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Miss California will keep title, Trump decides [Updated]

Donald Trump places a ribbon on Miss California, Carrie Prejean, during a press conference, where Trump announced that Prejean will keep her title despite controversy over semi-nude photos.

Miss California Carrie Prejean, whose comments about gay marriage set off a firestorm, will keep her crown, Donald Trump announced today.

The controversy began nearly a month ago, when Prejean was asked about her views on same-sex marriage during the nationally televised Miss USA pageant. Although she said she believed people were entitled to do as they liked, she said marriage should only be recognized as an institution between a man and a woman.

Trump said he had no problem with Prejean's comments.  "She gave a very honest answer when asked a tough question," he said at a New York press conference with Prejean sitting next to him. "It was the same answer the president of the United States gave... She has to be commended."

Trump also said he reviewed semi-nude photos of Prejean that have surfaced in recent days and concluded they should not disqualify her. "We are in the 21st century," said Trump, who owns the pageant. "We have determined that the pictures taken were fine."

Trump said Prejean and California pageant officials and Prejean have met in the last few hours and "are getting along very well."

For her part, Prejean attacked some of her critics as spreading "hateful" rumors about her and said she was simply standing up for her beliefs. 

[Updated at 9:15 a.m.:] Prejean singled out Perez Hilton, the Hollywood blogger and pageant judge who asked her the gay marriage question. She accused Hilton, a gay rights activist, of having a "hidden personal agenda" and that he knew the question would be "politically charged."

She also said she's received much support from strangers for her outspoken views and said the situation shows the importance of speaking out.

“I stated my honest belief,” she said.

Pageant officials had said that when Prejean became the darling of the anti-same-sex-marriage movement, she began shirking her duties as Miss California. They say she missed appearances, including the filming of a public service announcement the pageant put together featuring former and current Miss USA, Miss California and Miss California Teen winners speaking about the beauty and diversity of the people of California. Organizers said she was generally unreachable by pageant officials -- technically a breach of her contract, they said.

Prejean's backers insist she is being unfairly vilified by pageant organizers for a viewpoint that is far from extreme (California voters last year approved Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage). 

Officials with the National Organization for Marriage say Prejean is not a paid spokeswoman. She did attend the Washington, D.C., news conference at which the group unveiled the ad featuring her Miss USA pageant clip. And she lent her voice to a recorded call the organization used to thank supporters and solicit contributions. 

"Carrie has always been a spokesperson for herself. She believes what we believe," said Brian Brown, the group's executive director. "We're proud of her. . . . She's standing up for marriage and against the bullying we heard at this press conference today."

-- Carla Hall and Shelby Grad


Miss California USA pageant is rocked on its high heels

Photo: Donald Trump places a ribbon on Miss California, Carrie Prejean, during a press conference, where Trump announced that Prejean will keep her title despite controversy over semi-nude photos. Credit: Timothy A. Cleary / AFP / Getty Images

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Donald Trump made a wise decision. She did nothing wrong that would justify taking away her Miss Cal. title. The photos were tame - nothing you wouldn't see on any beach. They purposely asked her a politically charged question because they wanted her to support a specific political agenda. It was so silly to complain that she gave an honest answer - as if she had no right to her own opinion, an opinion which is shared by many millions of Americans.

I think this Bimbo represents California very accurately! at least the more than half conservative population that opposes gay marriage, look at her:
she's young and blond ( fake blond of course )
she's a moralistic christian ( while posing naked and having fake boobs too)
she condemns other peoples preferences and who they choose to love and how they want to live their lifes ( while participating on a worthless and vain contest, that rewars looks over matter and is sexist.)
to me that's a tipical example of what christian values are these days.
Just like Sarah Palin's girl, preaching for abstinence while she got pregnant as a teenager.
For all of you who oppose gay marriage because of the children need to have a " mother and a father" well, Sarah Palin's grand child DOES NOT HAVE A FATHER since they kicked the guy out. eventhough they are not homosexual couple.

She was brought up with a caring family, and no one in her family had to turn gay, because they were neglected as children, molested or drug attics. She was taught correctly about marraige being between Man and Woman, and the majority of the world agrees with her. This Gay fad will soon dissapear, and everyone will forget Gays even existed.

As a member of the LGBT community, I disagree with Ms. Prejean's opinion as to gay marriage and I thought that her delivery of that opinion during the pageant showed her naivity about the gay community in general. She probably has not had much contact with many gay people and that lack of familiarity was apparent. HOWEVER, I do respect her for stating and standing by her opinion. She did not skirt the issue or try to give a politically correct response.

As for Mr. Hilton, I am ashamed of his behavior. As a gay public figure, his actions and words are attributed to the rest of the community and he did an abhorrent job representing his community. Yes, it is ok to disagree with someone's opinion and it is ok to be outraged by injustice, but it is not appropriate to respond in the manner he did. I offer my apologies for his behavior.

With regard to Mr. Trump's decision and not knowing all the facts, I think he made the correct choice. To have taken Ms. Prejean's crown would have appeared to be a political stunt and surely his actions and motives would have been questioned. Now, no one can accuse him of de-crowing Miss California due to controversial statements and what amounts to a difference in public opinion. If she has violated her contract or missed scheduled appearances, the public is not privy to all those details, and it is for Mr. Trump to determine. It's not the first time a "deliquent" beauty queen has been allowed to keep her crown.

Her answer had nothing to do with taking her title from her- it was because of the pictures. So- she gets to keep her title because they've lowered their expectations of young women today (because contestants like Carrie Perjean who take skanky nude pictures when they're underage-which is even more skanky.. are giving all contestants a bad image) She is definitely NOT a role model.

Get a grip folks she was asked a question and she answered it honestly. I haven't heard anybody crucify Obama for his answer, oh that's right you guys voted for him. What the hell is this world coming too when a person can't answer a question without being ridiculed.

You guessed it I'm not gay and I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman and yes I agree that they could be married. And I do have gays in my family and we have spoken about our beliefs. They still respect and love me and I do them. But unlike these haters they can still respect my beliefs and not get militant about it.

What Mr. Trump has failed to take into consideration is that the best predictor of future behavior, is past behavior. And Ms. Prejean's history is one of doing whatever is necessary to promote herself. Mr. Trump will have to bail this one out many times. Yeah, he did the right thing, based upon the events to date, but Donald, you know when to cut your losses (unless you see this as an asset). Prejean just doesn't appear to be that bright and will screw it up sometime. Playboy (ODG, let it be Hustler) will come along, open its saddle bags of money, and presto-amazo, she be naked in 250,000 copies of an issue, with of COURSE some well-thought out argument about how she is STILL a good christian. As Baretta used to say, "You can take that to the bank" (sorry for the vague reference).

Truth sez: (see earlier post)

Truth is not hatred. Truth is truth. I can warn you that if you jump out of a ten-story building, you will die. That is truth, not hatred.

[Now watch this, the equating of the "truth" of the bible with jumping off of a ten story building], well done, some people may even fall for it, get it "fall for it"].

The Bible says that homosexuality is a sin in the eyes of God. We are told this repeatedly in the Old Testament (e.g. Genesis and Leviticus) and the New Testament (e.g. Romans 1, 2nd Corinthians, Jude). I encourage all homosexuals to repent before they are judged. There is no hatred here, just truth.

[How do you know this to be true, because you and a group of people believe this? have any of you come back from heaven with a report or something? Maybe you have it all wrong and God actually love all people, and some one in the 11th century just got it wrong?]

I can also warn homosexuals that if they continue in their sins, they will face eternal judgment [yeah, yours for sure] and separation from God. This is truth, not hatred. In fact, my heart's desire is that homosexuals repent of their sins and spend eternity in heaven. "He who sins is a slave to sin," Jesus said. Only He can set you free.

[Now here's the catch... you can avoid this by just not believing in the bible, at least not in the one "Truth" believes in. Good luck with that first meeting with God/Jesus when you die, you may be in for a big surprise. But you never really know do you?]

Who asked the loaded question in the first place? Another case of blaming the victim, eh?

I was " brought up with a caring family, and no one in my family had to turn gay, except myself , nor i was never neglected as children, molested or drug addicts" ...and my family love me no matter who I choose to love, they know how to love and what that means. I have never taken naked pictures as a teenager of myself to make money, or get any plastic surgery. whos' inmoral here?. I don't judge her, so don't judge me and how I choose to live, but I wish " This Cristian fad will soon dissapear, and everyone will forget they even existed."
isn't ridiculous if I say that, last time I check religion was about : love your neighboor, the last ones will be the first ones, everyone is equal under God's eyes, we are all creatures of God and love ,compassion and undestanding.

The truth is Donald Trump is a lech who also let another idiot keep her crown after partially nude pictures and drug violations leaked out. Of course, he may just be trying to prolong attention to this pageant, the most it's gotten in years amidst declining ratings. As to the freak who posts as Truth, the Bible is fictional, inconsistent and incoherent. Put that in the same 99 cent bin as "the Earth was created in six days" bin. It also says man shouldn't come into contact with pork on Sundays, but I'm sure there are plenty of Christians who have no problem with NFL games.

Its amusing to read the posters expressing shock at the semi-nude photos of a christian woman. I suspect that these writers haven't been in a church for years and hold contempt for anyone who cherishes a belief in God. They are merely looking for ANY opportunity to humiliate and ridicule Ms. Prejean because she verbalized a belief in traditional marriage. This is meant to be a warning to anyone who disagrees with them that if they actually support traditional marriage in public they will be branded as "Hateful bigots" and thus forfeit any right to free speech.

Parez Hilton and 3 other judges with Gay Activist Ties voted against Miss California.

Mario or Miran or whatever that punks real name is and the other openly gay male judge have NO RIGHT to judge females .... Can you imagine Straight Males Judging a Gay Male Drag Show???? WELL ITS EXACTLY THE SAME THING.

Gay Men should not be dressing or Judging or doing anything when it comes to the sexual appeal of women.

And the other Judge who has a Gay Daughter who Got Married to her Lesbian partner HAS NO RIGHT to judge a female that says Heterosexual Marriage should be the way and Gay people should get Civil Unions.

Besides in the Open Window How many Gay people got married in California? NOT MANY because Gay Marriage is only a Chipped Stone of Heterosexual Values that they keep Bashing with a Sledge Hammer.

Gay men need to get out of the Fashion Industry and stop judging females.

I am saddened by many of the comments. EVERYONE has a right to their opinion. She has a right to her opinion; those with differing opinions have a right to their opinion. Why must there be name calling and disparaging comments?

We are an educated society; surely we can voice our opinions without name calling and vile commentary. Does anyone really believe they will change another’s mind with diatribe?

Let’s try for some well thought out reasoning on why we think as we do, rather than just saying someone else is wrong because they are a bimbo or homo or idiot. Name calling and text rage only makes you look bad; it doesn't make anyone else think you are somehow right. Anger doesn't make a very persuasive argument.

Carrie Perjean lied. Flat out lied. She lied about her pictures. First she was 17, THEN they were photoshopped, then it was 'windy'. Ever hear of double stick tape?

She signed a contract which specifically asked her if she has posed nude or semi-nude. She lied about it.

God hates liars.

Donald Trump is no business man. He basically ignored a written contract. I guess it's okay to lie when you have fake boobs.

Every time there is a public issue involving gays and lesbians, it brings out all the hatemongers and troglodytes.

That is to be expected.

What is really appalling is the bad grammar and bad spelling that the trogs bring to the discussion. I suppose they were too busy in high school beating on gays and making babies to learn these skills, but get back into adult school, folks; you cant expect people to respect your views when they are full of poor grammar and even worse spelling.

Perez Hilton is a vile human being who showed what kind of person he really is.

Why did they use homosexual men to judge the beauty pagent? That in itself is VERY VERY STRANGE. We love Carrie Prejean. She has strength of character and a strong will to prevail over the slander leveled at her by the gossip media. You go girl! I sincerely hope we will hear more of Carrie in the future. We love you Carrie!

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