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Prop. 8: Schwarzenegger says he'll carry out court's ruling; San Francisco crowd disappointed [Updated]

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said this morning that he would carry out the Supreme Court's ruling backing Proposition 8 but that he believes gay couples should have the right to marry and would obtain it someday through an initiative or the courts.

"He voted no on Prop. 8. He supports the idea of giving same-sex couples the right to marry. I think he was hoping it would go the other way," said spokesman Aaron McLear.

Updated at 2:11 p.m.: In a statement, the governor added: “While I believe that one day either the people or courts will recognize gay marriage, as governor of California I will uphold the decision of the California Supreme Court. Regarding the 18,000 marriages that took place prior to Proposition 8’s passage, the court made the right decision in keeping them intact.” Schwarzenegger also encouraged those protesting the decision to do so peacefully.

Meanwhile, reaction in San Francisco was marked by disappointment. Shortly after 10 a.m., a chorus of boos went up from the crowd outside the California Supreme Court, as news of the decision spread. Whistles blew and the crowd chanted "Shame on you! Shame on you!"

Jeanne Rizzo, one of the plaintiffs, was in the crowd with her partner Pali Cooper.

"It's unconscionable," Rizzo said. "They had the opportunity to be courageous and stand up behind their original ruling. They failed to do that. There's no joy at being one of the 18,000."

Rizzo is "62 and tired" and Cooper is 54. They live in Marin County.

-- Michael Rothfeld in Sacramento and Maria La Ganga in San Francisco

Interact140 Interactive map of milestones in the gay marriage battle and how state laws have changed since 2000.

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Why didn't the Governor sign the marriage equality bills the state legislature put on his desk? He VETOED them! Too little too late Arnold. The gay community doesn't need fair weather friends!

Very surprised and at the same time glad to read that our dear Arnold supports the gay marriage.
Very surprised. And very glad :)


Com on It’s not what you look like, when you’re doin what you’re doin.It’s what you’re doin when you’re doin what you look like you’re doing. No one is doing it in the moon or in the jungle anymore, yeah maybe perez witth a free pass from me . But still don’t mean a thing if it ain?t the thing you want.

And let's add Obama to our list of fair weather friends.

Have some guts, gentlemen.

Arnie is a schmoozer and will say anything to look good. I don't believe anything this guy says!

i thing the world is going wrong day by day please open your eyes we are not discriminating people we are asking for respect for the people and families who still believe in the holy matrimony betwen a man and a woman

This was voted on by the people and passed both times it is not up to the Supreme Court to write laws. It is the courts job to uphold the laws that we the voters pass!!!! I am all for cival union between same sex couples but I believe marriage is to be between a man and a woman and I don't think that is unconstitional.

Arnold was wrong on Prop. 8, wrong on the Special Election and is wrong on global warming.

But the biggest goon is Jerry Brown. He was elected to defend the state and enforce the law, but decided to defend his personal opinion instead. It's time for him to go away.

Civil marriage is a civil right. Prop 8 is discrimination, "nelly." Nobody's trying to force churches, synagogues, and mosques to start marrying gays. We just want equality. We'll have it soon enough.

"we are not discriminating people we are asking for respect"
No, you are discriminating. It's BS to say otherwise, and entirely untrue. Prop 8 is based upon the premise that respect is an alienable right which a majority may take away, so there is simply no reason for anyone to respect those who choose to discriminate.

I like how Obama preempts the coverage on the Prop 8 decision by announcing his Supreme Court Appointee today instead of the originally planned date of this Thursday. Just shows how he wants to minimize anything dealing with gay issues including outrage toward this wrong CA Supreme Court ruling. In effect, he purposely has put the brakes on any growing protest of the Prop 8 decision and minimized the media cover of it.

California affords domestic partnerships the same rights & responsibilities as marriages under state law (Cal. Fam. Code §297.5):
• Making health care decisions for each other.
• Hospital & jail visitation rights.
• Access to family health insurance plans (Cal. Ins. Code §10121.7)
• Spousal insurance policies (auto, life, homeowners etc..) (Cal. Ins. Code §381.5)
• Sick care & similar family leave
• Stepparent adoption procedures
• Presumption that both members are parents of a child born into the partnership
• Suing for wrongful death of a domestic partner
• Rights involving wills, intestate succession, conservatorships and trusts
• Same property tax provisions (Cal. R&T Code §62p)
• Access to some survivor pension benefits
• Supervision of Cal Superior Court over dissolution & nullity proceedings
• Can file state tax returns as a married couple (260k) (Cal R&T Code §18521d)

What they don't get is to call themselves "married".

Schwarzenegger knows that in his birth country of Austria, the tradition, culture and sanctity of marriage - between a man and a woman - prevails! Shame on you, Arnold, for coming up with your Hollywood dialogue in California. You inspire more when you stay true to your heritage.

While most people seem NOW to dislike Arnold Schwarzenegger,

I think he's been speaking what he believes of late. He knows the only way to climb out of debt is to pay it off, and so I think he was correct in supporting the various initiatives to do just that.

And I think he's speaking what he believes when it comes to gay marriage. To those above me who've suggested that he changes with the mood of the crowd, I would say remember that the initiative to ban gay marriage passed - so he's going against the popular mood.

So the california supreme court upheld prop 8. So a majority of the population is legally allowed to strip rights away from the minority.

So let's strip ALL RIGHTS away from ALL minorities.

That's what is legally allowed.

Let's take away the right to marry to blacks, asians, mexicans and all other minorities.

Let's take away the right to vote away from women and minorties.

Let's take away the right to marry to all those who are not: White, Rich, Landowner!!!!

Either do these things or realize that everyone should be treated equally. Our United States Constitution says everyone should be treated equally. LET'S START DOING THIS!!!!

To the gay and Lesbian community: first, you participated and funded the initiative, but when it didn't go your way, suddenly, the very same legal process that you participated in is no longer valid, so you sent it to the CA SC. Now that the SC had made the decision, and again, it didn't go your way, suddenly the SC is also to blame. Why? Because again it didn't go your way. STOP THE CHILDISH ACT OF SCREAMING AND KCIKING THE CARPET WHILE LYING ON THE FLOOR LIKE A THREE YEAR OLD!!! Respect the process, respect the law, act like adults!!! You will gain respect that way. And only that way.

Schwarzenegger is such a flip-flopper! He should NOT be taken seriously! He clearly does not adhere to any one set of political principles. Let's impeach him already for being such a blithering idiot!

Support marriage equality: www.wontbackdown.org.

Its about time the liberal courts stopped creating law and policy and started to translate the constitution. If gay marriage is allowed then marriage between 1 man and 4 woman should be allowed...right? Since the dawn of time it has always been between a man and a woman....how else can the species procreate? If you don't like the ruling move to another state.

It's amusing the attempt to pass this as a 'stripping of rights' or other similar nonsense. Gays still, right now, have the same rights to marriage as everyone else in the state. That their preference in partners doesn't match society's norms is the real issue.

The gay community - if it's actually serious about this - needs to drop the "trampling our rights" fiction and instead work to change the definition of marriage to any two partners. Since rage and judicial fiat backfired maybe being honest and forthright will work better.

Since when do the needs of a few out weigh the votes of the many? I want to print my own money, should we have a vote on that one? I want to be able to drive my car through the streets at any speed, why not vote through that initiative...
Gays have NEVER had the right to marry until recent history in just a few locations. So nothing has been lost. Civil unions do not get you any less....If they want gay marriage, then they should respect Mormons who want more than one spouse...

Marriage is not a constitutional. Choosing a sexual preference is not anywhere near being born of a certain race, gender, or with a physical disability. It is not a civil rights issue. We all have the same opportunity to marry -- one man and one woman. You choose partners of the same sex, you have the option of your civil union.

AND, even someday were the nation to err and allow you to call yourself "married," you still will not be validated. You still will not have a union recognized as a marriage in the eyes of the very same folks who voted against homosexual marriage. What you are looking for is acceptance and validation--you cannot legislate that. It will n-e-v-e-r happen that you will have accepted marriages.

Why does everyone keep calling gays and lesbians minorities. When does sexual orientation became a minority group. Get over yourselves. You are no different than anyone else in this world except for your sexual preference. That is it. Blacks, Hispanics, etc are minorities not gays. Many gays are black and hispanic. Does that make them double minorities with twice the rights of others. No I don't think so.

@not gay supporter of civil rights:
Prop 8 was passed mainly becasuse of the minorities that voted for it. over 90% of the black, hispanic and asian people voted FOR prop 8, so your argument that rich white people are responsible for the new constitutinoal amendment are fallacious.
This country is based on freedoms, tempered with traditions that the country as a whole (or state) agree on by a democratic process. You are using apples and oranges in your comparison, sexual orientation is not the same as race. Otherwise you would have to create a special group for child molesters who marry their "victims", polygamy(sp?), and many of the other deviant sexual orentations out there.
Not to mention the fact that this should be a strictly religious ceremony (seperation of church and state right?). Under the current california laws state below, civil unions have all of the same benefits of a marriage license. I think the government should get out of the marriage license business and then this whole thing would go away.

Homosexuals have always had equal rights in regard to marriage. They can marry a person of the opposite sex they choose, just as heterosexual people can. Homosexuals and heterosexuals therefore have equal rights.

Bottom line: this issue is not about "equal rights", so let's please not claim that it is.

Another waste of time listening to the most mundane of legal arguments. Personally, I believe the concept of "marriage" is between a man and a woman. The problem with 'gay' people is that they have relationships where infidelity is a way of life. Sex is just an act of personal satisfaction and if the concept of "marriage" does become tarnished by allowing same sex marriages (instead of classifying them to something else in their own right) then slowly but surely this country will become more and more immoral. But go ahead and make it legal....the "divorce lawyers" should be lobbying for it.

The people have spoken. Real marriage is between a man and woman...next we take it back to the SC to make sure you cant raise children...thats the last thing that should ever be allowed. poor children should not have to endure that kind of trauma...horrible gays!!! we have the funding and the people...your protesting and hate crimes against the church will not go unpunished!!!

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