

I guess he did not listen when the cop said "turn your head and look away from me."

I'm so sick of the police getting the bad rap in situations like this. If the idiot hadn't run in the first place, after leading police on a high speed chase, none of this would have happened. Break the law, pay the price. Why doesn't the story even mention what an idiot the 'suspect' was?

How hard was the kick? Was it just a little thump to let the criminal know that he shouldn't try any more tricks? After all, he had just led a dangerous pursuit on the road, then ran on foot.

Cops are paid to control their temper. The guy deserved it? You people are the reason police brutality continues, because when people like you end up on juries you never hold them accountable. Why am I even typing this. You'll never understand.

Who wants to a cop anymore. Bad guys are like hero.

Police brutality at its best.

That idiot is lucky he did not get shot. I am so sick of these moronic car chases. I am glad he got kicked. Actually, that idiot should have been kicked harder!

What's wrong with mostly everyone on here? Look the guy broke the law therefore he deserves to get arrested..go to jail etc. but no one deserves to be assaulted ie kicked in the head or anything else. The only reason people make statements like that is because its not them or their family member. The price for breaking the law is going to jail not assault @ Lefty

What's worth kicking once, is worth kicking twice!!! good job!

No one deserves to be kicked in the head like that.

One cop whose job goes down the drain over losing his cool.

At least they did not shoot him and claim self-defense.

High Fives indeed?

The suspect looks hispanic (or white).
Under our CALIFORNIA laws, It was OK to do it.
Mexicans and whites DO NOT HAVE civil rigths.
The jury is going to say " IT WAS JUSTIFIED".
If the Suspect was BLACK, it was a future LAWSUIT.
The incident was a HATE CRIME .
Our NEWS MEDIA who film the incident, make Millions if the suspect is Black.
If the suspect is Mexican or White, our News Media do
not make too much publicity.
The Atorneys do not want to represent a White or Mexican on a
California Court and win a case.

For a more even keel conversation about the incident, and hundreds of others like it, check out PhotographyIsNotaCrime.Org.

We're not worried about Big Brother watching us because we're watching Big Brother.

Seriously, if your blood was as pumped as that cops was during this chase then you would realize that the perp is gonna get thumped in some fashion. It's human nature to want to do that after risking the lives of so many innocent people and the police by running...

Nice kick! Dude should play soccer!

HI FIVE! You just lost your job copper. Hope your family and buddies think you are cool now...

That cop needs to be fired. There is no excuse for what he did and anything short of a firing would be a disgrace.

Kick him again. You start a chase and endanger lives you deserve a kick in the head.

Wow that's messed up. That cops a punk. Not only did he kick him in the head, he did it from the crown and not from the side. With enough force it can cause spinal injury and possible paralysis. Dude probably deserved it but it's NOT up to the officer punish him. Especially after undoubtedly surrendering. ANNNNND the other officer with the billy club? What's up with that. Those dudes are jerks and MOST cops are just LOSERS that used to bully and be knuckeheads in high school.

That's guy's getting paid.

Excessive force in effect...suspect was not resisting arrest at that time. Officer should read his policy and procedure manual. OOooops

I dunno...looking at it slow mo....looks like the officer slipped and while he was regaining his footing the suspects head was in the way. Maybe next time dude will not run from the cops.

WATCH!!!! how the cop with the dog grabs the perps leg, almost as if he's trying to get the dog to bite. It's right before camera cuts to the high five.

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