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Governor plans to completely eliminate welfare for families

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is proposing to completely eliminate the state’s welfare program for families, medical insurance for low-income children and Cal Grants cash assistance to college and university students.

The proposals to sharply scale back the assistance that California provides to its neediest  residents came in testimony by the administration this afternoon at a joint legislative budget committee hearing. It followed comments by the governor earlier today that he would be withdrawing a proposal to help balance the budget with billions of dollars of borrowing and replacing it with program reductions.

The proposals would completely reshape the state’s social service network, transforming California from one of the country’s most generous states to one of the most tightfisted. The proposals are intended to help close a budget deficit estimated at $21.3 billion.

—Eric Bailey

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People need to wake up. Ask yourself this simple question..did poor people get by before welfare systems existed?? Obviously the answer is yes! Most of our grandparents were dirt poor at one time in their lives. They never depended on the government for anything then. They lived with their families, worked very hard, saved their money and eventually got married and started their own lives. What is wrong with this?? Sure the welfare program originally intention was good but is obviously out of control in this country especially in most our major cities. Sure there will be massive protests, cries of racism, you name it. The poor will flee California in droves so the surrounding states better watch out. Crime will get out of control too in CA so you better be careful if you live in the major cities. People are country is broke! We are running a huge risk of hyperinflation which will do more harm then cutting programs like welfare. When times are bad, tough decisions need to be made. Cutting welfare in CA is an obvious one. This is not about race, or hating poor people, it is about massive debt that can no longer be paid in the current environment. I expect congress to bail out CA in some form. Even if it backing the bonds that are officially worthless in CA.

I don't see how they will get away with cutting welfare at this point. I think it is our Governor acting like a spoiled little boy throwing a tantrum because he didn't get his props passed. Honestly, how are they going to just cut people off. Granted, I agree they need to do a total overhaul of the whole system, but to just cut people completely off???? Where would everyone go???? There would be riots and anarchy. It is so sad to see our once great nation crumbling before our eyes. I am really scared. And to all you people who thought Obama was the next "Jesus", other than a whole lotta talkin', what is better???? Things are still getting worse and worse. I think our country is SHOT.

This will never happen...it's just another government ploy to scare people. Our government has gotten very good at trying to scare it's citizens into paying more taxes so they can continue to spend, spend, spend, and take care of themselves. The citizens need to say "NO MORE." Our government is just running ponzi schemes...these people/politicians need to be in prison. If you or I operated like our government, that's where we would be. It's time to just let our State and Country fail. It might be better if we start from scratch.

These programs actually do help families get on their feet and out of that system. Regarding the topic to deny the poor children health coverage... one day that may be you, do not laugh, but it happened to me. I lost my job, home and "friends" due to hospital bills. Next thing you know, there I am standing there on line applying for medi-cal and with my family for cal-works. You would be shocked on how this can literally happen to anyone. So, please do not be so quick to jump on hating the poor. Actually the funding going to the poor is helping reduce crime rates and panic and helping provide opportunities for them to get better work. Here's a wake up call, it could be you, jobs are becoming scarce....

And where the hell did all the money go anyway?

It surely wan not to the poor. That is for sure.

I have 3 kids and a wife who has had brain damage and at this time I need a operation on my right ankle and big toe so I can go back to work. My wife has aplied for ssi and soc sec. and was aproved only to find out 45 days later it was sent to diff. dept to atit it and the reversed there decision so back to paper work. If they cut welfair I got about a week maybe too and foot will swell up like a baloon and start hurting for about a week or two then I am out work fired again or let go. After this operations I am back to work in about 3 months making a living for my 3 kids and wife. paying taxes again. Able to have freedom to play with the kids without worrying if I cant walk tommorow from pain and swelling... Welfair is about 2 months aproving my operations I cant imagine what I and my family will do. God I Pray that Our President and Congress as well as California governor really knows what there doing it going to create deaths and sickness, poor folks that dont have money or houses or food will then turn to crime, selling drugs etc. anything to feed the family you have to do what you have to do... Now then folks that get cought go to jail and cost tax payers in Calironia more than 36 to 40 k a year and under educated children whom dont go to colledge cuss they didnt get enough education in school at a young age, will more than likely not be very preductive and have a geater chance of being put in jail and again costing us more money. We got to figure first why so many folks are going to jail and fix the problem if its a law that dosnt work fix it change it do something besides the same old stuff. Jail cost went up 4.3 billion and we wonder why we are a failing state. this meens we prosicuteing none vilent offenders cost us tax money we use cops to bust non vilent offenders cost money we jail these folks cost us money, then we let um go from jail and they dont even pay for the crime again we just thru money away, say offender couldve been working like they were b-4 getting cought and if you add it all up its a waste of time and money fighting a war we cant win. on the American People prohibition dosnt work,, telling Americans what they can and cant do dosnt work, Wasting tax payers dollors dosnt work and you politions need to do your job for American folks and quit siding with the private Jail owners who have the most to loose. Tax every eleagle drug and give everyone cards and get rehab cenrter going with the tax money, put into stores and get it out of the drug and thugs and cartels and terrorist raising money why dont we turn it around and save Our State and Country, by cutting off the most important thing to drug,thugs, cartels and terrorist take 60 perc. of the drug money leaglelise marijuana use the money for good not bad

This could not make me happier. Half of mother's side of the family has been milking the welfare system. They sold drugs while collecting welfare and took jobs under the table while collecting services and disability. This behavior was passed on to even some of their children. One aunt has 2 children, her daughter has 2 more puppies of her own- both out of wedlock to a man that now has 5 weeds. The "stud" pays no support and yet they have managed to get food stamps, subsidized housing, money for school, free medical care, and free childcare. Her other prize child son does drugs and live off his mothers good graces from state paid childcare she receives and disability. He has 2 or 3 out of wedlock rats of his own which are all also receiving state support. In the last 10 years I think he has worked 3 months. This family still completely lives off of state aid. My family works for their paychecks while they lay, play, and eat all day.

"So many of you people posting here are giving evidence of why welfare should be eliminated. I won't have food, I won't be able to attend college unless I have a Cal Grant,(paid for by citizens), etc. etc. Good Lord, go and get a job, you lazy worthless bunch of morons. Neither I, or any other taxpaying Californian owes you people squat. Get a life and get some self respect."

Bobby, let me ask you, if I were to stop being a "lazy worthless moron," and get a job to pay for college, how would I have time to attend school to get the credits to go to college? In case people forgot, college is expensive.

To make enough money for college, and I mean U.C.s and private colleges, I would have to work a full time job, earning roughly 26 dollars an hour, five days a week, for four years. Who would hire a 15 year old for 26 dollars an hour?

Even if I get a part-time job during the school year, how will I get into a college I want when my transcript has to be compared with hundreds of thousands other stellar ones, with hours of community service and leadership because they had time? If I settle for City College, how long will it take me to graduate, fighting for classes with all the other students who couldn't afford to go to other colleges because they couldn't afford it?

I'm sure you don't want your future to be controlled by people who are not fully informed. And with all the cuts and proposed cuts on education, that is the direction we're headed. Uninformed citizens still have a vote.

I agree with the many comments here that this is mostly Arnold fearmongering for a federal bailout. The welfare department is actually only a small part of the state budget.

I like the way some people conveniently forget that corporate welfare (bailouts, etc) and corporate scams have cost us more than anybody on welfare or here illegally has. They want to privatise things but even those corporations running County and City services have ripped us off (ahem, maximus). Our politicians have grossly mismanaged our funds and as far as people from other states commenting about California- you're living off us too as Cali brings in practically all the $$ for the US. Read Joe Freeman's comment below- the most truthful and logical comment of all. It's not the illegals people- it's our own politicians selling us out and keeping all the profit for themselves and their corporate buddies.

Also, a lot of people seem to be ignorant about how the welfare system works. Firstly, there is a 5-year time limit for adults. After their limit is up, they are cut off. Secondly, if a welfare recipient gets pregnant & they receive aid 10 months prior to the new child's birth, their welfare grant does not go up. So unlike the past perhaps, people cannot just stay on welfare and keep having kids to get more money. These people do not get a lot of money at all. In fact, the maximum grant for 2 people is $584 (which will go down in July) for 3 it's $723. Perhaps there was an exception or two of people actually getting rich off welfare- but it was the exception and not the rule. But really even those making money under the table and getting welfare are not living lives of grandeur. Welfare is a scapegoat for whatever they're really wasting our money on.

I have a great idea for you how about you greedy politicians take a paycut huh? get rid your 350 millian dollar home and downgradea little do really that big of house, get rid of one of 500,000 dollar cars? why don't the politicans feel the crunch for awhile they're supposed to be here for the people but yet the people are takin the full blunt of everything? ya thats fair.

also how about we kill the people that have been sitting on death row for 10 years? that would save a load a money.

yes for the people who think we are lazy bums, let me give a glance into my life, i was raised poor, not welfare poor but we had very little, i had no choice but to drop out of highschool get a job and help my parents pay the bills, i have 2 kids, there dad up and left us one day, i hadn't been workin for almsot a year, i have tried everything i can to get a job, i finally have, but it's still not enough to support my 2 children, i live in the ghetto i'm talkin drugs andeverything cause it's the only place i can afford with welfare and my job, i don't do drugs i don't laze around, i'm going to college so i can education to get off welfare, yes there are those who abuse the system and the state should take more effort to weed them out. but are those are victims of circumstance, and trying like hell to make in the world who has uncaring and cynical people like those who think we are just lazy.

as for the government i hope they realize if cut all of our support off they will live thousands of family homeless and starving and they better be ready for the repuccsions

first i think cutting off welfare is first going to bring alot of crime pretty much everyone for them selves i ve seen alot of people come off welfare and better them selves people say wake up get job its easy for to say that when there not in that position...weres your hearts people yeah some people abuse walfare and it very wrong. but not all....thats stereo typng i dont think you grasp how bad its gona get...theres more people on welafare than there r police ..when people r put in situition to survive they will do any thing....and that my friends is scarry...i understand we have a budget but will you do when you put a child on the street..ask your self that

The one good thing would be to get rid of Cal grants. Free money for school is crazy unless it is a scholarship. I couldn't afford to pay for college so I applied for financial aid like many of my friends and I am more than willing to pay it back for an education.

I commend the Govenor for planning to eliminate the welfare system. California is the only state that allows 60 months of welfare payments. When other states cut their welfare allotments, everyone moved in exodus to California. This can no longer continue.

The welfare system has too many loopholes, for clients to slick through the system. One, is the 60 month time clock. The time clock is extended one month for every child support payment received. The child support received is reimbursed to the state, the client receives a $50.00 disregard payment, and is extended for another month. When a client applies for welfare, they are required to open a child support case with the local child support office, to establish paternity and to obtain a child support order. A welfare payment is not to be issued until the client meets with child support. This is not happening. Social service offices are issuing payments prior, the client doesnt go to child support, and the state loses the chance to recoup the money paid out. The time clock does not cut off after 60 months. Another tactic which is very popular, is that the client will give the child/children to a blood relative (grandmother, aunt, uncle, etc) who will go on welfare and receive payments for the child. These payments are not 60 months but unlimited, and paid until the child turns 18!

Another flaw is that undocumented aliens, have children in California. These children are considered citizens, and qualify for welfare cash payments. State cannot recoup, because the absent parent is in another country usually, and California cannot cross other countries borders, and pursue for child support.

Clients also move from county to county, and just simply reapplying for welfare in the county they move to, and live there until, the welcome runs out (eviction) and simply move to another county again. Welfare reimburses these expenses!

Welfare should be discontinued completely. Taxpayers should not have to pay the burden for people to have babies. Did you know that a unmarried couple, that have a child, can together go the welfare office, and they BOTH get cash aid, food stamps and medical!

Other States that have enacted very tight limitations on welfare, did not experience a surge in crime. If California stops welfare, good, responsible people will take the initiative to get jobs. Non responsible people can wallow in the myre, most likely they will move to another state, that offers benefits. The myth that Welfare discontinuance will cause crime does not hold water. California has enough crime as it is, there won't be any noticeable difference.

Lets discontinue welfare, and get california cleaned up. When the money goes away, so will the crime, the dirty neighborhoods, and drug infested humans that roam the supermarket in a stupor on the 1st of every month.

Yes, there are people on welfare that abuse the system, but uh... isn't the government abusing the system as well? No one is bitching about the money hungry big wigs who are robbing us all blind and keeping prices high on everything from food to taxes in moves to keep their bonuses at Christmas time (do you really think that those AIG bums gave up those bonuses?). No one is filling these blogs with frustration at one of the real problems... the fact that our government is taking care of everyone (immigrants who are here 'without permission and other countries) except the regular guy who is just trying to get one step ahead WITHOUT having to take 2 steps back.

It would seem that all the budget cutting is for the tax paying citizens only. It is amazing that the governor and all the other 'hardworking' senators and what not have not had to experience any layoffs, no fulough days, or cuts in pay; except maybe for the guys who come into their offices while they are in thier 'high power' meetings to empty their wastebaskets. I know, I know... can't give up those 5 star lunch and dinner meetings. It must be so hard to do...

It is a shameful predicament that America (in particular California) has fallen into. Taking care of everyone on the globe except for it's own citizens. It is like me going next door and taking care of someone else's husband and neglecting mine (just an example, don't go there! LOL...). Government has lost (or should lose) the confidence and faith of the American people. Government has allowed so many 'immigrants' here who proudly wave their native country's flag and snub thier noses at the American one (no, not all of them, but I live in Los Angeles and I see more other flags than American ones), all the while taking American money and laughing all the way pass our failing banks (not to mention all the money that goes BACK to their native lands). Everything from the 'jobs that Americans don't want,' the jobs that have been transported overseas, and the massive layoffs to our worthless dollar and us in debt to the Chinese, America has fallen so far down, it would be a wonder if we can get it up and going in our lifetimes.

If I can balance my checkbook, I am sure that these bafoons who WE allow to run our finances can take a calculator and figure it out... oh, already too late. It would really be hard to stop getting those 5 star lunches and dinners at posh hotels for meeting purposes. And thanks to US, the average person who is running around trying to make ends meet, pay the bills, and make sure the car keeps running so that WE can keep running around trying to make those ends meet; We have become blind to what is really going on and now... we are too tired to get off our asses and truly do anything about it. The waywards laws, bills, and acts that have been passed over the years have done little more than program people to become mindless robots.

Cutting Cal Grants for students is rediculous, it is just another way to keep the upper echelon of people educated and 'in the driver's seat.' It is bad enough that the LAUSD took what, 10 neighborhoods, in order to build 'local area schools' and NOW, they are laying off teachers but still building the schools (or maybe not because the lands are vacant and the displaced families are kicked out [yes, because imminent domain makes it so] and spread to the wind)? And what is up with the lack of education anyway? India is leading the way in technology right now and you are likely to ask for their help instead of someone in the Silicon Valley when inquiring about your defective software. (You may insert the parent comment anywhere you chose...).

Hi I think that this whole idea is so ridiculous... first of all whats the most pathetic part of it is that California is one of the richest states in the US and not the state itself but all the wealthy polititcians,entertainers that own million dollar cars and homes.. Are you really for real... how about giving up you hummers and bentleys, your how many miilion dollar homes in all area of the world and take a wage cut or make it the high end entertainers have a higher tax .. dont punish the poor to benefit the rich..
This makes my blood boil... and dont get me wrong I m not rich or poor,,, but I know alot of both sides of the spectrum and sadly enough the ones that have nothing would give the shirt off their back to help someone.. We should all learn from this and we wouldnt be in such a big mess...

REALLY.... LETS GIVE UP OUR BENTLEYS,HUMMERS AND OUR 10 BEDROOMS HOMES AND FIX THE SITUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



While I doubt it will actually go through, it is good to see talk of it now. Were it not for the welfare state, we'd have never needed to leave the gold standard. Were it not for the forced support of those who refuse to work, and those who enter this nation illegally, taxes would not be anywhere near as high as they are. And were there not so much money flowing into the government, there would be fewer places for the corruption to hide.
Too many of us have forgotten a basic principle. There is NO SUCH THING AS GOVERNMENT MONEY, it is all the money of the people. Time after time, after time, it has been stolen from us with the threat of jail and force in order to be "redistributed" so that the politicians can build a voting block to keep themselves in power. All the while those who beat the odds and do well for themselves by claiming the American Dream are scapegoated into greedy villains.
If America is ever to recover its lost glroy, then the welfare state and the entitlement mentality must be dismantled and cast into memory. Money is power, and every time it is taken from the tax-payer, power is taken from the tax payer. And every time a tac-receiver be it welfare or otherwise is given another person's money (remember there is no such thing as government money) they are robbed of their dignity, and their own drive to claim their own American Dream.
No nation has ever survived a proliferating welfare state, because it is unsustaible, and leads to dependence on the money and well-wishes of other nations. Saudi Arabia keeps most of its population in a state of welfare, paid for by American oil dollars, imagine what will befall them if we ever take those dollars elsewhere? And even now we are leaning on China to support ourselves, creating a cycle that is doomed to collapse. America has been the first in many fields, if we act now we can be the first to survive the spiral of decline that all Democracies are eventually drawn into.

I went to public highschool in CA during the 90's. During this time
a few of the girls attending would state that they aspired to have a few children and live off of welfare for as long as they could. Just like mom. And no, they were not illegal or even Hispanic..

Many of these men and women are now able bodied welfare beneficiaries. Fully capable of working, but just chose not too.

You are now enjoying fruits of a well rooted moronic system. To bad idealism and poor life decisions don't pay bills (or properly run states).

People living in USA are all invaders and killers of the native people. You should be ashamed of your stupidity and racism. I'm european and we see you. All the world is looking at you with a smile : you were the most powerfull because the most violent but you lost it because of your avidity. Good luck to the nice ones ;-)

Regardless of what anyone says, California is a wonderful place to live. The proof is in the swelling population and the amount of amenities even the less fortunate are provided.
That being said.................

I can only speak from my personal experience and the following story is a true account of my return home after military service.

I am a native California resident who enlisted in the military to serve my country and "earn" money for a college education. After six years of paying state taxes in California and only stepping foot on its soil no more that 2 weeks in any given year, I returned home after finishing out my service. My wife and I were expecting and had saved up enough money to keep us on our feet for 6 months while I searched for job. Shortly after our return my wife started to experience complications and after the first doctor visit (and bill) it became apparent that we would need some assistance. We researched our options and found what seemed like a viable option - Medi-Cal.
What happened next was my wake up call to how backward California's system was. My wife and I woke early to be first in line to the nearest Medi-Cal office. We arrived to a whole host of families standing in line. Interestingly enough everyone we attempted to speak to about Medi-Cal had a hard time communicating with us, because they barely spoke English. After the doors opened and a nearly hour wait we turned in the paperwork we'd been given. Another 30 minutes and we were called to the counter to be told we didn't qualify. Granted this was June and we had earned no more that $14K during the previous 5 months they stated that based on my "potential" earning for the year I would have made $34K, therefore excluding me from eligibility.
I explained that I had served my country, my wife was pregnant, that we had paid state taxes for 6 years without even living in the state! With a stern voice and a broken accent, we were asked to leave immediately. I looked around the room at the faces of people in the waiting area, who were clearly new arrivals to this country. One by one they had approached the counter and were approved. Should we have lied about my earnings, situation, or martial status? How did all of these people qualify, and we can’t? We spent the rest of our savings in the coming weeks and went in debt, but luckily with my degree I was able to find a job shortly thereafter and pay it off quickly.

That being said…..It is sad for those of us who are taught to be upstanding citizens and earn their keep to be shackled to a system of hypocrisy. We protect those not who need protection, but who can work the system. We reward those who choose not contribute, but who’s hands are caked with others honey. We’ve created a state full of hungry bear impersonators who want evermore the fruits of other’s labor. While the true bears retrieve the honey and are stung in the process, the others dip their hands in the jar. I can think of nothing more appropriate than putting a bullet in the welfare system. The true bears of California deserve to save their honey for those who need it most….. their cubs.

I feel that Welfare is needed for those whom actually contributed to the fund (a tax payer). I can give a little in site to the "Welfare game". I am an employee of the State of CA but I am also a first hand witness to the tricks that illegal's use to get Welfare. First is that over 90% of illegal's that are receiving welfare are living with spouses that make more money then you or I. They do not work for pennies anymore. They refuse to take a job unless they are making over minimum wage. Anyone that has a child and receives Welfare must sign a paper stating that they will not have another child for at lest 18 months and if they do they will not receive assistance for that child, LOL what a joke HELLO PEOPLE THEY ARE ILLEGAL!!! HOW ARE YOU GOING TO IDENTIFY THEM? They have a child under the name Rosa Maria Lopez and 9 months later have a child using another name Maria Lopez and so on and so on. To these people it is so simple. I get so frustrated when I'm in line at the store and I see an illegal with her 8 kids and her husband all dressed nice with his boots and hat and a fat wallet full of money to pay for his beer but use food stamps to buy 600 worth of food. People think that I am racist because I look white but what most people do not know is I'm half Mexican and when my family came to this country they came her legally and couldn't find work unless they spoke English. Now a days illegal's can bring their illegal children here put them in school from kindergarten through 12 get a diploma and still not know English or play like they don't. But it is hilarious Mexico wont let a child go to school there unless they are Mexican Citizens. I am not racist, I AM PRO AMERICAN!!!! If anyone wants to come to this country come here the right way, give to the country you are taking from, give to the people that will come after you (your children). I'm sure I will get things said in regards to my comment, and that's ok with me, just please remember this is my comment of the first hand things I see. And just an added little comment, To all of those that defraud the Welfare and Medi-cal system If I see believe it I'll report it, weather your white, black, brown, purple pink or blue.

First of all you must remember that California was part of the western states that was ripped off by the U.S. from Mexico after the Mexican American war. Over a small war debt the U.S. stole Ca,AZ,UT,NM,TX from Mexico. This is why the Mexican people cross over the border and want to tap into the freebies. In a way you can't blame them. The Mexicans have a real deep hatred for Americans in general for this criminal act by the US govt.
California's biggest threat is the liberal controlled govt run system both in states and now prevalent in the Federal Govt. This Kamikaze president we have now will destroy us all with his anger chip and twisted socialism agenda. Hitler catered to the the middle class and peasantry to gain political power-Obama is taking pages right out of Hitller's book. All you Obama cool aid drinkers will soon realize you will be stripped of a lot of your wealth and freedoms with this idiot. The FREE medical program he's trying desperately too push will give him the ultimate power over us. His approach to this is two-fold one is to gain control of our health and well being- the other is the 50 million votes he will get from getting some kind of free health insurance. If all you LIBS dont like how your leaders F......d up Calif. Then you BETTER WAKE UP BECAUSE OUR COUNTRY IS ON THE VERGE OF COLLAPSE. Peace!

California deserves all the negativity that can happen to it. They have allowed an illegal alien invasion for years. Hollywood and stupid disgusting entertainers out there that lives above the reality of life, in safety, deserve what they have created. Such ego, and delusion and living in lies and facade need a good crash to wake it up.

Cali should not be bailed out by the rest of the country for its mishandling of its own resources and government. Suffer. After all that has been ruined in this state you still can't admit that illegals are a huge burden on you and has indeed created YOUR crash. Hey! That is what being a lefty Marxist Hollywood state will get you.

Sodom and Gomorrah fell and so should your nasty state. OH!!!! Too late, it has. Maybe all your illegal or other gangs out there will pay up and pull poor poor Cali back up to its old sick self again.

Call Marxist and communist Hollywood and it's handlers, they have the money and White House pull to see to it you poor babies don't get bruised or what should deservedly happen to you fast lane high rollers, and blind.

I live in Mississippi , I used to live on the west coast and I must say it was a breathe of fresh air to move here from the west. To get away from constant gang activity and overall high crime rates was a blessing. Any ways walfare is out of hand even here in MS people abuse it to a point where it really upsets me. I go to work 5 days a week making $13/hr my girlfriend goes to work 5 days a week making $13/hr, we send our 2 children to day care at $800 a week, pay $850 rent and we barely make it. We applied for food stamps and chips and were told we make to much money. People who are qualified for walfare and insurance live in better houses and apartments than we do and dont work!!!!!I It seems the government rewards laziness. I would love to stay at home with my kids all day and live in a beautiful apartment rent free but in order for that to happen i'd have to quit my job it just does'nt make any sense, people are still living in fema trailers for gods sake. Its been almost 5 years since katrina people should be back on their feet by now but "who can pass up free rent" some one told me that lives in a fema trailer. Bottom line is the government needs to really look at who they are giving assistance to read between the lines and stop wasting our hard earned dollars on people who do not deserve it.

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