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'Dire consequences' if voters reject state ballot measures

Two weeks before the special election, the head of the state Senate continued to beat the warning drum today, saying Californians face dire consequences if voters reject budget-related measures he and other government leaders placed on the May 19 ballot.

The measures include a spending cap that would extend newly enacted tax hikes for up to two additional years and a plan to borrow up to $10 billion against future revenue from the California Lottery, according to Sen. Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento. 

Even if the six measures pass, the state will face an $8-billion budget shortfall, according to recent projections. Steinberg said he is confident that can be fixed by borrowing from the lottery and tapping the $2-billion reserve fund set up in February when the state approved a budget.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said Tuesday that rejection of the ballot measures could force layoffs of firefighters and up to $2 billion in cuts to local governments, which opponents of the ballot measures have called "scare tactics."

"Is it a scare tactic? No. It’s reality. The numbers are the numbers,’’ Steinberg told reporters at a Capitol news conference today. "I would not take anything off the table."

Steinberg acknowledged that talks are already underway on how to plug a budget hole of $18 billion or more if voters say no on May 19.

Contingency talks with Republicans are "just starting, and they will intensify next week," Steinberg said. "We will be prepared.’’

Steinberg said he would like to consider such proposals as devoting half of every two-year legislative session to bills and half to oversight and evaluation of existing programs.

-- Patrick McGreevy

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I will be voting no on all of the propositions, save for 1F. Why give another credit card to our broken system?

So why didn't anyone ask Steinberg why he's planning on firing fire fighters, while at the same time offering layoff exemption to 95,000 state employees covered under the contract negotiated with the SEIU and the governer? I'm no expert, but wouldn't you pay for the essential people with the budget money first, say the fire and police forces, and make cuts in the areas where we can afford a vacancy, like the cubicle jockeys in the SEIU? Stop buying the Ferari with the grocery money, and end the lame scare tatics.

Wait, so the budget has every unnecessary cost removed from it? There are no travel costs and housing costs in there? Us normal people must pay those on our own. We don't get to take extravagant trips and then claim it is "necessary" even if it requires taking more money from people that will never go on these trips themselves. There is no bloating in any way? All levels that exist to skim off little bits of money for different groups without actually producing anything along the way have been eliminated? The budget has been pared down to ONLY the basics, such that the only thing left to cut are firefighters? For some reason, I really doubt that.

I am old enough to remember the same scare tactics being used to try and defeat prop 13. I say "bring it on" I am sick of these clowns running this zoo. Go belly up I say.

STEALING FROM OUR FUTURE; how very DEMOCRATIC! With all the greatness this State once HAD, if the voters don't show a MASSIVE 'THUMBS DOWN,' the children's FUTURE is even more bleak. FIRE THE INCUMBENT CROOKS come November 2010 and 2012!!!!!

Dire Consequences? Please. The only dire consequence is that the Legislature will actually have to do its job and balance the budget and figure out what to cut and what to keep. The idea that they can spend more than they have will have to be eliminated. It's a hard concept to grasp in Sacramento, so I'd suggest they get started thinking about it. Perhaps if the Legislature can rise to the occassion, we'll all be better off. Given their track record, I doubt they can. Then we'll all suffer in the future for the Legislature's lack of will to act now.

Blah , blah , blah. How many times is he going ot say he is going to layoff. Can we for once have the ACTUAL number of layoffs. Just refer to mercury news for compensation for firefighters .. ..it is uncontrollable.

Schwarzenegger and Steinberg think we are stupid and can't see right through them. Like they'd ever lay off firemen. Right. What a bunch of liars.


Upon further reflection: the "dire consequences" will be an uprising of the people to vote out these incompents otherwise known as "Legislators". Give me one week with the budget, a red pen, and the power to make unilateral changes, and the budget crisis will be solved. It really IS that easy. There is no will in Sacramento. The whiners and crybabies won't like it, but that's just too bad. Do these folks in Sacramento not notice that their public approval ratings are around 14%? Do they not care? Do they think that somehow they are special? The voting public should teach them a lesson. Sooner than later.

Dire consequences? The feds scared us with its dire consequences that billions were needed for the banks or else the end was near...but now we all can see it was all lies. the bankers have all the money and just wanted more...Californians wake up, they are lying to us!

vote no!

I voted NO on all of the ballot measures. I am a retired state worker with 35 years with the state. Once I found out that the Assembly was granting pay raises to its employees, and trying to keep it quiet, that was the last straw. Cuts will not do it, tax increases can't do it. Voters need to look in the mirror and realize that they are as much the problem as any elected official. Passing Prop. 13 in 1978 was the beginning of the end. The death of California started then, it just takes a long time to see the results of such a disease on such a large organisim.

Voted NO across the board already absentee. Anyone believing California State Republicans after the budget impasse earlier this year is a fool.

Dire consequences. Let's see. We lose jobs, or get paid less, and we have to find a way to cope. Government loses income, they want to take MORE money from us.

If they can't work with what they have, FIRE them. Let's get some people who know how to work within a budget.


Give government a spending limit, not a balanced budget requirement, but a spending limit. X% of the State domestic product, averaged over a 10 year period to allow for economic fluctuations. With that amount of known spending limits, then let the vampires in Sacramento do what they want with the money.

Historian, Alexander Tyler, said "A democracy can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves money from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most money from the public treasury."

Let's stop the voting vampires from sucking the providers (working stiffs) dry.

VOTE NO on all bonds and all tax or fee increases.

I am voting against these propositions also because they don't appeal to the sense I have of what needs to be done to fix the problems of our state. Many of the politicians in Sacramento need to be voted out of office for the lack of good ideas needed to get our states budget balanced. Where is the vision and the ability to face the root causes of our problems? The Senate leader wanted to give pay raises to employees at this time. That tells a lot about the competence of the politicos in the State Legislature.

OMG!!! Dire consequences? OK. OK. They should just tell us that women and babies are gonna DIE!! Children WILL DIE!! We will all die unless we pass these propositions!! The world will come to an end and Martians will invade us unless we pass these propositions!! Puhleeze!! What a farce our legislature is - and they know it!!

The politicos got us in to this mess and now they are telling us this is the only way out? Respect for your judgment was lost a long time ago. JUST SAY NO.

These might be the best Propositions ever written by man in the history of time. But I doubt it. Because these people have ZERO CREDIBILITY! Everyone knows they will jump on the first easy answer and fast buck that drifts past. They don't know HOW to make tough choices, not good ones anyway, so they duck them every chance they get. The answer to the budget problem is to provide good and effective services at a fair price in an obvious way. People are willing to pay for something when they know they got some good from it. But that takes work to build and more work to show. Which means it is impossible.

Instead these Bozos argue over saving every pet project and cutting every critical service (keep my raise, but cut the firefighters). I'd bet they could find a way to spend(waste) money even after they fired every state employee.

The State Financial Chris only exists in Sacramento. Remember after the San Francisco earthquake they needed to raise the sales tax to 6.50% only to take care of the emergency, and then reduce it back to previous rates. Look what happened. These politicians are doing their level best to make slaves out of all of us for their exclusive benefit.

We have been lied to or had truth and error mixed together so many times with the same straight face that being duped again would be shame on us!

I'm voting no, except for the last one, and that's more for the insult potential rather than any savings.

It doesn't matter what we vote really, the state will just legislate around whatever we say anyway.

I voted NO on all that garbage. Those guys in Sacramento make six-figure salaries and still cannot do the job???? Disgusting!!

All I have to say to this budgetary mess is fire all these incompetent in Sacramento. We are already in the hole and a little deeper into the hole is not going to do more any harm. Only way to get out of this hole is to fire these "public servants" and get a fresh start, a fresh batch of people who are actually wanting to make California better, and we are better than most states!

How many millions are they spending to avoid the truth?

WE ARE TIRED OF GIMMICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The People of California will speak on the 19th and perhaps these folks will finally start dealing in reality.

Yes they think we are stupid. 14 percent approval rating and they are still in office. So - yes we are stupid.

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